Despite Robert Mueller’s report clearing President Donald Trump, Rep. Al Green is persisting.

The special counsel’s office released their final report on Friday in the Russia investigation and stated that there was no evidence of “collusion” between Trump or anyone on his campaign during the 2016 election.

On Sunday, Attorney General William Barr released a four-page summary of Mueller’s report and indicated that no obstruction of justice charges will be brought against the president.

No collusion or obstruction of justice, but Green is still planning to push ahead with his plans to impeach Trump and remove him from office.

“#MuellersReport did NOT investigate bigotry emanating from the Presidency harming our country. The findings do NOT negate the President’s bigotry. As long as bigotry influences the President’s policies, I will continue to seek his impeachment,” Green wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

Green has been on the impeachment train since the day Trump took office.

Earlier this month, the Texas Democrat responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that pursuing impeachment is “not worth it” by making it clear he was not going to stop his efforts.

“This is something I have heard before. This is not something new, whether the president is worth it. But it’s really not about him. It’s not about Democrats, it’s about democracy. It’s not about Republicans, it’s about the republic,” he said.

“And the question that we really have to ask ourselves is whether the country is ‘worth it,’” Green said.

“There will be another vote on impeachment,” he vowed.

He added: “Now, there’s a way to stop me. If you desire to stop me. you but only have to change the rules so that I can’t bring a vote on impeachment, otherwise I will.”

A new poll from CNN last week found public support for impeaching the president is tanking, dropping by a whopping 12 percent among self-identified Democrats.

In December, CNN reports that 43 percent of all voters wanted Trump impeached.

The same poll found that in March, overall support for impeaching Trump dropped to 36 percent this month.

Overall public support for impeachment now sits at the lowest level since CNN began the poll last year.

Despite this, it appears nothing will stop Green and his quest to remove Trump from office.