CNN talking heads are palpitating over President Trump’s plans to announce “the most dishonest & corrupt media awards” next week, with some arguing the “madness” is evidence the president is mentally unstable.

Trump tweeted Tuesday:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper dissected the tweet and other Trump posts in the New Year with the help of CNN “senior media correspondent” Brian Stelter.

“This is something he seemed to propose before the New Year, Anderson, the idea of a fake news trophy that should be awarded. The (Republican National Committee) then picked up on it and said they would take nominations,” Stelter said.

“It seems the president, right out of reality TV here, wants to create a moment of drama where he will announce the winners,” he continued. “Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, probably the least important (Trump) tweet of the day. This came just a few minutes after the nuclear button tweet, so what’s on the president’s mind? We know what’s on the president’s mind, 16 tweets today to start the New Year, some of them deeply disturbing.”

Stelter referred to Trump’s response to North Korean leader Kim Jong Il’s recent proclamation about nuclear weapons.

“Sanctions and ‘other’ pressures are beginning to have a big impact on North Korea. Soldiers are dangerously fleeing to South Korea. Rocket Man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time. Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not – we will see!” Trump tweeted.

“Considering how the New Year has started, what does it say about the year?” Anderson Cooper asked Stelter about Trump’s Twitter activity.

“Madness! And I think we should start to call it that,” the “senior media correspondent” said. “When President Trump was inaugurated last January, some writers, some columnists … started right away to raise concerns about the president’s mental health, about his fitness for office.

“In the months that followed, we saw Republican senators like Jeff Flake bring these issues up, try to ask about his fitness for office. Bob Corker, another name that comes to mind.”

Stelter then made the leap to analyzing Trump’s Twitter feed to make a determination about the alleged mental health concerns.

“I think we could apply a test to his 16 tweets today, and the test would be: If this were the leader of Germany or China or Brazil, what would we say? How would we cover these tweets?

“We would say these are the messages from a person who is not well, from a leader who is not fit for office.”

Trump’s ongoing feud with CNN is common knowledge, and he’s repeatedly criticized the “fake news” site among liberally biased outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, MSNBC and others for biased and inaccurate coverage.

But based on the president’s previous comments, it’s hardly a guess which one will take home the top prize at the president’s Fake News Awards next week.