There are a lot of reviews online alleging it is possible to earn thousands of dollars daily trading with the Bitcoin Pro app. This trading robot has been an online sensation for months, thanks to its supposed profitability. Some users claim to make over $100k in less than six months of trading with this robot. 

But is the Bitcoin Pro software really legit? From the many positive online reviews, it is likely to be legit. This review provides crucial details about Bitcoin Pro and tips to help you get the most out of it.

But first things first, Bitcoin Pro comes at high alleged profitability, but there are also reports that trading with it involves risk. This is expected since there is no high return investment on earth that comes without risk.

Consequently, you should take extra precaution by only investing what you can afford to lose. A deposit of 250 USD is enough for a beginner trader.

What is Bitcoin Pro, and why should I care?

Bitcoin Pro is an invention of a crypto trader and self-proclaimed millionaire known as Steve McKay. He alleges to have made over $100 million through his genius trading strategies in 2 years.

Bitcoin Pro app is an automation of the said strategies. Steve McKay alleges that he founded the robot to help ordinary people profit from bitcoin volatility without having to invest in trading education.bitcoin pro app registration screenshot

We did a background check on this person and found out that he is indeed a crypto enthusiast. He has worked as a trader for leading Wall Street hedge funds and has founded several trading robots for traditional assets. As indicated in his personal website, his love for crypto started after supposedly generating over $500k in profits in one month during the 2017 crypto bubble.

Bitcoin Pro app adopts the trading technologies used by the behemoths of Wall Street to generate massive returns for sophisticated investors. The best thing about this robot is that it is available for all. You can hit the homerun with Bitcoin Pro even if you have zero knowledge on crypto.

We may use some trading lingo in this review, but this doesn’t mean that you need to understand everything to trade with Bitcoin Pro successfully. You only need to read and understand the guide that accompanies the bot, and the rest will fall into place.

How does Bitcoin Pro work?

Bitcoin Pro software applies top AI algorithms to conduct trading research and execute signals. The robot reads news and trading charts to generate trading insights. It is said to do so with a supposed accuracy of 95%. 

The robot applies High-Frequency-Scalping trading technique. This approach involves powerful computer algorithms transacting large orders within microseconds. Scalping takes place when the robot capitalizes on small market movements.registration process

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is not new in trading. Leading hedge funds in Wall Street are known to use it to generate huge returns through forex and stock trading. Bitcoin Pro is among the few robots that apply the power of HFT in crypto trading.

The robot conducts trading research and sends orders to a partner broker for execution.  It is in partnership with several brokers representing all its jurisdictions of operation. These brokers receive and execute orders as instructed by the robot.

Bitcoin Pro app also relies on the brokers to receive deposits, facilitate withdrawals and provide leverage. All the brokers listed as this robot’s partners are adequately regulated. The partnership with regulated brokers indicates a strong commitment to operating transparently.

Bitcoin Pro partner brokers are said to provide trading leverage of up to 5000:1. This enables traders with small deposits to take big trading positions.

What justifies the Bitcoin Pro App supposed profitability? 

Bitcoin Pro app is among the few robots that can allegedly turn a deposit of 250 USD into a million-dollar within a year of trading.

This level of return may seem to be too good to be true until you look at its trading technologies and take into account the powers of compounding. On trading technologies, other mainstream robots have generated more significant returns.

The internet is awash with news of hedge funds, making millions through trading robots. A few days ago, the Financial Times reported that a robot-driven hedge fund nicknamed 50 cent has made hundreds of millions of dollars betting on the coronavirus downturn.

Moreover, individual traders like Navinder Sarao have in the past used AI robots to make millions of profits within minutes. Bitcoin Pro app brings the power of artificial intelligence in bitcoin trading. It’s not a wonder that it has such high supposed profitability. AI-powered robots are known to generate such returns.

Another thing that justifies the said profitability is the leverage its partner brokers provide to traders. With Bitcoin Pro, you can trade 5000 USD worth of bitcoin for every 1 USD of invested capital.

Such a margin magnifies the said profits but also balloons any losses made through the robot. The Bitcoin Pro software shields users from the negative impact of high-leverage through features such as Negative Balance Protection, Stop Loss and Take Profit.

How to trade with Bitcoin Pro

Trading with the Bitcoin Pro software should be easy for those who practice through the demo before going live.

You must understand the robot’s risk management functions well before moving to the live account. Bitcoin Pro comes with a guide to help you understand these functions and help you determine your risk appetite.

This robot assigns all users a dedicated account manager to help them prepare for live trading. Here is a step by step guide to getting started with Bitcoin Pro.

Free registration and ID verification

Visit Bitcoin Pro and register an account using the provided guide. Submit your name as it appears on your ID card and verify your phone number and email. You need to submit your best email and phone number since this robot applies a multi-factor authentication.

Bitcoin Pro doesn’t charge any registration fees. The robot is free, but this may not be the case for long. You should grab the opportunity and register an account today.

It is important to note that you may be required to submit additional details with the matched partner broker. Well-regulated brokers are also required by law to maintain KYC standards. Consequently, you will need to upload a scanned copy of your ID to prove your identity.

You may also need to provide proof of your current address by uploading a current bank statement or utility bill. Identity verification is to weed out financial crime, including money laundering.

Deposit a minimum of 250 USD

A deposit of 250 USD is enough to register and trade with Bitcoin Pro. You can deposit through wire transfer, Visa, Master Card, Web Money, Maestro, and crypto-wallets. Depositing more money allegedly increases the potential of making more profits.

However, we suggest you start small and reinvest the supposed profits for growth. Bitcoin Pro partner brokers do not charge deposit and withdrawal fees. Moreover, their payment systems rely on 128-bit key encryption. This means that your billing information is safe.

Read the trading guide and practice with a demo

Bitcoin Pro app comes with a 9-page guide to using its web-trader. You must read the manual before starting live trading. The guide explains the risk management process and helps users to determine their risk thresholds.

Knowing your risk appetite will help you determine the settings to apply when trading with this robot. After reading the guide, you can go ahead and practice the various risk settings through the demo account.

Bitcoin Pro demo simulates real market conditions through historical data. This means that you get a live market experience when trading with it.

Adjust risk settings and toggle the live button

When comfortable with the demo, you can go to live trading. The Bitcoin Pro software runs automatically, and hence you wouldn’t need a lot of time to operate it. Once you define the risk and click the live button, you can go about your daily business.

Bitcoin Pro has a supposed accuracy level of 90%. You should leave it to run unmonitored for at least 8 hours daily to get maximum returns out of it.

Should I try the Bitcoin Pro? The verdict!

Bitcoin Pro appears legit, and there is no reason not to try it. You can start small, preferably with 250 USD and add capital as you get used to it.

Remember that like in any other margin trading robot, it is risky to trade with Bitcoin Pro. You should only invest an amount that won’t devastate your life in the event of a loss.


Is Bitcoin Pro supposed profitability real?

Bitcoin Pro alleged profitability seems to be true. At least 90% of reviews confirm that this is a high return bot.

How much should I invest with Bitcoin Pro?

A deposit of 250 USD is a good starting point for a beginner. This is the minimum deposit needed to trade with this bot.

Is Bitcoin Pro trustworthy?

Yes! This robot operates in full transparency and relies on some of the industry’s best trading technologies.