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Report: Disturbing Graphic Photos Emerge From Andrew Gillum’s Miami ‘Meth’ Hotel Room

Several disturbing photos have emerged from Andrew Gillum’s “Meth” night at a Miami Hotel.

I will warn you, these pics are graphic and gross.

They show soiled sheets with bodily fluids, drugs, just a filthy and degenerate mess.

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The photos were obtained by a “FIOA” request.

In addition, online sleuths found what they say is an actual photo of Mr. Gillum that appears to have been taken by the gay gentleman he was with.

Twitter citizen journalist Rosie Memos posted the alleged photo along with a photo from the FOIA request next to it, to show it was from the same hotel room. I will say, it does appear to be the exact same “room” in both pics and it looks exactly like him. I hate to say this, but the “vomit” is also the same color.

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Here’s what she wrote in her tweet describing the photo: For any doubters: compare police photo of bathroom obtained by FOIA, it’s him.

See below (second tweet)

This is the sordid aftermath of the raucous drugs and booze party at a Florida hotel that left a male escort hospitalized and sent high-flying Democrat Andrew Gillum into rehab.

Plastic baggies of suspected crystal meth, empty beer bottles and prescription pills are seen scattered among trash and soiled bedding in the shocking images obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

Gillum, a married dad-of-three who narrowly missed out on becoming Florida’s first black governor, was too ‘inebriated’ to tell cops what went down when they arrived at Miami’s Mondrian Hotel early last Friday.

He was inside room 1107 with two more men, one of them a hunky 30-year-old male escort named Travis Dyson, who was found naked and in the throes of a drug overdose.

A police report says the third man, Aldo Mejias, 56, dialed 911 when fitness freak Dyson began vomiting and collapsed.

He later told officers from the Miami Beach Police Department that he had walked in to find Gillum and Dyson ‘under the influence of an unknown substance’ and Gillum, 40, vomiting in the bathroom. [Daily Mail [8]]

The Hotel room Gillum was in was a swanky $220-per-night room.

In the photos, there appear to be several bags of crystal meth.

Also, a slew of white pills was scattered on the floor and nightstand and containers of citalopram which is an anti-anxiety medication.

In the room, there was also a small bottle of an injectable medicine that appears to treat erectile dysfunction.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on March 20, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com [9] and is used by permission.

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