BitQT is a trading app that makes money for users by speculating on crypto. It is fully auto and hence doesn’t require any expertise to use.

Moreover, it is free and accessible in most countries. But is BitQT App legit, and is it profitable? We have done multiple legitimacy checks on this platform and are surprised by the findings. Firstly, this robot is legit and founded on real trading technologies.

Secondly, there is enough proof that a small investment of just $250 can generate a profit of up to $1500 daily. Thirdly, the robot is completely beginner-friendly. Most beginners make significant profits on the first day of trading.

This review of BitQT App will provide proof to support the robot’s legitimacy. We will also discuss tips to help you earn good returns with this robot.

What is BitQT App?

BitQT App is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

With the growth of AI, both institutional and individual traders are turning to automated trading. Big banks, including JP Morgan, Citi Bank, and Goldman Sachs, are already committing big budgets to AI-driven robots to manage investors’ wealth.

Researchers estimate that at least $5 trillion will be under the management of trading robots by 2025. Unlike human traders, robots tend to be more accurate and hence highly profitable. Moreover, they eliminate human emotion in trading hence improving decision making.

BitQT APP is a trading robot for the crypto markets. It is among the few highly ranked tools that are available to the general public. BitQT App is completely beginner-friendly, and hence anyone can make money with it. 

Moreover, it collaborates with reputable robot brokers. These brokers adhere to strict regulatory measures, including deposit segregation to ensure that your money is safe. BitQT App is also powered by RSA encryption and hence foolproof from cyberattacks.

The robot is also compliant with GDPR and hence handles clients’ data in strict confidentiality.

How does BitQT App work?

As stated above, BitQT app utilizes AI technologies to analyze market information and generate high-quality signals. The signals are said to have a 90% win rate and hence make money in at least 9/10 trades.

BitQT trading app is powered by some of the industry’s leading brokers. The role of these brokers is to receive signals from the robot and execute them in the markets. In other words, the brokers are the robot’s link to the markets.

Since the brokers are the one to implement trades, users must deposit money with them. During registration, BitQT App will redirect you to a broker in your region to make a deposit. As mentioned above, their brokers are regulated and hence safe.

BitQT App trades multiple markets and hence can generate returns in any trading time zone. Even so, the US time zone tends to bring higher profitability, given its level of volatility. The huge crypto derivatives contracts executed in Wall Street are a major driver of crypto volatility. 

You do not require any trading knowhow to operate BitQT App. All you need is to read the simple trading guide that comes with the robot and follow it to the letter. You can also watch trading videos on the robot’s website to learn how to operate the robot.

Even with the high profitability, there is still a likelihood of making losses through this robot. It is therefore important to stake what you can afford.


Can I make money online with BitQT APP?

We have done rigorous testing on the BitQT App trading robot, and it seems trustworthy. This trading robot is your best bet if:

  • You are looking for a highly profitable way to make money online – BitQT App can earn you good profits daily if you observe the trading instructions.
  • Bitcoin trading excites you – With tools such as BitQT App, the number of bitcoin millionaires is increasing daily. You can also kick start your journey to this club by signing up today.
  • You can follow simple instructions – Failure to follow the BitQT App trading instructions can lead to mistakes and hence losses. There is a high likelihood of making good profits with this robot for those who can  follow instructions. 
  • Technology excites you – As mentioned earlier, BitQT App is powered by blockchain and AI. There is a lot to learn about these technologies when trading with this robot. However, this is not to mean that you must be familiar with these technologies to trade with BitQT App.
  • You are willing to take a risk – There is no gain without pain. BitQT App is highly profitable but can also lead to losses. The more you are willing to risk, the higher the profitability potential. A deposit of $250 is enough to get you started.

Some users claim earning great profits on the first day of trading with this robot. You can also try it through the signup below and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

Getting Started with BitQT App?

Now that we know that BitQT App is legit and profitable let us look at the signup process. But first things first, here are some important points to note. 

  •  BitQT App is accessible in most countries. You can check if it’s accessible from your country by clicking here.
  •   There is no skill requirement to run BitQT App. You only need to follow the provided trading instructions.
  •  The robot works with top-tier brokers, and hence users have a guarantee of the safety of their investment. 
  •  BitQT App has won various awards in performance, customer service, ease of use, and safety.
  •   You need not less than 250 USD to trade with BitQT App.  The robot has a daily return on investment of up to 600%. This implies that there is a possibility of earning up to 6 times your invested capital.
  • BitQT App was founded in 2016 and is currently one of the most popular trading robots on the internet today. It is highly reviewed on TrustPilot with a rating of 4.3/5 after four thousand reviews.bitqt

Registering a trading account

You need to create a free trading account on BitQT App website to trade with the robot. Signup slots are limited and offered on a lottery basis. Keep checking on the robot’s homepage for new registration opportunities.

The registration process is straightforward and safe. You need to countercheck your registration details to avoid problems later during verification. BitQT App is compliant with data privacy laws such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and hence handles data in strict confidentiality.

Verification of a trading account

BitQT App requires all users to verify an account with the underlying broker. The account verification process is an important measure meant to protect your account.

It involves uploading verification documents including a scanned copy of ID and a utility bill or bank statement providing proof to your current address. BitQT App partner brokers take less than an hour to verify accounts.

Account funding and withdrawals

You need $250 to start trading with BitQT trading app. Account funding can happen through bank transfer, major e-wallets, and bitcoin.

BitQT App has agreed with its partner brokers not to charge any deposit fees. They also do not charge any withdrawal fees, and there is no limit to how much you can withdraw.

Withdrawals involve filling a request and waiting for up to 2 hours for the funds to be processed. BitQT charges a small mark-up on any profits earned through its app.

Demo and live trading

The demo account helps you familiarize with the functionalities of the live account. By doing so, you can avoid costly mistakes during live trading. BitQT offers trading tutorials to help you get fully prepared during demo trading.

Live trading with this bot should be extremely easy for those who take time to do demo practice. It involves setting risk features and toggling the live trading button.

Is BitQT App legit? Final word!

BitQT App seems like the best money-making tool for anyone interested in generating a passive online income. You don’t need any expertise to successfully trade with this trading app. Observe the provided trading instructions, and you are likely to earn the supposed profits.

You can try BitQT App today by signing up through this link.



What is BitQT App?

BitQT App is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Is BitQT App profitable?

From the data we have gathered, this robot seems highly profitable. It has a supposed daily ROI of up to 400%

Do I need trading experience to use BitQT App?

No! This trading robot is easy to use for all. You only need to read and follow trading instructions to get the best out of this robot.