The Democrats’ tongue twister of a new slogan to counter President Trump and the Republicans backfired today.

So much so, even a member of the mainstream media mocked it and compared it to Hillary Clinton’s convoluted, failed message.

During a segment on MSNBC, Chris Jansing ridiculed the Dems’ slogan, which she had to read off a piece of paper to get it right.

“A better deal, better skills, better jobs, better wages — doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue because I had to read it,” she said.

She added it “sounds like Papa John’s better ingredients, better pizza,” slogan.

The Washington Post’s Anne Gearan laughed at the moment.

“Democrats may have handed Republicans something to make fun of them with.

“It doesn’t roll of the tongue and it’s reminiscent, frankly, of the main pillars of the Hillary Clinton campaign,” Gearan said.

Meanwhile, Republicans appeared near the Dems’ press conference and handed out Papa Johns lookalike boxes, reminded attendees it may be “better ideas,” but Nancy Pelosi is still the leader.

“Better skills, better jobs, better wages, still Pelosi,” the cover of the box read.