The sworn enemy of the United States – Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei – is siding with liberals in the ongoing debate over gun ownership.

“No one dares apply the clear solution to the promotion of guns and homicide in America,” Khamenei posted to Twitter. “What’s the solution? It’s to make guns illegal.”

He’s making some of the same arguments against guns as liberals like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“Gun companies are so powerful that House representatives and U.S. senators don’t dare pass prohibition of guns, and U.S. president doesn’t dare speak out, rise against it,” Khamenei wrote. “This is corruption.”

The Supreme Leader, who doesn’t hesitate to use lethal force against citizens he disagrees with, also lectured about the alleged “corruption” of lawmakers by the National Rifle Association and others who support the Second Amendment.

“Corruption means domination of a mafia greedy for power & wealth, in a way that the big political & military system like U.S. won’t dare stand up for prohibition of guns – which is clearly positive,” he tweeted. “This is due to lack of spiritual ideals, leading western societies to this point.”

“If we want a country, the nation, the human society to achieve bliss, the way to do it is to prefer religious and divine ideals to all other ideals,” Khamenei added. “This should influence our economy. This should impact our scientific works.”

The NRA, of course, was quick to set the record straight and point out the obvious absurdity and hypocrisy.

“Any dubbed the Supreme Ruler cannot be trusted, not in Star Wars and not in real life,” the NRA’s Grant Stinchfield said in an NRATV video posted to YouTube Thursday. “The leader of a state sponsor of terror wants us disarmed because it makes us all weak. It is what all enemies want to face in a fight – a weak opponent.”

Stinchfield also took issue with Khamenei’s call for U.S. citizens to “rise against it.”

“Rise against it? And he talks about corruption? Do you know what happens when people rise against his corruption in Iran, when people call him out for his crimes against his people?” Stinchfield said. “They die. He kills them. He lops their heads off. He starves them to death, beats them – to a pulp, mind you – and leaves them for dead.

“This is an evil, brutal man who is telling liberals to keep up the fight against the NRA! You see, Ayatollah Khamenei knows that if he can weaken his enemy by turning us against each other, and disarming us, his chances of victory over the United States increase,” he said.

“Anyone who doesn’t see the ultimate motives of this terrorist – a man who want to see the destruction of America – ought to just move. Go and live in Iran, in fact, and the moment you end up in jail for telling the Ayatollah you’re mad at him for not recycling, you can think about the motives of the Iranian leader as you rot in jail if not end up dead.”

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