By PoliZette Staff | March 5, 2020

For years, even since before his election, we’ve heard about how President Trump is a tool of the Russians.

No matter how many investigations exonerated him, the Democrats said time and time again he was under the thumb of the Kremlin.

The president launched hard sanctions against the Russians.

Trump confronted them in the Ukraine by arming Ukrainian troops with lethal weapons, getting impeached for his efforts, and he challenged Russian allies like the Cubans on a regular basis.

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Now one of those Russian allies, Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro, has endorsed the man who all along is the most likely puppet of foreign socialists in the history of this nation.

Of course, the major press and Democrats are mum about it. That man is Bernie Sanders.

We are not saying he is a spy or an intelligence mole.

We do not have access to data that would prove that one way or the other. But there is another category of foreign agent: agent of influence. That is a person who works toward the goals of a foreign power in their own nation.

They are sometimes in coordination with that power and sometimes not.

The evidence against Sanders on this matter is damning.

He honeymooned in Soviet Russia. He displayed a Soviet flag in his mayoral office and in his office on Capitol Hill.

He has defended the Cuban communist regime, the Nicaraguan communist regime, and the Venezuelan socialist regime on numerous occasions.

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Sanders has worked against U.S. national security goals regarding all of those nations. Even recently, he praised the Cuban communist government on social policy and he regularly extols their record in primitive socialized healthcare.

That is one of the many reasons he gets very good press from the government-sponsored media in those socialist dictatorships.

Sanders not only performs this at likely foreign socialist behest, but he seeks to export their systems here and destroy the free market system. That freedom is one of the bedrocks of American society.

So, if the Democrats can ask for years if Trump works for the Russians then fair is fair: Does Bernie Sanders work for the Cubans and Venezuelans as an agent of influence?

The question needs to be answered.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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