Talk radio host Glenn Beck and best-selling author Brad Thor believe the only way to get a President Trump out of office is for a “patriot” to apparently kill him.

Appearing on Beck’s radio program this morning, Thor said:

I am about to suggest something very bad. It is a hypothetical I am going to ask as a thriller writer.

With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President? If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitution-mandated authority as president, I should say.

If he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? And I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office, because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.

Beck responded, “I would agree with you on that.”

Listen here:

UPDATE 5/31/16:

Breitbart News reports SiriusXM has suspended Beck for one week, claiming the comments could be “reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office”:

SiriusXM encourages a diversity of discourse and opinion on our talk programs. However, comments recently made by a guest on the independently produced Glenn Beck Program, in the company’s judgement, may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which SiriusXM cannot and will not condone. For that reason, The Glenn Beck Program is suspended from our Patriot channel for the coming week. SiriusXM is committed to a spirited, robust, yet responsible political conversation and believes this action reflects those values.

  • wayne g dearry

    I liked Beck back when he was sane but now he has lost it, suggesting “someone assassinate” Mr Trump. When in America do we eliminate someone just because we disagree with them. Beck you have just turned plain stupid and ignorant. I can see why Fox got RID of you. I’m 75 and your comments are deplorable and maybe criminal. You a punk

  • Marion

    Pres. Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority several times, and been reprimanded by the Supreme Court, but Mr. Beck hasn’t suggested he be assassinated. Does he agree with what Obama has done? Just wondering. It’s a terrible thing to suggest that someone be assassinated by a “Patriot”. There are enough wing-nuts out there who may take him seriously. That would be a travesty.

  • The Trump Trash continues to blow around the web. No where in the discussion between Beck and Thor was there any suggestion that someone kill Trump. Damn you people are desperate. But I understand. You know in your hearts Clinton is going to mop the floor with this buffoon and the country really will be lost. You’ve all been conned.

    • Moron.

    • The Big Mick

      gee, you’ve been wrong about everything since January. Why should I think you won’t be in november? The one being conned, shortstuff, is you, the Beckites, the Cruisers, don’t know precisely why or by whom, but you’ve become zombieiike, your intersection in bed with the Cruiser Cheating Christians, the Mormons, the Globalist Bushies, the Faux Goats, is intriquing and instructive. Who is the dog wagging the tail? Ingraham, Coulter, Palin, Pat Boone and Tea, Franklin Graham and other Evangelicals are supporters or speak positively about Trump, I’ve got an MDiv from Duke 15 years a Pastor myself, plenty of Chrisians, Evangelicals voting Trump. Plenty of Smart Conservatives, ingraham, Coulter, Newt, many others too.
      You Trump haters better come up with something better than “we are smarter than you, he is a buffoon and conned you.” Otherwise it looks like the buffoons are you.
      Wall Deportation, Moratorium, Fair Trade, Disempower the Establishment. Trump is the only one who has proffered, we are buying, all you got is the spittle flying off your face as you stamp your pretty little foot, shake your fetching little curls and flounce off in your darling little pink dress.
      Get me a cogent argument if you have one, buffoon.

    • Bob

      Thor- “I don’t think there is a LEGAL means available, if Congress won’t remove him from office what patriot will step up and do that?” You’re an IDIOT if you don’t think this is deserving of the Secret Service investigating it! Both Beck & Thor screwed up big time!

  • Are you effin kiddin me!? Beck will catch a bullet if something happens to Trump. He might want to think twice about crap like this.

  • PeggyTree

    Glenn Beck and Brad Thor have not crashed, but are hopefully in big trouble. Whomever is President previous, current, or past, deserve some measure of respect. The same goes for presidential candidates.

    Obama has said things that he should be ashamed of. We all have. However, his negative comments about Trump, whether you like or dislike him, do not belong in any discussion privately or publically overseas.

    • The Big Mick

      Not even BullShiite, Peg. Heifer Methane, no balls, no substance, parse it out. The ONLY TWO THINGS that “DESERVE” ANY “measure of respect” are our Natural Endowed Unalienable, Individual and Constitutionally Guaranteed Sacred Liberties and Rights AND a Cogent Argument!
      Neither Persons, or Positions deserve or have any right to respect that does not arise from those two principles. Civility as Social Contract, Doing as you would be done by as the Jesus Rule, fine. “Respect” eff that, that has to be EARNED by DEEDS! “Content of Character” as King said. Anything else is Collectivist Statist Tory King Licking. Bad Fruit from Bad Trees are cut down and burned. This kind of “authority” licking is what got you the Socialist Collectivist Statist Tyranny you got, Peg. YOUR fault! You should have been throwing rocks, breaking windows and heads, burning stuff a long time ago. You would have stayed more free and prosperous and done better by your kids and grandkids and theirs.

      • PeggyTree

        The Big Mick,
        I am so sorry I wrote whatever it was that set you off so badly.So, now everything that has gone wrong is suddenly my figgin fault? Because I didn’t throw rockd and demonstrate, it’s my friggin fault? What is really going on with you? I think that idiot of a possible thing from outer space needs committed, as biffula has wisely stated. I am 63 and my husband is a Vietnam War Veteran who spent three tours of duty as an airframe specialist and mostly as a door gunner so that the Marines guarding the air base could pick up their dead and wounded. I can’t begin to thank our Veterans enough. We are both in poor health

        I’m not a Socialist or a Communist and don’t care for your assumptions about my character in that way. We don’t know each other and I have alread formed an opinion about you.

        You also need institutionalized along with Beck. Don’t you dare to presume what I am or am not, besides one or two things. I love my country and am so proud of my family who has served since the Revolutionary War, and every fickiin war since. I also believe in our Constitution and in not changing it.

        How about taking some anger management classes. You could sure use them. People like you are waiting for something to happen so that you can go, demonstrate, throw rocks, possibly get arrested, for disorderly conduct and if you rob stores and set fire to these businesses, what does this make you? It makes you a mentally unstable person who can be quite dangerous. If police across America were removed from their jobs in one entire day, on that day, you would see the fall of civilization, as we know it, or at least as I do.

        Personally, this is a nightmare election. We are getting absentee ballots because we won’t be at home. I am writing in either Mitt Romney or Colin Powell. They are much more suitable candidates. Or I’ll write in John Kasich.

        BTW. DON’T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN THE WAY YOU DID. I am slow to anger, but what you said really hurt, belittled and horrified me. I feel like you are personally attacking me. That’s called assault where I live. I am a reasonable person but dont respond well to bullies like you. OMG. Are you Bargain Bob returned under a different name? I surely hope not.

        • The Big Mick

          Since you don’t care for MY assumptions, Peg, how should I feel about YOUR assumption that I “need institutionalization along with Beck”? Fill in the blank, I need to be Institutionalized BECAUSE?…….

          Are you demanding i be institutionalized because I think [and I clearly stated these principles up front in my original reply to you] because I think only God Endowed Unalienable Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties and Cogent Argument “DESERVE” [your word] “Respect” [your word]? But isn’t the first of those things I believe in one of the two things you believe in? How then do YOU think we differ SO much that you demand I be “instiitutionalized” and you don’t see the hypocrisy in it?

          If you believe in “not changing the Constitution” then why do you deny its Protections for Free Political Speech, so important to the Founders they made it Job ONE! But YOU demand not just deny Constitutionally Protected God Endowed Unalienable Individual Rights, but seek to “institutionalize” those who say things YOU regard as “disrespectful”? How is “institutionalizing” those whom YOU regard as “showing insufficient respect” any different from what Soviet Communism, Mao, Ho Chi Min, did? Wait…who were those guys? Didn’t somebody you know Fight AGAINST them and their “institutionalize the disrespectful” ways?

          Read our exchange again, Peg. It boils down to:

          YOU: “Presidents [rulers?] DESERVE Respect, so do Candidates.”

          Me. “No they don’t. Only Our Sacred Liberties and Cogent Argument “DESERVE RESPECT” Demanding AUTHORITY rather than God Endowed Unalienable Individual Liberty be respected gets you TYRANNY. If you had acted as DISRESPECTFUL of AUTHORITY as the Founders did maybe you wouldn’t have the mess we have today. The Founders thought so, they encouraged us to Disrespect Tyrannical Authority. So why are you demanding respect for it now?”

          YOU: “How dare you disrespect me that way! YOU need to be institutionalized along with Beck you disrespecter of Authority you!”

          Peg, what I am defending here, that you seem to think I need “institutionalized” for defending, is Mark Twain’s definition of Patriotism. “Patriotism is supporting your Country all the time, and the Government when it deserves it.” You appear to demand sufficient “respect” for The Government and Candidates because they “deserve” it merely because they ARE The Government and Candidates.

          Twain disagreed, so did the Founders.

          I’m going with Twain and the Founders on this one, not you.

          Guess you’ll just have to “institutionalize” my insufficiently respectful self. Hypocrite.

  • Debra Shawver

    Well….that is a threat….and now that Trump is the nominee…needs to be taken even more seriously. Enough…Trump will follow the law and the Constitution. The folks bashing him don’t even listen to the man or read his detailed web site. And Americans like me have had enough. Go TRUMP! I pray for his safety every day!

  • fifty0neGaming

    Now Thor is engaged in damage control. Other obscure blog sites(anti-Trump religious right types) are acting holier than thou, as if the world doesn’t have ears and didn’t hear what he said. This isn’t the first time Beck has been involved with something like this. He made a reference to stabbing Trump multiple times, and then swore up and down(including to secret service) that he was referring to… stabbing his co-worker instead. Then these sites have the gall to trash people like Breitbart and Cernovich for… daring to report on what they just heard? The truth? Everyone knows Brad Thor hates Trump. Brad Thor would not shed a tear to see Trump “taken out”. See, I find that appalling because Trump is risking his life on a daily basis for a job he didn’t need. He’s rich, with a great family and a great business, and he could spend the rest of his days playing golf in peace, but he decided to take on the political establishment, and bring up issues that can get people killed (Auditing the FED, The Bush iraq lies, etc) and run for President, and he has to wear a bulletproof vest at all public appearances. He receives credible death threats on a daily basis by the dozens. Because he’s tired of the kingmakers and their destruction of America.

    Anyway, Glenn Beck is not well. Now he’s angling for a pay-day from Facebook by trashing conservative media outlets that dare criticize facebook’s well established anti-conservative bias. Maybe he’s hoping he can be some kind of official arbiter of conservative news on facebook. Who knows. The bottom line is he’s not all there mentally, and I strongly believe he needs to seek help. The secret service is not going to give this guy another pass the next time he involves himself in talks about Trump being “taken out”, no matter how vague. The man is a official nominee for President, under constant threat from haters and crazy leftist communist revolutionaries. They’re not going to take this kinda shit as a “joke”… and I’m willing to bet they’ve already contacted Brad Thor and told him to shut the fuck up and keep it to himself. How do they not know better? Do they understand that there’s mentally unstable people out there who may listen to his show? Who may decide to take matters into their own hands? It’s unacceptable.

    • The Big Mick

      51 I don’t give a Shiia that ANYBODY “threatened” Trump or ANY Candidate! It’s FREE POLITICAL SPEECH you Collectivist Morons! Ignore them or stay armed yourself to take them out if they threaten you and yours. COOL, downright Founder! But FRACK the Government deciding, or even our Fellow Grubber Dumbcits deciding what is FREE POLITICAL SPEECH! The Founders didn’t label them NATURAL, ENDOWED, UNALIENABLE INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS and LIBERTIES and Constitutionally Guarantee them for no reason! I don’t CARE what Glenn and Scribner SAID! I want to know WHY THEY THINK the Guy [Trump] who is saying what I think [Wall, Deporation, Moratorium Disempower DC] is a bigger Threat to my Sacred Liberties than Kaiser Kliton? It makes NO SENSE to me, so i’d appreciate a Beckboy Trump Hater to cough up a Cogent Argument that doesn’t devolve to “He is arrogant”.
      I get you are a Trump voter like me, but MY point is THE ISSUES not Alpha Dog Pissing games.

    • Bob

      Yep, Thor is freaking out because he knows he screwed up big time! He has joined the Beck-Crazy-Club, anything for attention but what they said was unreal! They should both get a visit from the Secret Service ASAP! Both of them are disgusting!

  • st8kout1 .

    So why doesn’t the Secret Service file charges of inciting violence. He’s pretty much suggesting that a listener take vigilante action.

    • The Big Mick

      OUTIE–defend your premise that to insight Violence against Tyranny is a bad thing. I’m not saying either Glenn or Trump is the one for or against Tyranny, but a bottom YOU are saying The Free Exercise of Free Political Speech is a fit subject for supression by The Government Gestapo. Don’t see that myself. The Founders would have found you a Tory, burned you out and run you off, to the securing of our Sacred Liberties and the betterment of all of us. State Control is Collectivist Statism. Jefferson and the Founders believed, and taught us to remain firm in, that OUR Government should be TERRORIZED that we WOULD do Violence against THEM as we had done against King George and the Tories if Government overstepped an inch and pissed us off in any way. That way Government would make nice and stay barefoot in the kitchen., seldom seen and never heard. Hasn’t worked out that way. One can argue we are practically enslaved by the Government because previous generations haven’t been Violent ENOUGH with them.

    • annoyedbeyond

      No, he’s really not.

  • KW

    How many executive orders has President Obama written without a hair raised by Congress? Our Congress is a do nothing, say nothing, hear nothing (but collect a paycheck) kind of group. Imagine what kind of America we would have if they did something about all these executive orders put in place.

  • Diana Michelle Bailey

    I’m in.

  • GetRhonda

    At this juncture, Donald Trump is the patriot.

    • The Big Mick

      Looks that way, comparatively to most of us, GR. Cruiser was my match on the Candidate Match sites, but I became a Trump voter [at that point, even if I had to write in, that won’t be necessary now, probably] when Lyin Ryan of MY house said Trump wanting to Secure our Border, Deport Invaders and Moratorium RagNazi Caliphate Quislings was “NOT Conservative” and “UNAmerican”! WHAT????? Protecting Me and MINE is UNAMERICAN and licking MuzzyMex INVADERS is “Patriotic”????? They all lost me there. Trump speaks for me. I can only shake my head in bafflement at those who don’t “get” that. Their criticism of him is inexplicable, their crawling into bed with the Bushie Globalist Establishment even more so, the intersection of Faux Goat and Evangelical hate of Trump even more so. But most inexpliicable of all is this underlying Premise that Trump is somehow more a Threat to my Sacred Liberties than Butcher Beast is?

      • GetRhonda

        I went to the San Diego rally yesterday. There were a couple of suspicious guys (one black and one hispanic) standing in front of us at the rally that Secret Service was keeping an eye on. Not because of their race, but both were decked out in hoodies and it was hotter than hell in there. They were fidgety and appeared nervous. They would take video of the empty stage and circle around the convention center showing—not of the YUGE crowd—but of the ceiling and then the media set up. I figured it was to send to someone else they may have been planning on protesting with during the rally to show where they were standing.

        They were texting a lot and weren’t interested – even appearing to loathe others standing near them supporting Trump. They weren’t into the rally at all for the first hour or so, but things got going once Trump’s announcer started talking and then later when Trump was talking, it was pretty obvious they got his message and although I think they’ll still vote for Bernie in the Primaries, I could tell they’ll be voting for Trump in November. Why? BECAUSE THEY LISTENED.

        • The Big Mick

          thanks for the primary source stuff, GR. Newt says it all about what Trump is about. Newt gets Trump, appears you do, and appears those young men are beginning to rethink. I wrote a remix of “Wabash Cannonball” for us that says “He says just what we’re thinking!” That’s what pissed me off with Ryan, “Wait, I AGREE with Wall, Deportation, Moratorium, what do you mean I am “UNAMERICAN!” I think Stuart Varney expressed similar anger at being called a “Racist” because he believes in Secure Borders.
          That’s what pissed me off about Trump voters being called “idiots” “being conned” etc and Trump being called a “buffoon”. “Au Contrarie me lads, he is saying what I think is common sense and the obvious most important things to do!” Even IF he is just working his deal maker magic and telling us what he knows will sell us, what that BUYS him is me taking his deal, if he delivers we both get what we want, if he doesn’t he’s fired, I’ll look for somebody else to offer what I’m buying.
          I just don’t get, it’s downright Dysfunctional, Manic, of them, why they think that despising Trump’s person and insulting him and us has any chance at convincing us THE POLICIES WE DESIRE TO SEE are not in the Best Interest of the Republic. The closest i’ve seen anybody even attempt is “it will never work” which, in my experience is nearly always WRONG! Reagan was right about the Sov Union and Star Wars. But even if it ends up NOT working I still want to TRY. Why not? I could respond to “If you really want what you say you want, here’s a better way to get it.” Being told I’m stupid for attempting to guard my own interests just pisses me off. In my observation most Trump8rs are much like what they tar Trump with, arrogant, self-aggrandized, big frog wannabees. Self-initiates of the Witch Doctor Cult. THEY alone have the Secret Knowledge Magic-juju that we peasants are incapable of comprehending. Failed competitors for the same niche Trump fills in the social contract. The one it takes to know one.

          • GetRhonda

            The media is always saying the uneducated are supporting Trump, but what they don’t tell you is that Trump polls the highest in the educated group as well. The media just latches onto something they think they can work with to trick us into changing our minds or something. Who can blame them when it’s worked time and time again? Those days are over and they don’t know how to deal with it.

          • The Big Mick

            i agree, there is a political market correction rolling down on The Republic,
            “There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’
            It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
            For the times they are a-changin’”
            The harder they try to pull him down, bad press, accusations, violence aimed at his rally’s, the votes he will get.
            Newt called it a Transformation of the political map

  • Hayward Stewart

    Beck and Thor are marked men ! They better get on their knees and thank God they were allowed ONE MORE DAY !

    • annoyedbeyond

      Marked by who, scooter? You?

  • The Big Mick

    Hillarious, the scribbler and the entertainer “taking out” the Billionaire Deal Maker. What Dog have the Mormon Elders got in this hunt? Seems to me what I like about The DON is his insistance on Constitutional handling of Mexican Invaders and Caliphate Quislings. There the Entire Ruling Class Establishment including the Mormons have caved to the UNConstitutional MuzzyMex lickers. What’s DON going to “overstep” on? Nominating Conservative Justices? Fair China Trade? Building a Wall, Deporitng La Raza Reconquistas and keeping out Caliphate Quislings? DISempowering the Ruling Class Aristo Establishment in DC?
    This smacks of two medium big frogs in small ponds throwing a tantrum because they ain’t as Big as the Bigger Frog in a Bigger Pond.
    Some of you more educable grubbers need to consider that what most folk like about The DON is Personal, he says what we’re thinking. And those who hate him hate him because it is Personal, piss ants who think they are Mover and Shakers pitching a hissy fit. The Arrogance of the Ruling Class Aristo Establishment on Display.

  • Amber

    If we did not live in such a lawless society as we do now, this man would be questioned by the police. Threats of these type need to be taken seriously.

    • The Big Mick

      So you are arguing that the Exercise of Free Political Speech is “lawless” and a “threat” that merits the grilling of the State Gestapo? My Minarchist/Radical Libertarian/ Constitutional Conservationist/Jeffersonian Soul says the “lawless” “threat” here is YOU and your Collectivist Statist Proto-Fascist ‘tude, Amber. I’m a Virginian, Amber, recognize this?
      “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell and George the Third”–cries of ‘Treason! Treason!’ in the House of Burgesses—“may profit from their example. If this be Treason, make the most of it!”

      • Amber

        Anytime anyone threatens to murder someone it should be taken seriously. Just because you don’t like someone does not give you the right to threaten their life.

        • annoyedbeyond

          Neither of them threatened anyone’s life. Good lord intelligence and common sense is dead.

          • The Big Mick

            yeah, and I think the least intelligent thing about this is 1. caring about what was SAID, or not, rather than explaining WHY Trump is worse than Kaiser Kliton, or not. and 2. Arguing that Free Political Speech should be quashed by the Gestapo.

          • annoyedbeyond

            a little hard to tell but is that Sgt Saunders in your avvie?

          • The Big Mick

            CORRECT! “White Rook”. “Chip” Saunders played by Vic Morrow. Kids today need to watch the reruns just to see him channeling that James Dean slouching amble as a Dog Face.

          • annoyedbeyond

            Some of those episodes were masterpieces.

          • The Big Mick

            yup, Robert Duvall had some great guest appearances. I wish I could find the audio of those “cloth ripping” incoming German 88s. I’d use it for my Ring Tone followed by Radar O’Reilly “Incoming”

          • annoyedbeyond

            Ha! That’d be cool. Robert Altman did some nice work. I always liked Jack Hogan there and on Adam 12.

          • The Big Mick

            Kirby, Caje, Doc, Littlejohn were such marvelously 3-dimensional characters, with Kirby especially complex. Well, will let you go tonight. Thanks.

          • Amber

            You need to go back and read the article again. I think most of the people on this post who read the article will agree with me that is what was implied.

          • annoyedbeyond

            All I saw was a bunch of Orange Sheep baa baa baaing at any indication of a lack of love for Orange Dear Leader.

        • The Big Mick

          So the Threats to ME and MINE by THEM should NOT be taken seriously, Amber because THEY are “The Government” or “a candidate”? What a hypocrite. All you are doing is justifying tyranny by “civility”. Were the Founders justified in their Violence or not? If you agree they WERE then you have NO BASIS for criticizing ANY call for Violence in Defense of Sacred Liberties and Rights and Against Tyrants! As Barry Goldwater the Younger pointed out “Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice, Moderation in Pursuit of Justice, no Virtue.”

          • Amber

            You need to get some help for yourself.

          • The Big Mick

            i take that as “no I have no cogent argument for you, sir, just my hurt feelings.”
            C.S. Lewis in “That Hideous Strength” predicts that the Go To Tool for State Control in the Orwellian Collectivist Coercive State will be the Mental Health Board.
            Way ahead of his time wasn’t he, girlfriend?

      • JayMoLaw

        Amen and well said sir!

  • Karole Conaway

    Why haven’t they had obama assassinated? He has been destroying America for 7 years. beck is mentally unhinged!

  • Tony Begley

    Are you sure you are not talking about Obama in 2008??? HAHAHA

  • Jenn6278

    Beck ain’t no patriot, he’s an Obamanizer (this means he blowing Obama). They can’t assassinate Obama, but their willing to try to assassinate Mr. Trump.

    • annoyedbeyond

      Would learning simple spelling and grammar be too much to ask of you?

      They’re not willing to try and assassinate Trump. Good lord.

  • Bob

    Thor- “I don’t think there is a LEGAL means available, if Congress won’t remove him from office what patriot will step up and do that?” You’re an IDIOT if you don’t think this is deserving of the Secret Service investigating it! Both Beck & Thor screwed up big time and are in the “Crazy-Club” together!

    • annoyedbeyond

      It’s not. It’s freedom of speech man. First amendment stuff. Don’t you Trumplodytes believe in the constitution?

      • JayMoLaw

        The answer is clearly no. Trumplodytes only believe in whatever Trump and his enablers spew from the bully pulpit, and those beliefs change hourly.

      • The Big Mick

        GAWD what’s with the Middle School arguements? I put a “Voting Trump/Even if I have to Write-In” bumper sticker on my car in JANUARY, kid. And I concur the Thor/Beck conversation was their Rightful Free Speech. So much for JMLs idiotic premise.

    • The Big Mick

      Master’s Degree Duke here, bobberboy, they don’t give them out to “Idiots”,and no I don’t think the SS Gestapo needs to be investigating Americans’ Free Political Speech. The Founders would agree with me and not you. So would Barry Goldwater the Younger “Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice, Moderation in Pursuit of Justice no Virtue.”
      I’d go with Them not YOU on this, idiotboy.
      I put a “Voting Trump/Even if I have to Write In” bumper sticker on my car in JANUARY, dipstick. What got Trump my vote was his speaking his mind. NOW you are going to “defend” him by silencing somebody else doing the SAME thing? Damn Hypocrite.
      Call the Praetorian Guard when somebody puts up a bounty or scales the WH fence, start a DONALD’S HOME GUARD and increase security, until then bugger off. I’m a Virginian, recognize who said this?
      “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the 1st his Crowell, and George the Third”–cries of ‘TREASON, TREASON!’ from the House of Burgesses—“might profit from their example. If this is treason, make the most of it!” Hint, dimwit, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death.”

      • Bob

        I have an MBA & an MS in Health- I trump you. Degrees mean nothing re. common God-given common sense. Listen to the audio- even a clueless fool can figure out what they meant. Good luck to you in getting common sense, degrees have nothing to do with that.

        • The Big Mick

          who’s the “fool” and “idiot” and “clueless” bobberboy? Where did I say I didn’t know what they meant? I said “It doesn’t matter IF they ‘meant’ it, it is FREE POLITICAL SPEECH, just like Patrick Henry engaged in.” I’ll tell what DOES mean something, bobberboy, The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, the writings of the Founders. An Undergraduate and Graduate Degree in Textual Analysis means something. Basic understanding of the Fundamentals of Logic and Rhetoric and cogent analysis and argument mean something. The spittle flying off your face in your hatred for Beck means nothing.
          Where’s the common sense in arguing
          “Listen to WHAT they SAID!”, when the argument is THEIR RIGHT TO SAY IT!
          Try to get it this way, bobberboy,
          ME:”NO, Free Political Speech, ANY Political Free Speech by ANYBODY is not a fit subject for Arrest in This Republic. They have a God Endowed Unalienable Individual Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to Free Political Speech of ANY type. Mark Twain said “Patriotism is Supporting your Country all the Time, and the Government when it DESERVES it!” LOTS of Common Sense, Mark Twain.”
          YOU: “But, but, but, LISTEN to what they SAID!”
          ME: “Don’t CARE what they said, doesn’t MATTER what they said, what matters is that they have a God Endowed Unalienable Individual Constitutionally Guranteed RIGHT to Free Political Speech.

          So who is being clueless about the Nature of the Argument, who is being a fool and an idiot trying to Ignore the Constitution and Do Away with a NATURAL ENDOWED UNALIENABLE RIGHT in defiance of everything the Founders did and said when they put This Republic Together?
          Who is showing NO COMMON SENSE here?
          Go ahead, argue it makes common sense to arrest people who say things the Government finds threatening to its power? Let’s see that thinking got us Watergate, FBI investigations of Martin Luther King, Craig Livingston stealing FBI files, The IRS Scandal, The NSA Scandal, the SS File Scandal, DOJ investigating Climate Change Deniers. FCC trying to set up a Government Censorship Board. It got the World Nazism, Communism, etc. You can think of lots of other examples having all that common sense.

  • warriorlou


    • annoyedbeyond

      Horrific? Wow. Typing in all CAPS doesn’t make what you say sound any more intelligent though.

      • The Big Mick

        bugger off, geek breath, the nonesensical convention that ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING! went out with Al Gore’s Inconvienient Lies. What, you a Faux Goat that carries your body bigotry into TEXT, if doesn’t “LOOK” good, right, correct? IT’S EASIER TO SEE MORON! IT MEANS YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCREW WITH AND ACCIDENTLY HIT A SHIFT KEY, BIGOT! IT’S USEFUL AND EASY FOR TEXT EMPHASIS LIKE BOLD AND ITALIC AND UNDERLINED DO YOU HEAR ANYTHING STUPID???? IT’S TEXT YOU UTTER CRETAN/CRETIN!

        • annoyedbeyond

          Actually for a lot of people all caps is harder to read.

          • The Big Mick

            Their problem, not mine, and NO reason to question the cogency of the argument. Try asking “could you repeat that in lower case, easier for me to read”. And that does not address the difficulty of miss-keying the shift key, or Text as emphasis tool, now does it? But at least you attempted a cogent engagement civilly, AB. good for you.

      • The Big Mick

        “White Rook to Checkmate King Two”– I take back with apologies all my insults.

  • mikey2046

    Substitute “Obama” for “Trump” in Brad Thor’s quote and you have the current situation. In no way am I suggesting that either be assassinated, but we need a Congress that resists the ursurpation of their powers by the executive branch and provides actual oversight and control of runaway agencies like the EPA.

  • Dane

    There is no way in hell either Brad Thor or Glenn Beck would ever suggest that. This has been completely taken out of context. Enough with the agenda.

  • Brett Becker

    BradThor should be arrested and charged with terrorist threats. Glen Beck needs to wake up and smell the coffe. We have eight years of executive orders by a president that totally ignored the Constitution and Brad Thor is worried about Trump ” really”

    • JayMoLaw

      What utter illiberal, authoritarian nonsense. If Obama announced tomorrow that the Constitution was hereby suspended, you would coyly snuggle up to the new regime?

      If the answer is no, if you say instead that you’d resist him and his tyranny by all means, ask yourself what the difference between that hypothetical and Brad Thor’s hypothetical actually is.

      This post is the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

      • ImWithDem

        The difference is either racial or party loyalty; Neither being a good reason.

    • Bob

      Exactly! Thor knew exactly what he was saying, wanted attention with his butt-buddy Beck! The Secret Service should investigate them BOTH ASAP!

  • QUESTION: Why did Drudge have this story linked for only an hour or so???

    • Myron Kettleman

      HomeLand Security made Drudge remove the story we’re being told by informed sources.

  • JayMoLaw

    You can’t seriously be upset at someone for posing a hypothetical about an imagined, potential tyrant and then suggesting that in such a scenario the American people would be obligated to rise up. Honestly, it’s astounding that purported conservatives would flip over this.

    If a POTUS instituted a tyranny and abrogated constitutional rule of law, what do you brave Trumpers suggest Americans could and should do in response?

    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Such radicalism…

    • The Big Mick

      key word DUTY!
      Naw, JML, what upsets me here is the 8th grade Herd Beast Hive Minded Pettiness that devolves to “he said, no he didn’t” “you’re a cult, he’s arrogant”, with most everybody apparently incapable of simply engaging my simple Question. “I’m voting Trump because he has proffered the ONLY things I am in the market for this election, WALL, Deportation of INVADERS, Moratorium on Caliphate Quislings, Fair Trade/Anti-Globalism, DISempowering the Establishment and DC—WHAT IS YOUR COGENT ARGUMENT THAT TRUMP IS A BIGGER THREAT TO MY SACRED LIBERTIES AND THE REPUBLIC THAN KAISER KLITON?”
      How hard could that be?
      I’m not accusing YOU of not answering, or devolving to kidfight arguments–YOU have been a refreshing model of cogency and substance.
      I’m just observing that the volume of comments on this thread BY OTHERS are in the genre of “YOU UGLY—WELL YOUR BREF STINKS!”
      Geez thread folks, give me something to engage besides “Trump’s a bigot, buffoon, clown, arrogant, con man—–fill in the insult. Give me SOMETHING–Eminent Domain, Transgender Bathrooms, SOMETHING to offset the fact the Smartest Conservative in the Room, Newt, is a Trump FAN. And Coulter and Ingraham, and Palin, and Pat Boone, and a raft of Evangelical Leaders, and Judge Jeanine, 3/4s of Fox’s Brainy Babes, And Rush.

      • The Big Mick

        what you said HERE, is cogent and rational, JML, what you said down thread about Trumplodytes, not so much. in fact down thread you talk like a middle school bigot, why?

      • JayMoLaw

        Mr. The Big Mick,

        Fair point and sorry it has taken me so long to answer your post.

        First, I cannot answer for the consciences of the conservative leaders who have endorsed Trump’s candidacy, though I would note my sadness at the capitulation of those conservatives is an abdication of their role as the populist watchdogs of our movement (I don’t include Coulter in that infamous company because she is a single issue voter who is (rightly) concerned with the border and (wrongly) unconcerned with any other issue).

        Also, I will ignore the fact that Newt Gingrich has himself become more critical of Trump because of his undisciplined comments on his personal civil lawsuit difficulties.

        Assuming arguendo that Trump intends to actually follow through on the important issues you mentioned in the specific way he has promised on the campaign, a premise of which I am supremely skeptical.

        But respectfully, even if Trump followed through on each of his stream of conscience campaign promises,

        I submit to you the claim that Trump still poses a clear risk to your future liberties.

        Along with his dubious character and long history of flip flopping, Trump has no knowledge of constitutional government or the rule of law. In one revealing gaffe, Trump explained that his sister “signed” the same bill as a conservative SCOTUS jurist.

        Trump has said nothing about shrinking the size of power of the federal government. He told the FOP that he would draft an executive order making capital punishment mandatory for convicted cop killers. That statement alone demonstrates his ignorance concerning the scope of executive authority, and that is but one of the many authoritarian signals he has sent to the voters. Before that infamous speech, Trump told reporters that Obama’s executive orders were wrong because they were from Obama and that Trump would not hesitate to use the precedent those executive orders created. Even scarier, Trump has indicated he would smash our first amendment rights by reforming libel laws to enable him to punish the media.

        Fundamentally, Trump believes that our problem is not an out of control and unconstitutional regime, it is the fact that he is not in charge of that power. He alone is suited to wielding the awesome powers of the imperial presidency.

        Trump may make you happy with his governance were he president. The trouble is that the means he will use ruinous to the Republic. He will further accumulate executive power, and after Obama I am not sure the system can survive another celebrity outsider running roughshod over the rule of law.

        I could say more concerning the issues you wrote in your post, especially his adoration of the unchecked power of eminent domain as announced in the Kelo decision, but I need to get some sleep!


        • The Big Mick

          sleep is good. no worries, thread conversations by their nature defy time and distance. and don’t feel obligated to continue this one. we have exchanged well and my analysis suggests the fundamental difference is one of priority of threat and what we are prepared to “swallow” or “ignore” to meet that threat on that front first and fundamentally. Germany, Japan, or Russia “first”. As my Duke Old Testament Proff, Micky Efird used to opine: “Ya pays ya money and ya takes ya choice.” It is a well known military aphorism that one “kills the personal threat first”—Subs go after destroyers, destroyers subs, tanks after tanks, etc.
          Threat quotients vary.
          Just rediscovered a marvelous quote by Corrie Ten Boom “If I go around your house straightening the pictures on the walls, I have committed no serious sin. BUT what if your house is on FIRE and I go around calmly straightening pictures?” Perhaps in your house, I’m merely straightening pictures with a fire in the kitchen.

    • ImWithDem

      Blind faith in their “master”. It’s extremely scary. When trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and wouldn’t lose any votes, these same people cheered.

  • gordon ashacker

    But if you start committing right wing radio hosts, where do you draw the line for that?

    • Myron Kettleman

      Line is drawn right after Crooked Hillary goes to Jail. LOL !

    • The Big Mick

      bigot much, gboyashwhacked? How’s the quota coming on your MM Agitprop piece work?

  • akasome1else

    At this point I just have to go ahead and ask – who has “taken Obama out ” ??
    If, … If something like that were going to take place – shouldn’t it have taken place already with Obama ???

  • The Big Mick

    ANNOYED! Yup, “White Rook” “Chip” Saunders played by Vic Morrow.

  • phyrfiter

    Did congress ever stand in the way of obama exceeding his constitutional authority? and how many times has he? too many, Beck is damaged goods. They both should be arrested, he did this once before talking about non stop stabbing and its this kind of talk that puts ideas into damaged people.

    • The Big Mick

      So your argument is that Jefferson or Patrick Henry shouldn’t have argued for Revolution because “Its this kind of talk that puts ideas into damaged people”. “Cries of ‘TREASON, TREASON’ in the House of Burgesses.”
      Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Caesar, Napoleon, King George, Idi Amin, Sodem Hussein, Castro, Kim Ill Jung,Pol Pot, all believed people that said things that threatened them should be arrested. Good company, slick. Mark Twain had a different take, “Patriotism is supporting your Country all the time, and the Government when it deserves it.” And Barry Goldwater the Younger “Extremism in Defense of Liberty, is no Vice, Moderation in Pursuit of Justice, no Virtue.”
      Think I’ll side with them, Jeff and Pat and not you and your Tyrants and their Red Queen “Off with their heads” reaction.

  • Bryan Blackburn

    maybe Glenn Beck needs to be locked up in the funny farm for the rest of his natural life.

    • The Big Mick

      As I’ve already observed to another poster, C.S. Lewis suggests in “That Hideous Strength” that the Go To Method of silencing dissent in future totalitarian regimes would be The Mental Health Board.

  • The Big Mick

    When I was teaching Middle School in the 80s I once broke up a fight between two Black Girls. I’m getting a distinct feeling of Deja Vu. The Two in the original disagreement weren’t even sure what they were fighting about, the evenly devided crowd around them were rooting them on for blood.
    One last try for cogency, rationality, logical rhetorical thinking.
    1. The ONLY issues I’m in the market for this election, and I would argue they are all basic and important “Conservative” issues [Palin, Newt, Rush, Ingraham, Coulter other conservatives agree with ME]
    are WALL, Deportation of Invaders, Muslim Moratorium, Fair Trade-Reversal of Bushie Globalism, DISempowerment of the Political Ruling Class Elite Establishment and DISempowerment of DC. The Smartest Guys in the Room whose judgement I trust, I’ve named some of them, all think this!
    NOTHING else matters THIS election! Not Abortion, not Same Sex Marriage. You can argue the SCOTUS does, Trump answered that with his list of nominees. NOTE drilling down to what many of you, Trump and Beck partisans are saying, you appear to AGREE with a lot of THIS!
    2. Only Trump has proffered, so I’m taking his deal. If he doesn’t deliver he gets fired, he understands how that works!
    3. Cruz did not proffer as early and as clearly as Trump and sold me out to La Raza in the Jack Tapper CNN interview in January, he tried to walk it back with O’Reilly, too late.
    4. Between Lyin Ryan saying ME wanting to Secure the Borders is “NOT Conservative” and “UNAmerican” and Cruz not supporting Trump on Wall, Border, Moratorium, the way Ingraham begged, Trump got my vote. Cruz’s failure to keep his posse from UnChristian Dirty Tricks finished him with me, he had turned “Establishment” in his DEEDS!
    5. Mitt is a failed has been. He’s got nothing for me, don’t care what the LDS Elders want.
    6. Therefore BECK and by extension in this conversation THOR, HAVE NOTHING FOR ME!
    7. Nonetheless–THEY have a GOD ENDOWED

    • PeggyTree

      I’m surprised and shocked that you ever taught in a public school. If you are still employed as a teacher and someone finds out about your ranting, raving and endless repetitions of them, may think twice about your teaching our young people, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. You sound like Hitler in WWII. I surely hope you are not teaching them your narcissistic, grandious behavior. You need anger management classes and it might be beneficial for you to enroll in a nearby TM, or Transcendental Meditation classes before yourself or someone you deeply care about, a stroke or a heart attack. give yp

      • The Big Mick

        And you don’t see the humor, not to mention the hypocrisy, of YOU who are demanding people be “Institutionalized” for disagreeing with you, comparing ME, who is defending the God Endowed Unalienable Invididual RIGHTS Constitutionally Guaranteed by the Founders, to Hitler.
        I suggest the Unbiased Objective Observer might Cogently Conclude that YOUR “institutionalize the disrespectful” Principle is more Hitler like than my “Free Political Speech is God Ordained Unalienable Individual and Constitutionally Guaranteed.” Principle.
        I suggest the UOO might also Cogently Conclude that seeking to deny God Ordained, Unalienable Individual and Constitutionally Guranteed Free Political Speech, for “disrespect” is more “narcisstic, grandious behavior” than seeking to Defend it.
        Not to mention your implied threat to my presumed livelyhood, Peg.

        I also leave it to the UOO to Cogenty Determine who is the “ranting, raving, in need of anger management” one and who is the one who is laying out and defending his premises Logically, Cogently, Clearly, Calmly, and who is “ranting” “OFF TO THE INSTITUTION with the DISRESPECTFUL!”

        As to “endless repetitions” MINE are in need of your repeated “institutionalization” demand or The Reeducation Camp, but YOURS are……not?
        The Russians have a Proverb, I used to know it in Russian, “Repetition is the Mother of Learning.”

        Let’s see Peg, I found “Transcendental Meditation” on the fringes of Orthodox Christian Spirituality. Maybe that was because i took “Logic and Rhetoric” with Harmon Smith at Duke before I took “Prayer and Contemplation” with Hertzog. now there was a Lovable Communist, and a Good Christian as well as Deeply Spiritual Man. Eastern, Indian, Oriental Spiritualites did not seem Trustworthy to me. I’ll pass on that TM Suggestion. You’d be further ahead to recommend Classic Catholic Penance, “Say 50 Our Fathers and 50 Hail Mary’s.”

        But I WILL insist on having a Good Belly Laugh at your fear I am “teaching our young people.” Nope, other than Children’s Sermon at Children’s Church once a Month I’m out of that line. What is delilcious is that it went right over your little Tantrum Throwing Miffed Head that I WAS comparing YOU Fit Throwing “INSTITUTIONALIZE THEM/NO THEY ARE THE ZOMBIES!” screamin MEMEs ON BOTH SIDES OF THIS CAT FIGHT to THE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS I TAUGHT!

        The UOO will probably Cogently Conclude that YOU and THEM are still Stuck in the Midddle School Mind Set namely “How dare you disrespect what I have determined is the proper attitude for All of Us Cool Kids to have.”
        I’m the Iconoclast resister of the Collective, Disrespecter of the Standard of Authority determined by the Crowd, here, Peg. YOU are the Defender of the Institution.
        Evidently the lessons of the 60s were wasted on you. You became the Collective you thought you were fighting against.

        • ImWithDem

          I think you may have a mental illness. You should seek help. I’m not trying to be funny “The Big Mick”

          • The Big Mick

            Glad you weren’t trying, you would have failed. I’ve done several Graduate Counseling Courses, DemWith, something like 17 years experience doing counseling myself. Your assessment of my Health doesn’t “signify” to me.
            I’ve never found the response “I disagree with what you think and say so you must be mentally ill” to be very useful. As I’ve already pointed out 2maybe 3 times on this thread, C.S.Lewis, you DO know who he is without googling, right?, suggested half a century ago that the Go To Strategy of Totalitarian Regimes in the Future for dealing with unwanted dissent would be The Mental Health Board.
            All you appear to be doing is attempting to silence me by slandering me. Since you can’t accomplish the First and I don’t care about the 2nd I don’t see that you’ve said anything useful.
            By the way, is this a Female thing? Peg and Amber seem to work off the same play book.
            You got a cogent rebuttal to ANY of the myriad of points I’ve made, bring it girlfriend. I’ve yet to see one on this thread. Lots of what I call “biddy bitchin” but nary a cogent argument in sight.
            Try this, sweetie, “If a man says something you don’t understand, don’t tell him he’s crazy, ask him what he means.” H. Beam Piper
            Of course you could always try making a case Jefferson, Twain, Barry Goldwater the Younger, C.S. Lewis, Dr. M.L. King Jr are all mentally ill. I’ve quoted all of them.

          • ImWithDem

            “Your assessment of my Health doesn’t “signify” to me.”

            You are not speaking in cohesive sentences for all your education.

            The misogyny in your rants comes through loud and clear, however.

          • The Big Mick

            I will leave it to the Unbiased Objective Observer to cogently determine if the one logically and clearly laying out his position in defense of God Ordained Unalienable Individual Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties is the one “ranting”; or the one who quotes ONE, correctly constructed (albeit obviously not understood), sentence out of a dozen, and claims it is evidence of a “rant”. Or were you using “doesn’t ‘signify’” as evidence of incoherence only, and you subsequently jumping to accusations of ranting merely a priori?
            In that case, as Samuel Johnson once said—you DO know who HE is without googling, right?–“I have found you an argument, I am not obliged to furnish you an understanding.” Inability on YOUR part to understand does not constitute “incoherence” on my part.
            Or is this a Cheerio Baby thing? Am I witnessing the Intolerance of the Millennial for any argument over Tweetie Bird Size? More than 200, or is it 400 now, characters is de facto a “rant”? What if I # it, would that constitute “not ranting”?
            “Misogyny” huh? And would your accusation be evidence of misandry, then? Some fascinating work out there on that, Farrell, Nathanson and Young, though I do not claim to be familiar with the works themselves. The theory among feminist themselves that misandry was de rigueur in the early movement has been out there for decades and is widespread.
            Do not confuse my intolerance of Peg’s, Amber’s and your inability to cogently rebut ANY of the myriad of arguments I have made (while simultaneously insulting me with a never ending stream of vitriol) with “hatred” of ALL women. I disrespect just you three, and not even your persons, rather your refusal to address issues not personalities. Inability on your part to meet my arguments cogently is not evidence of either ranting or misogyny on my part.
            I repeat, yet again (into the void of ya’ll’s prejudice and emotional, dare I say it?, I dare, “ranting”), I didn’t pick this fight, and have no “dog in the hunt” to continue it. Deconstruction of dis-cogent arguments is what I do. If you don’t like it, just quit stamping your pretty little foot, shaking your fetching little curls, and yelling at me while flouncing off in your darling little pink dress. “Talking” to the three of you has been neither productive nor amusing to me. If you will try silence toward me, I’ll support you in it. As I offered to Peg, I’ll even “give you the last word”, just send back “Got ya last!” and I’ll respond with…..nothing but silence. Your “win”.

        • PeggyTree

          You have made many good points. I was 10 yrs old in 1960. During high school, I kind of came into my own rebel life. To you it will seem stupid, but to me, it was a big deal and the girls loved me for it. I got the head principal to agree to let all the girls wear tasteful slacks with nice blouses or sweaters when the temperature dropped to minus 10°F.

          Then, as a senior, I asked if I could have my roller skates on all day. He said that it was okay unless I fell. One fall and they were off. I got to wear them all day, had no problems with the stairs and everyone got a big kick over it. I even got a photo in our yearbook, taken at the end of the day with a goofy look on my face because everyone else, including me was laughing like crazy that I made it through the day.
          I know it’s powder-puff stuff to you, but no one had ever tried to do that before.

      • The Big Mick

        One question I neglected to ask, Peg. Reading through all the things you said about ME how I need to be Institutionalized, I am mentally unstable, dangerous [for exercising the Logical Argument of Free Political Speech?], I am a Arsonist, Rioter, THIEF, in waiting, Guilty of Assault. And now, am raving, ranting, repititiious, and should be fired and reeducated. WHY, precisely, do YOU not regard those accusations as “really hurt [ful] belittle[ing] and horrif[ying] to ME? Why should I not feel like YOU” are personally attacking me.”
        Because YOU are Female? Because you are in poor health? Who isn’t at our age? Care to one up diseases and conditions and medications? Because “i” started it? The first discogent assertion was YOURS.
        Once again, Peg, reread the exchange.
        YOU: Authority DESERVES respect.
        ME: NO, THAT premise of yours lacks SUBSTANCE and Courage, It’s so much Gas. Liberty and Cogency must be respected. Respecting Authority over Liberty gets you Tyranny, you’d be better off DISRESPECTING Authority like the Founders did.
        YOU: You are hurting,belittling, horrifying, presonally attacking me, assaulting me, are mentally unstable, in need of instutionalizing, an arsonist, rioter a thief.
        ME: No I am belittleing your false, unthoughthrough DANGEROUS to LIBERTY ARGUMENT! Which you yet have to rebut. The personal attacks on Character and Mental Health and Criminality are mostly yours toward me.

        So Peg, is your REAL Premise, and is this a Female thing, that to Reject and Deconstruct and Ridicule your ARGUMENT and PREMISE about “Respect is deserved” is to attack YOU? If YOU attack ME, but do nothing about rebutting MY ARGUMENT that Respect to Authority is EARNED or Tyanny awaits, what does it say about YOU?
        Peg, my metier, what I do, by nature, education, training at Undergraduate and Graduate Level, nearly half a Century of experience, by talent, is Bringing meaning out of Text, deconstructing argument. The likelyhood of you coming out pleased or even ahead here is not good.
        YOU picked this fight. If you don’t like how you’re losing it, quit.
        I’ll be glad not to talk to you if that makes you happier.

  • madashell

    Beck has gone Looney tunes. He has no filter as usual but has gone too far this time. He is actually endorsing an assumption.

    • The Big Mick

      got to unpack that, madas. IS the word you wanted “ASSUMPTION”? If it is, you’ve got to show me 1. Why I wouldn’t EVER “endorse an assumption.” Don’t i do it everytime I gamble or vote or give an opinion. When i do such things am I not saying “What I want is X and I think the most likely thing will be X.” So what is the problem you apparently see in “endorsing an assumption.”?
      2. What IS “THE assumption you think he is endorsing.”
      3. Why is it not good to endorse this assumption?
      4. Why is it not a GOOD assumption. in other words, how/why/about what is he mistaken in his assumption.

  • Randy Bower

    These two idiots need to be arrested and put in prison.These two are dangerous to themselves and others.

  • White Gold

    Obama has been overstepping the bounds of executive authority for eight years and Beck is worried about Trump? Where has Beck been all these years?

  • Guest

    Beck should be changed with conspiracy of a hate crime

  • The Big Mick

    King George III, Nixon, Hillary, Mao, all agreed with many of you that the Becks of this World neeed to be Institutionalized for Hate Crimes.
    I prefer the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Barry Goldwater the Youngers, The Dr. M.L. KIng jrs.
    “To love Liberty and Justice is to Hate Tyranny.” “A Threat to Justice and Liberty ANYwhere is a Threat to Justice and Liberty EVERYWHERE.” Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice, Moderation in Pursuit of Justice no Virtue.”
    All those smart Freedom Loving Men, and what they said goes right over most of you on both sides of this densely packed stupid argument.
    Incredible, or Pathetic?

  • Ultra_C
  • Ultra_C

    Beck is doing the “how dare they” crap about how they obviously weren’t talking about an assassination, but Thor is the one who said it, and Thor has not yet denied it.

  • A G

    Beck has been suspended from XM radio for one week because of this!!!

  • stu magoo

    sirius/xm, you frkn spineless wussies. giving in to the libtard buttburt morons. keep that crap up and you will see your subscriptions start drying up big time. just a word to the wise, you geniuses.

  • Nick Brown

    Wait a second, before you all freak out about someone imagining a scenario leading to the potential assassination of a US president, this has happened before.
    It was called out as being in bad taste, but no one tried to actually assassinate Bush over it.

  • Johnny Cee

    Love Brad Thor’s books. Lot of fun. But Thor needs to reevaluate his position on Trump. Sorry but I’ve lost respect for Mr Thor.
    I Cr 13:8a, Love never fails !

  • braniff1

    The FBI needs to step in and file charges against Beck and Thor. If it takes someone to step forward and ask for charges be filed I am willing to do so. One week off the air is not sufficient. His entire programming should be shut down, that means every show operated under the Beck logo. FBI what are you doing, once again justice for celebrity and a half baked author. Do your job FBI

  • ckozzy

    By the way it is only for a week and glenn’s on vacatio.

  • delverman

    No doubt Beck is another right wing nut- but at least he is aware of what a fraud the orange coon with little hands is. Watch any wwf wrestling ad and you will see the template followed by the trumpster. The mind set of his followers is like that of pro-wrestling fans- he can say one thing one day and the opposite the next and they will believe he is only telling the truth to them. Being obnoxious is what the trumpster and pro-wrestlers are all about.

  • Narry a New

    I have recently listened to the segment from The Glenn Beck Program. I wanted to listen , as opposed to how it reads. Everyone knows that in order to get the true sense of what is being said it is best determined by listening to the actual exchange.To include the before and after thoughts.

    I am not a huge fan of Glenn Back.Additionally i am only vaguely familiar with the name Brad Thor .

    So i am suggesting that i am an objective commenter here. I do not perceive what is being said as any type of threat or condoning of any form of harm to Mr Trump. Especially something as agregious as asassination.

    Why do some try to paint others in such light? Isn’t there really enough nasty things that can be said about those folks with whom we disagree that we do not need to create any more?

    • The Big Mick

      WOW! Narry. A calm, rational, cogent argument. Rare as civility on this thread.
      MY point from the beginning was that it didn’t matter IF he meant it, it was God Ordained, Unalienable, Individual, Constitutionally Guaranteed Free Political Speech, and calling in the Gestapo and Mental Health Board for it is TYRANNY. Further, I pointed out I was more interested in WHY Beck and Thor perceived Trump as a greater threat to my God Ordained etc rights and liberties than Butcher Beast Kliton, than in what he said or didn’t say and if he meant it or didn’t.
      However, it is refreshing to have someone at least attempt to engage the “this is what was said and meant” argument with some Objectivity and Rationality. Hasn’t been much from either side on this mudfight.

  • stu magoo

    can’t hang eh? go read a real book and edumacate urself instead of trolling and disparaging. Adios EL FEDUPO!

  • stu magoo

    lawn darts? really? seriously lady, get some help. you one sick bird.

  • stu magoo

    tweet tweet tweet. hear the little birdies tweeting while they flutter round your noggin. oops, shiny object just flashed by. go fetch!

    • ImWithDem

      Keep showing the people who you are, Stu

  • stu magoo

    hey moron, Chicago has the most stringent gun “control” laws in the country. they have the highest murder and crime rate in the land. so, obviously, it’s not the frkn gun you idiot. bad people are gonna get their guns no matter what any law says. with your line of thinking, just about everything in the world should be banned or have some specious laws surrounding it. thousands have drowned in the ocean. omg, we need to ban the ocean! a guy choked to death on a hot dog. omg, ban hot dogs! you crazy lady!

    • ImWithDem

      By that logic, why have any laws at all?! Why not just get rid of all the laws and vote for Johnson? I trust him more than I do Trump!

      I simply told you what ALREADY HAPPENED. You can’t blame me for the lawn darts, studly

      • stu magoo

        that’s funny. a certifiable nutjob talking logic. 🙂 hey moron, try to follow along. stringent gun laws don’t work because the bad guys will always get guns and use them to do bad things, no matter what laws are on the books. now, if you make it easier for law abiding citizens to own and carry weapons, the bad guys will think twice because they know their next target just might have a weapon and shoot back. get it dumbass? wow.

        • ImWithDem

          Why don’t you go put yourgun in your pocket an dpull thetrigger. I’ve had it with you calling me names.

          • stu magoo

            now you see that. it’s people like you with viiolent tendencies that are hard for a background check to pick up. you are exactly the type of person that should not own a gun. irrational, irresponsible, impulsive. a dangerous cocktail of mayhem just waiting for the spark. tick tick tick. if i could, i would report you to the feds to keep an eye on you. very dangerous. seek help lady.

      • stu magoo

        have you heard of “gun free zones”? these are places like most schools, where carrying a gun on campus is not allowed as a matter of policy. well, if you are a bad guy that wants to go on a killing spree, what better place to go than a “gun free” zone? you know that there won’t be any opposition and you can kill to your heart’s content. a killer’s dream. you allow some trained folks with ccw’s to carry on campus or anyone else with a ccw and you won’t be having these mass shootings. that’s logic maam.

        • ImWithDem

          Sorry – Dallas was open carry – guns EVERYWHERE and it made no difference. There goes that theory