If you are looking for an organic solution for pain relief, anxiety, cognition, and mobility disorders, among other conditions, you are in the right place. The effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) in the management of various cases has led to the widespread use of this remedy. The use of cannabis is limited in some states, and it is best to have a discussion with your doctor regarding this before you buy any Shark Tank CBD oil you can access.

For those who are new to cannabis products, worry not. In this article, we dive deep into CBD oils, the ingredients, benefits, and side effects of the same. We also review some of the top shark tank CBD oils that are available for you.

What is Shark Tank

Business reality show enthusiasts are familiar with this popular TV show that helps entrepreneurs start or expand their ventures. It is a series that has been running since 2009 on ABC, and multiple investments have come up ever since. CBD oils are among the products that enjoy the support of some of the leading investors in this show. Sometimes it takes only one shark to believe in an idea and invest in it.

Dragon’s Den is the British variation of this show, and they have similar structures. Only top-notch products and services stand a chance in either of the shows. This, therefore, means that every product, including CBD oils that receive multiple backings on this show, is nothing short of the best.

Shark Tank CBD oil episode

Shark Tank is a show with massive viewership, and the ratings are high. Over the years, an assortment of cannabis-related products has been on the show. One of the sharks, Kevin Harrington, has, in the past, said that he is looking forward to having a bite of this multi-billion industry. The other sharks agree that the marijuana industry is a lucrative frontier. They, however, shy from investing in the same due to various reasons.

Jamie Richardson from Texas is the entrepreneur behind Cachet CBD oil that is said to have been on Shark Tank. All the five investors allegedly took the bait and put their money on this product. Reports on the internet indicate that the sharks paid a whopping $2.9 million for thirty percent of the business. However, only one report indicates this information. Most reviews of the product also show that it was not on Shark Tank, and none of the investors has shares in the business.

What are the CBD oils?

Cannabidiol oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. It is a natural remedy critical for managing many common ailments. It is common knowledge that cannabis has medicinal and therapeutic uses. The production of CBD oils utilizes the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant. These three parts have a high concentration of CBD. It is ideal for the management of chronic pain, mental health, and an array of other illnesses. CBD oils have made it easier for people to trust and use cannabis products. Additionally, there are many ways that one can use CBD oils giving everyone a highly personalized experience.

The approval given by the FDA in 2018 for cannabis products makes it accessible to a decent chunk of the population that needs the CBD oil. Two forms of treatment-resistant epilepsy are among the main reasons for this approval. CBD oils do not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in Marijuana. This, therefore, means that CBD oils do not alter the functioning of your brain in any way. People who want to relieve pain and other symptoms can fall back on CBD oil instead of using Marijuana or pharmaceuticals.

During preparation, carrier oils like coconut and hemp seed oils help dilute the extract from the cannabis plant. The popularity of CBD oils is gradually growing across the globe. This growth is a result of scientific findings confirming that the oil from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant can ease pain and other symptoms from chronic illnesses. Governments are slowly allowing CBD oil products into the market, but it remains highly-controlled in certain jurisdictions. It is also vital that you confirm with your doctor if this alternative will be the best remedy for the ailment you are suffering from.

What are the benefits of CBD oils?

CBD oils have numerous benefits to the body and the users as well. It is a natural remedy to an array of symptoms that one may have from pre-existing conditions. Some of the overall health benefits of using CBD oils are;

  • Alleviates pain
    Marijuana has and still is among the leading methods that people fall back on when treating a disease that causes immeasurable pain. The use of this plant for the same dates back to 2900 BC. Over the years, scientists have found that specific components of marijuana are responsible for handling the pain, and CBD is one of them. Studies indicate that CBD oils reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity. It helps reduce inflammation and enhances interaction with the neurotransmitters.
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
    Mental well-being is critical in ensuring that the body remains healthy. Depression is the leading contributor to disability across the globe, while anxiety ranks sixth, according to WHO. CBD can work on the brain’s receptors to produce serotonin. This is the neurotransmitter that controls mood and social behavior. Using CBD oils helps you reduce depression and anxiety symptoms while avoiding the side effects that pharmaceutical drugs have.
  • Helps with blood pressure
    CBD oil is known for several benefits involving the heart and circulatory system. One of the notable effects it has is lowering the blood sugar level. CBD has powerful antioxidant and stress-reducing properties that are good for overall health well-being. These properties help reduce inflammation and cell death, which is beneficial for overall heart health.
    CBD oils have numerous other benefits. Studies indicate that it has antipsychotic effects and ideal for an assortment of mental disorders. It also helps with substance abuse and diabetes prevention, among many other things. Always confirm with your doctor that it is safe to take CBD oils alongside any medication that you are using.

Drawbacks of CBD oils

Although CBD oil is natural, there are certain drawbacks that you will come across when you start using these products. The severity of the adverse effects varies from one person to the next. Also, CBD has harmful interactions with certain drugs. Some of the side effects that you will encounter include;

  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Liver toxicity
  • Fatigue
  • Some contain traces of THC, among others.

Shark Tank CBD Oils 2020

Advertisements by the various brands selling CBD oils indicate that their product features on this popular TV show. Below we review products said to have been on Shark Tank episodes.

1. CannaBliss Shark Tank CBD Oil

This product from CannaBliss Labs is among those that pop up when you try to find a CBD oil product that has been on Shark Tank. The truth is, this product has never been in any of the show’s episodes. However, this does not mean that it is not a legit brand.
This CBD oil is among the best in the market, and the quality is also top-tier, according to reviews. It is a natural remedy with the ability to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and depression. Typical of CBD oils, this product has an array of other benefits.


You can buy it directly from the official website. It is a brand that you can use every day, but the dosage information is not available. Engage the manufacturer on their site regarding this. They all provide info regarding the formula and side effects. The clinical and laboratory test reports are also available.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Pure
  • Top-tier CBD oil extract
  • Renowned brand
  • Clinically tested


  • Not readily available

2. Turmeric Shark Tank CBD Oil


This unit is one of the THC- free brands that has a link to Shark Tank. Although it has never been on the show, this CBD oil has numerous positive reviews from users.

Several labs test this product to ascertain that it is ideal for human use. All the facilities used have the necessary certifications, and they all agree that this Tumeric CBD oil is genuine.

It contains pure ingredients with many health benefits. This product helps reduce pain and inflammation by communicating with the neurotransmitters and receptors.

The turmeric, which is part of the blend, has its benefits. It is a functional component, especially for people suffering from conditions like arthritis. This product reduces pain, inflammation, and stiffness of the joints.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Third-party certified
  • Valuable ingredients
  • Safe for human consumption
  • Good quality CBD oil


  • Not available across the globe

3. Sure Botanicals CBD Oil

Sure Botanicals CBD Oil is a remarkable product whose effectiveness is among the highest. It is a dietary supplement that contains 30ml of CBD oil in each bottle they sell. This brand has multiple health benefits due to the combination of ingredients. Several ads link this product to Shark Tank, but it has not been on the show.


Other than the cannabidiol extract, the different components found in this blend are; eucalyptus, lavender oil, Boswellia,

ginger, and green tea extract. All these ingredients have a favorable health implication to the body.

The CBD oil extract helps users with a diverse range of mental and physical ailments. Eucalyptus supports the function of CBD in reducing pain and swelling caused by injury or chronic illnesses.
Lavender oil, ginger extract, and Boswellia have excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help a great deal with alleviating pain. Green tea, on the other hand, has a host of assistance to the body. It helps detoxify the body and cleanse it to aid in the fight against diseases.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Works fast
  • Help improve the overall health
  • Minimal side effects
  • Natural
  • Safe


  • Slight side effects


4. Bionatrol CBD oil


Claims that this is a Shark Tank product are false. Despite this, Bionatrol is among leading brands that have stood the test of time. According to reports from the producer, this bottle contains 350mg hemp actives.

Tags on the internet on this product reveals that it is sought-after for its pain-relieving capabilities. The ingredients list for this CBD oil is unavailable. The lack of proper info makes it hard to determine which component makes it practical for eliminating pain.
If you are keen on purchasing this brand, we advise that you contact the manufacturer for more info. It is crucial to know the components before you place your order.

To place your order for this Bionatrol product, you ought to contact the producer directly. Some other virtual stores stock this CBD oil, but we do not recommend acquisition from them to prevent buying imitations of the original.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Ideal for lessening pain
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective


  • No sufficient info on the product

5. Full-spectrum Shark Tank CBD Oil


This full-spectrum CBD oil has numerous links to the famous business reality show. Our research reveals that this brand has not been to the TV show. Even thou it has never been on TV, this CBD oil is one of the best in the market as per reviews.

Its uses range from reducing pain to regulating moods and keeping one calm if they are nervous. Being full-spectrum makes this product ideal for fighting a significant number of ailments.

The type of cannabidiol extract that the producer of this brand uses is similar to what Harvard Medical are using to manage epilepsy. Additionally, this CBD oil will help you fight insomnia and anxiety.
We highly recommend this product, but you must ensure that you buy the legit one. Always buy from the manufacturer or authorized sellers only. Information regarding dosage is also unavailable. Confirm this with the manufacturer and your physician as well.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Full-spectrum
  • Good for pain management
  • Directly sold by the manufacturer
  • Value for money


  • Limited information on the brand

6. Pure CBD Oil 100%


This is another full-spectrum CBD oil that we highly recommend. The cannabis extract for this product is from US-grown plants. CBD oil contains 100% organic ingredients. No pesticides, preservatives, or additives are in this bottle.

The number of illnesses that you can combat using this CBD oil tincture are many. Lingering pain from disease or injury is at the top of the list for things that you can use this oil for.

Regarding dosage, you should engage the manufacturer and your doctor to get this info. The benefits of CBD oil that we discuss above will guide you on the type of ailments that this product is a solution to.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Unadulterated
  • Full-spectrum
  • Diverse usage
  • Biofriendly


  • Limited availability

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies perform the same function as the other alternatives in the market. They have slowly become one of the most appealing ways to ingest cannabis. Studies show that CBD gummies relieve pain, helps with insomnia, anxiety, and depression, among many other physical and mental illnesses. Most advertisers indicate that their product is the best and ha bee on the popular reality business show, but you must be careful not to get dubbed. Here are some of the top brands of CBD gummies said to have been on the TV show.

1. CBD Gummies


These CBD gummies are a homemade product, but the creator is compliant with all the regulations set by control bodies. This jar contains thirty gummies that will last an entire month.

CBD gummies is a certified product with an array of health benefits. Reviews from previous users show that it is useful for stress management, relieving pain, especially headaches, and anxiety, among other things.

The gummies are from hemp gum, which has relaxing properties. It helps calm your mind and relax your muscles. Generally, this product helps improve your mental and physical well-being. The components available in these gummies are all-natural.

What are the pros and cons
The Pros
  • Organic
  • Alleviates stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Relaxes tense muscles


  • Limited availability

Shark Tank CBD Oil Scam or not?

Most CBD oils have not been on Shark Tank, but this does not mean that they are not legit. When shopping for CBD oil or gummies, ensure that you purchase from reputable companies. The reviews section will also help you weed out the non-effective brands. Always begin with the smallest package available before you spend on a brand that will not cater to your needs.

Our Verdict

There are many kinds of CBD oils, and you must be privy to information regarding the differences. For instance, there is hemp-derived CBD oil and Marijuana-derived CBD oil. Their components and THC levels vary, and so do their uses. Ensure that you buy CBD oil from leading manufacturers do avoid using counterfeit products. Also, only use CBD oils after authorization from your general practitioner. CBD oils that contain THC should be kept at bay due to their psychoactive nature. Read the information available concerning the brand you buy and make sure that you adhere to every instruction.


What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil has an array of benefits to the human body. The various brands available have different uses due to the additional components. CBD oil helps alleviate pain, helps with blood pressure, reduces anxiety and depression, among many other benefits. Some claim indicates that it aids a great deal in the treatment of cancer.

Is CBD oil legit or not?

CBD oil is a legit remedy for a decent number of ailments. Ensure that you buy from a renowned brand to avoid buying counterfeit products.

What are CBD gummies?

Gummies are a broad selection of chewable sweets with a gelatin base. Infusing CBD oil in this kind of candy is possible, and this gave rise to what we now know as CBD gummies.

Is CBD oil good for anxiety?

Yes, CBD oil is among remedies that can help alleviate anxiety. It works hand in hand with brain receptors to stimulate the production of serotonin. This chemical helps reduce anxiety symptoms significantly.