It’s Day 5 and still no word from the self-proclaimed champion of women’s rights, the candidate that lectured America about the victims’ right “to be heard, to be believed.”

The list of people flabbergasted by the silence from Hillary Clinton regarding the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment allegations seems to be growing longer by the minute.

In perhaps the most amazing turn of events yet in this unfolding drama, Clinton’s own Vice Presidential nominee took the time to criticize her silence today during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” morning show.

It turns out he had quite a bit to say to his former running mate.

Sen. Tim Kaine began by falsely insinuating that the campaign can’t return the money that was raised. He attempted to dismiss the notion by saying “well, the campaign is over.”

Later, when asked about the silence from his former running mate, he had this to offer.

“You’ve got to call out bad behavior,” he said. “Anyone who sexually harasses somebody, or anybody who uses their position of power, especially to coerce or intimidate somebody, that’s…… that’s low life behavior and is unacceptable.”

Kaine was then further pressed on the issue by Alisyn Camerota, the co-host of CNN’s morning show “New Day.”

When asked why Clinton never mentioned the scandal during her 90 minute speech in California last night, he deflected the uncomfortable topic by claiming “I’m nobody’s press secretary.”

The senator ended the interview by reminding the audience that “any leader should condemn this.”

There is no still no word as to whether Hillary Clinton will heed his advice.

Also disappointed by Hillary’s silence on this important issue was Patti Solis Doyle, Hilary’s campaign manager from her 2008 presidential run.

“Personally, yes, it is disappointing that she hasn’t come out and condemned Harvey Weinstein,” said Ms. Solis Doyle who also appeared on Alisyn Camerota’s CNN morning show.