The Bitcoin Gemini app is a trading robot alleged to make up to $5000 in daily profits from an investment of $500 or less. The robot was launched in 2017 and is said to have over 100k users. At least 15% of Bitcoin Gemini users have allegedly hit the 1 million dollar mark in less than a year of trading.

But is the Bitcoin Gemini software legit and if so, is it possible to make the supposed profits? We have conducted tests on Bitcoin Gemini, and it appears legit.

This review will provide evidence to support our conclusion. We will also present some trading tips to help you make the most out of Bitcoin Gemini app.

What is Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini is a bitcoin trading robot founded by a team of crypto gurus. The robot helps ordinary people trade BTC with a supposed win-rate of up to 99%.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Gemini software doesn’t require skill to operate. It is 100% beginner-friendly and seems like the right choice for expert traders. This is because it has a supposed return of up to 400%, which is higher than what the world best crypto trader makes. We will explain the logic behind the said profitability later in this review.the main login page for bitcoin gemini robot

Bitcoin Gemini claims to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to research and execute trades. The application of AI technologies in trading is picking pace across the globe with analysts estimating that robots will control nearly $5 trillion of investors’ wealth by 2022.

Wall Street is already adopting AI technologies en-masse, with leading hedge funds depending on robots. AI robots such as the one used by Navinder Sarao to cause the 2010 flash crash can generate millions of dollars in minutes

Bitcoin Gemini app applies the same principles used by leading Wall Street robots to trade bitcoin. Its potential is said to be higher, given that this asset class is highly volatile. Of course, the high volatility also magnifies. Do not trade with more than you can bear to lose.

How does the Bitcoin Gemini app work?

As mentioned above, Bitcoin Gemini is a trading robot that automatically trades bitcoin. A trading robot is a computer program based on a set of signals. Bitcoin robots rely on signals meant for bitcoin trading only. A trading signal determines when to buy or sell the underlying asset at a given point in time.

Bitcoin Gemini signals originate from BTC related news and also an analysis of trading charts. News trading is known to be highly lucrative for robots that can research and execute orders ahead of the markets.  The Bitcoin Gemini app allegedly executes orders 0.001 seconds ahead of the markets.

Trading charts analysis is all about identifying trends and using them to predict market outcomes. The best trend analyzer generates signals with a supposed win-rate of up to 99%. The Bitcoin Gemini software claims to do technical analysis with a win rate of 97%. Such level of win-rate implies that the bot gets right at least 9/10 trades.

Bitcoin Gemini is in partnership with several brokers to execute orders and facilitate deposits and withdrawals. The brokers’ responsibilities also include providing leverage. Bitcoin Gemini users enjoy the leverage of up to 4000:1. This makes it possible to take positions of up to $4000 for every $1 of deposited capital.

How to trade with Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini is a fully auto robot and is highly beginner-friendly. Anyone with basic reading skills can trade with it successfully. The Bitcoin Gemini app is available in English, Chinese, Italian, German and French.key differences chart

Moreover, it is accessible from nearly all countries that support HFT and derivatives trading. Please note that this robot trades volatility and doesn’t involve the actual buying of the underlying asset.

Volatility trading without buying the underlying assets increases, earning potential while minimizing risk. The types of derivatives traded by this robot are known as Contract for Difference (CFDs).

If you are a beginner, the trading lingo used in this review shouldn’t worry you. You won’t need it to use the Bitcoin Gemini platform successfully. The steps below should help you get started.


Visit the Bitcoin Gemini website here and click the create account button. Register an account and verify the requested details.

You may also need to verify ID with the matched partner broker. Most brokers adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) measures as instructed by regulators. The process helps weed out financial crime, especially money laundering.

The Bitcoin Gemini software also adheres to strict cybersecurity measures. Among these is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law that requires online operators to protect the data of EU citizens.

Firms that adhere to the GDPR portray a strong commitment to online safety and are respected globally.


You need to invest at least 250 USD to enjoy the alleged profits. And as mentioned previously, the Bitcoin Gemini app depends on select brokers to facilitate all transactions.

These brokers seem highly reputable and adequately regulated. With a good broker, you have an assurance of funds safety even if the broker goes bust. Regulators require brokers to segregate and insure deposits.

Deposit segregation involves separating clients’ funds from the broker’s operating funds. On top of segregation, the brokers must submit reports on how they use client’s funds.

Bitcoin Gemini brokers support account funding through debit/credit card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, MoneyGram, and BTC wallets. Moreover, this broker doesn’t charge any withdrawal or deposit fees.

Demo trading

Bitcoin Gemini demo account helps users practise trading without risking real money. Even when the robot is entirely auto, you must master its features to use it successfully.

Among these features is the Stop Loss, Take Profit and Negative Balance functionalities. The Bitcoin Gemini trading app comes with the features to help users manage risk. You should practice different risk settings on the demo to determine what is in line with your risk appetite.

Bitcoin Gemini offers a ten pages graphical guide to help you understand risk management in trading and come up with a trading plan.

Live trading

The demo should prepare you for the live account. The Bitcoin Gemini software doesn’t require much time to operate. This means that you can continue with your daily businesses as the robot trades for you.

Take at least 10 minutes at the beginning of the day to open a trading session and 10 minutes at the close of markets to end the session.

The best time to operate the Bitcoin Gemini app is between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET. This is the time of high bitcoin volatility due to derivatives trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Bitcoin Gemini has a supposed daily profitability potential of nearly 400%.

When put into context, a $250 deposit can grow to $1k in a day of trading. This is possible when all the trading conditions are right. Some users allege that this bot performs consistently.

How to increase your chances with the Bitcoin Gemini software

Bitcoin Gemini appears to be a good bet for any investor looking for a high return investment. However, it also involves risk and is best suited for those with high-risk thresholds. You should never invest with any robot what you can’t afford to lose.registration process

Moreover, you should have an investment portfolio with a balanced risk by not putting all your eggs in one basket.

As a rule of thumb, high-risk investments such as Bitcoin Gemini should only take 10% of your investment capital. Follow the tips below to increase the chances of generating the suppose Bitcoin Gemini profits.

Trade for at least 8 hours daily

Trading for 8 hours daily increases the possibility of hitting a home run with the Bitcoin Gemini app. As mentioned earlier, this bot seems to perform best during 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time. 

Running the robot for 8 hours ensures that hundreds of trades process daily hence increasing the chances of profitability. The more trades Bitcoin Gemini places, the higher the potential of hitting the supposed 95% win rate.

Avoid interrupting trading

Checking your account now and then will trigger excitement or fear hence prompting you to interrupt trading. As Warren Buffet puts it, fear and greed are the two critical enemies of successful investment.

Leave the Bitcoin Gemini software to run for the 8 hours and only check your account when ending the trading session.

Avoid leaving the robot running overnight

Leaving the robot running overnight incurs additional charges known as rollover fees. Moreover, the markets can open lower the next day hence leading to losses.

As mentioned above, ensure that you close trading sessions at the end of trading at NYSE. The bourse opens between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM ET.

Is Bitcoin Gemini legit? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Gemini appears legit. It is well-rated by users on ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot. Moreover, we have determined that it only partners with reputable brokers. Try it via the link below and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.


Is Bitcoin Gemini legit?

Yes! This robot has excellent ratings and is probably legit. Users allege consistent performance and high profitability.

How much do I need to invest in Bitcoin Gemini?

A minimum of 250 USD is what you need to trade with this robot. You can deposit more, but we recommend starting small.

How much can I earn with Bitcoin Gemini?

This robot can supposedly make up to $1000 from a deposit of $250 and in less than 8 hours of trading.