No one accused Donald Trump of being a racist until he decided to run for president and became a threat to Hillary Clinton’s return to power.

In 1986, Trump joined several other prominent Americans, such as Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali, as recipients of an “Ellis Island Award.”

One suspects if Trump was a racist, there’s no way he would have posed for a photo with those two.

The New York Times reported on October 16, 1986:

Eighty Americans from 42 ethnic groups were named yesterday as recipients of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

The medals will be presented to the recipients, all either naturalized or native Americans, at a ceremony Oct. 27 on Ellis Island. That is the day before the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty, the final event of the 1986 Liberty Centennial observances. …

Those named yesterday were selected from more than 15,000 nominations. The winners, a mixture of prominent and relatively unknown citizens, were screened by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, which was selected for the work by the foundation.

The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations lists its reasoning behind the awards on its website:

The ELLIS ISLAND MEDALS OF HONOR are awarded annually to a group of distinguished American citizens who exemplify a life dedicated to community service. These are individuals who preserve and celebrate the history, traditions and values of their ancestry while exemplifying the values of the American way of life, and who are dedicated to creating a better world for us all.

It also lists its award recipient criteria, including:

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Gravitas
  • Humanitarian
  • Ethnic Heritage

If Trump was a racist then, why would he have been honored by such an organization?

  • DonInHtown

    Dems are so effing stupid.

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    • Nice Catch!

  • Nosmo King
  • Nosmo King
  • Free People

    When has the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations awarded a medal to any of the KKKlintons?…NEVER and never will because they ARE the racists.

    Slick Willy fathered a son with a black prostitute he used to ‘hang out’ with and the boy was BANNED from the KKKlinton family. To this day he hasn’t paid one penny of child support. The boy is now 29 and Slick cannot deny he is his son. Pictures online. Despicable people.

    • I’d love more info on that. Got a citation?

      • Free People

        Citation on what…Slick’s half black son? It’s online, pictures of him and his mother. Search Clinton’s half black son.

        • Adam Doran

          aight so no actual proof or blood tests done but yeah trump supporters dont need that

          • Free People✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

            Hey, if Bill KKKLINTON THE RAPIST wants to prove Danney Williams is NOT his child, why doesn’t he get a legitimate DNA test to prove it. Hahaha…he KNOWS that’s his son. He gave him Christmas presents when he was a child and then the diabolical, DYI’N, racist KKKillery banished him from seeing his se!xual predator father. “Bring them to heel”…KKKillery ROTTEN KKKlinton for PRISON

    • Susie McKenzie

      Clinton won this same honor in 1999. This is article is, basically, taken from Snopes. They just left that little piece of information out. That’s conservative media for you!

    • Adam Doran

      umm both hillary and bill clinton have been awarded one?

  • As a 60-something Michigander, Infantry Vet and former Detroiter, may I please be allowed to finally put this errant, lying meme to rest about Rosa Parks (Cassius Clay is too easy)?

    1.) Cassius Clay was and is a virulent Black Muslim Racist – a coward who refused to serve his country even alongside Bob Hope and Ann Margaret to “entertain the troops” via the U.S. Army “Special Services”. That garbage re: “Muhammed Ali didn’t want to serve in Vietnam” is a lie. Pure an simple. Who in their right mind thinks that loud-mouth punk evaded The Draft out of some sense of “community” BS? His drafted urban brothers were dying droves, but Cassius bailed out in the most cowardly manner – like Willard ‘Mittens’ Romney. Now …

    QUOTE: “In 1986, Trump joined several other prominent Americans, such as Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali, as recipients of an “Ellis Island Award.”

    a.) Neither Rosa Parks, Cassius Clay, nor any of their ‘relatives’ came through Ellis Island – hard-working, White Europeans did though. Many were sent back if not Quarantined.

    b.) The “Bus Stunt”, for whatever one believes it was worth, conducted by Rosa Parks was at the behest of her employer – the NAACP. As their secretary she was ordered to “Question Authority”. She did. It worked well for only a few years though. The point worked and things did change. As a result Rosa became instantly expendable.

    c.) Fast forward 50 years … Rosa Parks was living in a condemned, rotting hovel in Detroit, completely ignored by her “community”. She was being evicted, she couldn’t even pay her miniscule water bill.

    d.) Who came to rescue that “Civil Rights Icon” Rosa Parks? White people with a boatload of cash shamed Rosa’s “community” into helping to renovate her property so the elderly woman could die in peace.

    e.) Feel free to look it up – preferably on a search engine not related to Google whose habit of deleting every deleterious fact re: Leftists (Read: Democrats) is well-known.

    Smokin’ Joe Frazier broke Clay’s jaw. It was a memorable night.

    • Robert

      jungle jims will never change. It’s inbred.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    I can see a bunch of pajama boy clintoon campaign workers sitting around a table formulating their strategy for taking down Donald Trump, “Well, he’s a white male so racist?”
    “Yeah, racist. Let’s go with that.”

  • Yep. Donald Trump is just such the über-racist and he’s never engaged with ‘the Black Community’ before.

  • cjdoren

    Trump was accused of Racism in the 70s for refusing to rent to minorities. At that time, the “c” on rental applications stood for “COLORED.”” He was sued by the DOJ twice and settled out of court.

    • RuthER

      What is the source of this bold-faced LIE? Do you realize how much this accusation sounds like NONSENSE? If Donald Trump had the character the mainstream media is promoting–in order to win YOUR vote–then do you really think he could be a self-made billionaire admired by many UNTIL he started running for President? How did Hillary Clinton become a billionaire? Off of YOUR money, blood money, money from regimes that enslave and kill women, children, gays, lesbians, Christians, and Jews. Certainly NOT money for hard work and integrity. Everyone knows she is not trustworthy (or vote worthy) but they will vote for her anyway. Why? Why do you perpetuate the career of a person whose only concern is HERSELF and her DREAMS, not the realities of ISIS and unemployment and sabotage against the Constitution and… Donald Trump never quits, no matter how many lies are told about him. No matter how much the media ignores THE ISSUES.

      • Adam Doran

        are you fucking serious? you call a person who openly brags about being a sexual predator as well as bragged about not paying taxes. Has multiple human rights violation and also he did refuse to rent to minorities and also kicked minorities out of his casinos because a mob boss told him too and this isn’t made some stupid bullshit witch hunt that is happening with hillary also he isnt a fucking hero, he is a charlatan that exploits as many loopholes as possible to keep him afloat look at trump airlines, trump steaks fucking trump university and many other of his failed business attempts but he somehow walks away unscathed while god knows how many employees lose their jobs because he is a garbage business man and not to mention all the people he never paid in the first place. Its all a facade that you dumb motherfuckers just keep fucking eating it up.

  • L Garou


  • DJBudSonic

    Interesting but sort of mixed company there. Anita Bryant was a raging homophobe, for a start.

    • Johnny Canuck

      A lot of younger people don’t know who Anita Bryant was, but here’s what David Allan Coe thought of her.

      WARNING! This song is not for the faint of heart or easily offended, but this is hilarious!

  • Michael Mann

    Oh my!!! You mean Donald Trump actually took PICTURES with Negros in the past??? WTF???!!! (Are we allowed to call them Negros, or are they still niggers or coloreds? I can’t keep up with all of the new-fangled ways you kids come up describe these animals.) Well, that definitely proves he isn’t racist! Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!!!! I’m a Trump convert now! Let’s all go have some fried chicken, black eyed peas, cornbread, and a slice of watermelon to celebrate Trump’s deep commitment to racial inclusivity. God bless him!