Get that reporter a “safe space”!

During a press conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, today, Donald Trump called Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas,” in mocking reference to self-proclaimed Native American heritage.

That prompted a reporter to shout out, “that’s very offensive!”


Posted by The American Mirror on Thursday, May 26, 2016

A reporter began asking a question about Warren, when Trump interrupted and said, “You mean Pocahontas?”

“Is that offensive?” someone could be heard saying.

As Trump began answering, he said, “Is that offensive?”

“That’s very offensive!” someone shouted.

Trump apologized and went on to answer, “She is a senator that is highly overrated. She’s passed very little legislation. She has been a disaster for a lot of people, including the Democrats, who frankly can’t stand her, many of them.

“Just ask Hillary Clinton if she likes her. I’ll debate anybody,” Trump said, “I’ll debate her. She’s done very little for Massachusetts and the beautiful thing is when I won Massachusetts with many people running against me, I got up to almost 50%.

“And she as fighting me. So I really think if her record was exposed, and the fact that she was a Native American, she said she was Native American but she wasn’t able to document it, she said, well I have high cheek bones.”

He added, “I think she’s as Native American as I am. But she’s a woman that has been very ineffective other than she’s got a big mouth.”