Waters was making an appearance in Los Angeles today when she had a run-in with a liberal reporter and ended up swatting him out of her way.

Reporter Michael Tracey for “The Young Turks,” a progressive outlet, was covering the “March for Truth” in LA when he asked Waters two questions.

“You say Russia’s not our friend. Was it a mistake for Obama to forge military cooperation with Russia in Syria and try to get a (unintelligible) treaty?” Tracey asked secondly.

“You and I have a different agenda, young man,” Waters snapped.

“I’m out to impeach this president. Get that straight! I’m out to impeach the president. I’m not going to be diverted by people who are Obama haters,” she said.

With that, she shoved the microphone out of her face, pushed Tracey and walked away.

Tracey issued a statement after the incident, saying, “After asking her two questions at a public event … she became agitated, stormed off, and ‘shoved’ my arm.”

He adds, “…I didn’t percieve the action to be excessively violent. The word “push” or “swat” would also be apt descriptors,” he said, saying it was “unwanted physical contact,” and deemed Waters “to be erratic, intemperate, and unprofessional.”

Tracey notes his cameraman identified Waters’ action as “a ‘shove’ or ‘push.'”

The cameraman, Ty, gave his take on the incident, saying Tracey’s “tone was great. You just asked the question.”

“And she got frustrated. I could tell when she got frustrated,” he said, noting she changed her posture and and ultimately pushed Tracey out of her way.