Democrats and caravan organizers want us to believe the migrants itching to storm the U.S. border in the name of seeking asylum will be assets to America.

But judging by the disgusting piles of refuse left behind, they may simply use our country as a toilet and garbage can.

Fox News multimedia journalist Kyle Rothenberg tweeted several examples of the trash, clothes, bedding and even bottles of urine littering Tijuana.

According to Rothenberg, migrants were moved about 15 miles from the border. But instead of showing appreciation for the Tijuana community and cleaning up after themselves, they just walked away, leaving locals to do it for them.

A photo shows bottles of urine laying on wet pavement and near a discarded mattress.

Photos tweeted by Unicorn Riot show the deplorable conditions, sure what America will look like if migrants are able to flout U.S. law and illegally cross the border.

Mobs of people, media, and garbage:

A kids’ swing set is a makeshift clothesline: