A Greenfield, Wisconsin couple apparently thought only the police could rescue them from a hostage situation.

Except the hostage taker wasn’t an armed robber, but rather the family feline.

“This is gonna sound like a strange question but we have a cat and it’s going crazy and it attacked my husband and we’re kind of hostage in our house and we’re just wondering who we should call to do something, get rid of the cat or help us,” the woman told the 911 operator, CBS 58 reports.

The cat was turned over to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission and no one was “seriously” hurt.

  • Regressive Conservatrash

    They sound like typical Trumptards: angry, uneducated, cowardly, white trash!

    • Maindrian Pace

      Butthurt much?

      • Regressive Conservatrash

        I’m certain they are!

        • Maindrian Pace

          You should speak respectfully of your next President.

  • Fuldermox

    We need to ban cats.

  • winston smith

    Cats are dumb and this one is probably the smartest mammal in the house.

    • Regressive Conservatrash

      No doubt!

  • War_Machine2

    Oh no! More reports of another CATastrophe…..

  • Annettejhardin4
  • Emily Guttormsson

    My mother was the one who called the police- NOT 911. The cat had already attacked me a week earlier leaving me with torn up clothes and blood all over. My mom had taken the cat to the vet to see if anything was wrong and the cat was given a steroid shot for allergies but nothing else. The cat had been acting normal and loving after that, and then one night she randomly attacked my step dad. She went nuts, and kept jumping on him after he had continuously tried throwing her off of him. He locked the cat in a room for a few hours to let her calm down, and after that she seemed fine. They let her out of the room and she was acting normal again, rubbing up on them. My stepdad’s hand and leg were deeply lacerated and bleeding everywhere. Out of nowhere, the cat attacked him again, more viciously. My mom ran into the bathroom so the cat would not go after her, while he tried to get a hold of the cat. She would not calm down, and they knew we could not keep the cat after this. My mom called the police office (once again NOT 911!) while she was in the bathroom safely away from the cat- to see if she could get someone to come help as she did not know who to call for animal control. It was after hours- the humane society would not have been open, and she was unsure of who to call. I’m sure if any of you commenters were in this situation you would be just as freaked out. It was a very scary experience being attacked. Both me and my stepdad had to go on antibiotics for our bites to prevent them from getting infected and his leg and hand are still very swollen and red. Angry vicious cats are nothing to laugh or joke about. My mom made the call in a state of panic and who is the first number you’re supposed to call when you need help? The police. Please do not make fun of the situation when you were not there to experience it. My mom did not take me seriously the first time I told her the cat angrily attacked me and thought it was something much more minor than it was- until it happened again to my stepdad right in front of her. The situation is much more serious than the joke this article (and many others) made it out to be. Also it is very upsetting we had to say goodbye to a loving family pet. It is not a joke. Now we can look back and laugh at the situation because it does seem a little ridiculous, but these comments are immature.

    • Constitutional Reconvention

      Emily, answer me this. Why do people like your mother call others for help in a situation like this? You didn’t call the police. Your step dad didn’t. Why are all of these emergency responders supposed to be experts on life? Why can’t people figure things out?

      The police are not counselors and friendly advice folks that work for the government to figure out problems for everyone. They shouldn’t need to figure out your mother’s problems. Your mother is like the boy who called, “Wolf.”

      I am appalled that you would stick up for your mother’s actions. Her actions were absurd, and thus newsworthy. You are right along with her, or trolling for sympathy. You should be ashamed of this.

  • gbigsangle

    Cat burglar.