While many 11-year-olds are concerned about baseball card collections and playing outside, at least one in New Hampshire is apparently wringing his hands about the impeachment of President Trump.

A kid in Concord got up last night and asked Joe Biden, “Do you think impeachment should start?”

Biden went on a stem winder of an answer, and seemingly said both no and yes.

According to a transcript of the Biden answer from NBC producer Amanda Golden, he said, “The answer is, I think regular order, as we used to say, the Constitution says that the United States Congress has the responsibility and obligation and legitimate capacity to investigate within their power. And if the president does not soon start to cooperate with the legitimate investigations of the Congress, then in fact, the Congress has no option but to being an impeachment inquiry. Because under and impeachment inquiry, they have more power to be able to demand and subpoena,” he said.

“And folks, look, I think a president should in fact be letting his folks go up and testify as happened before. If that occurs, let it work that way.

“Because one think we know for certain, if you look at the Mueller report, there was intensive, absolute, total involvement of Russians in trying to alter our election,” Biden said.

“There is no question about it and I promise it is going on as I speak. As I speak. And we know one thing. Nothing has been done to deal with that as a practical matter. Beyond that, Mueller, and I’m sorry I’ll do a yes or no from here, beyond that there are seven areas that Mueller said it was not within my mandate to be able to further investigate, but it should be investigated. Those areas should be investigated by the United States Congress. I am not looking forward to an impeachment process, and I really mean it, I think it will be a gigantic distraction on things that we should in fact be focusing on getting done, and the truth of the matter is though that there is a constitutional obligation. My job is to impeach him in a different way — beat him,” he said.

Biden provided a 279-word answer to a 6-word question.