Political hacks Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman staged a press conference yesterday in Arlington, Virginia, where a military war vet accused Elizabeth Warren of infidelity and much, much more.

The fraudsters presented 25-year-old U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran Kelvin Whelly on a stoop in front of a row house with a large banner that read “Elizabeth Warren, Cougar?” About a dozen hecklers attended, including Ford Fischer, who streamed the spectacle to Periscope.

“This stream of a Jacob Wohl press conference has almost 250,000 views in under 6 hours,” Mike Cernovich posted to Twitter. “People are addicted to this guy.”

Wohl and Burkman distributed a “Statement of Fact and Belief” a few minutes before it all went down, and Whelly mostly stuck to the script.

The former Marine told the crowd he worked as a male escort, and Warren was one of kinky clients.

“Senator Elizabeth Warren first secured my services from a website called COWBOYS4ANGELS. This is a site for attractive young men who provide companionship escort services to well-heeled women,” Whelly read from the statement.

“I was hired by Senator Warren from this site on August 7, 2018. She reached out by messaging me on the site.

“On August 8, 2018, I was booked by Senator Warren on a flight to Massachusetts. I was told to take an Uber to the lobby of the Hilton Hotel in Woburn, Massachusetts,” Whelly said. “I complied with the instructions of my new client, despite being rather nervous. I had spent time with older women before, but never a woman older than 60.”

Whelly alleged “the evening of August 8, 2018 was the first of not several, but many BDSM sessions with Senator Warren.”

The 25-year-old alleged Warren told him she was married, but in an “open relationship.”

He alleged Warren pushed him to buy sex toys and BDSM gear, to arrange a threesome with a “beautiful and busty women in her early 20’s” and confided secrets from her past.

“As time went on, our sessions became increasingly edgy. During one session, she insisted on being whipped 22 times prior to having intercourse. On another, she asked me to bring a cat-o-nine-tails, which I obtained again from Amazon,” Whelly said. “Over my strenuous objections, she insisted that I whip her with the cat-o-nine-tails until there was extensive marks on her buttock. Rough sex followed.”

“In late 2018, at a hotel in Washington, D.C., she insisted upon doing a threesome with me and a second woman. She asked me to procure a ‘beautiful and busty woman in her early 20’s’ so I asked a friend of mine from high school, who I knew to be sexually adventurous,” he said.

Whelly alleged Warren brought a new “lime green strap-on dildo” for the lesbian sex session.

“Senator Warren has also told me that she has a 37 year old daughter named Lisa that was the product of a one night stand at a party she attended while she was a professor at the University of Houston,” he claimed. “She told me that she has always kept this daughter hidden from public view.”

During a question and answer session after his statement, Whelly said Warren paid him $1,000 up front and another $1,200 as a tip for his services. At one point, he removed his shirt to point out scars on his back he alleged were from the sadomasochistic relationship.

Throughout the ordeal, Wohl repeated instructed the officer to remove folks who were jeering, heckling and playing music throughout the press conference, though the officer simply ignored the commands.

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Burkman repeatedly referenced the accusations as part of “Project 1599,” which he described as the “center of Election 2020.” He did not address the disgraced duo’s long history of making outlandish and ridiculous accusations that turn out to be baloney.

The two arranged a press conference in October to introduce a woman with allegations of sexual assault against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but she never showed up. The woman, Carolyn Cass, later told USA Today she “escaped” from the plot to smear Mueller when she realized Wohl was using a false identity to coerce her to appear at the press conference against her will.

Wohl was also busted attempting to recruit gay men to push allegations against openly gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, as well.

Wohl told USA Today the deception is all part of his plan to manipulate the public and the media leading up to the 2020 election, through fake social media accounts, attacks on left-leaning nonprofits, and other dubious schemes.

The truth, Wohl told the news site in February, no longer exists.

“It’s something that can’t be thought about in a linear, binary true-false, facts-non-facts – you can’t do that anymore,” he said. “It’s just not the way it works.”

Garren James, the owner and CEO of Cowboys4Angels, told Rolling Stone Whelly is not an employee.

“We went through and searched all of our employment requests and all our contacts because we save the names. The guy never even applied to be at our agency,” he said, adding that Warren isn’t a client, either.

“I have many other high-profile clients that I would never reveal, but she’s not one of them,” James said.

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