By Missy Crane | March 6, 2020

Bigmouth House Rep Rashida Tlaib is not making friends in her own party. As a matter of fact, they’re turning on her in a big way.

After her candidate Bernie Sanders had a disappointing Super Tuesday, she’s trying desperately to regroup and generate some excitement, but her efforts missed the mark and instead of getting people excited about Bernie, she got them hating her.

Tlaib, who is part of #TheSquad, was unable to generate much-needed wins for Bernie. He lost in Massachusettes, where Squad member Aryana Pressley’s home state and he lost in Minnesota, Ilhan Omar’s home state. He even lost her district.

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Now, the Michigan primary is next and that’s where Tlaib hails from and polls show Biden in the lead and he just got the endorsement of the governor.

Tlaib decided to take to Twitter where to drum up support for Bernie by slamming Biden for how he treated Anita Hill eons ago.

To say the tweet fell flat is an understatement. Democrats came flocking out of every hole and crevasse and let Tlaib have it:

“First you booed Hillary Clinton, and now you’re trying to destroy your own party’s current presumptive nominee? What a disappointment you’ve turned out to be.”

“What’s the endgame here w/this comment? As part of the Democratic Party, you should be using your platform to highlight the challenges @realDonaldTrump
continues to bring to this country. Biden isn’t perfect but don’t compare him to the almighty. Compare him to the alternative.”

“Not a good look for you or your cause.”

“And to think, I used to support you & follow you. I used to share your tweets. I used to come to your defense every time divisive, dishonest republicans attacked you & now, you’re being just as divisive as them. And the right is loving it. A disappointment you’ve turned out to be

“Have a seat. Your divisive behavior isn’t welcomed here. If you’re an Independent, run as an independent. Get off the Democratic ticket.”

“Who voted vs immigration reform in 2007, for Minutemen terrorizing immigrants on the border in 2006 & had had their immigration record praised by white nationalist Rep. Steve King in 2015? A: Bernie Sanders Is this the kinda thing you really wanna do?”

“Could not be a more low blow than this. You were not there. Is this the kind of campaign you want to run with Bernie? After he just said he wants to keep things to the policy differences.. I have been a supporter of “the squad”, but YOU and Omar today have turned me off.”

“Tlaib doesn’t care – she is only here to sling dirt for Bernie! What a huge disappointment she is to those of us who supported her against the attacks from Republicans! In pains me to say that she has proven the Republicans right!”

Wow, if this keeps Tlaib is going to find herself out a job.

Also, will be interesting to see if she bends the knee and endorses Biden when Bernie loses – because we all know Bernie will lose.



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