Democratic operatives smell disaster coming in November.

Appearing on CNN over the weekend, consultant Paul Begala acknowledged Democrats have a big problem when it comes to Americans being excited about electing their candidates.

“In past primaries and Democratic caucuses, the turnout has not been more than it has been, say in 2008. But on the Republican side, it does seem voter turnout is elevated,” host Anderson Cooper told Begala.

“Is there more enthusiasm on the Republican side?”

“There is,” Begala responded, “and that keeps me up at night.

“It does…” Cooper said, confirming his startling answer.

“Oh, man,” Begala said, shaking his head. “We’re not on the air…” he added as the panelists laughed.

“The enthusiasm gap is really serious. I saw a survey a few weeks ago. Seventy-one percent of conservatives say they’re excited about this election. Seventy one!

“Only 40% of Millennials — a heart, one big part of the Democratic base. So there’s a 30-point gap between my party’s best voters and Republicans’ best voters.”

He conceded that the Democratic campaigns “are doing their job” and trying to convince voters, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

Then shifting into spin mode, he claimed Republicans are “looking to the establishment to save them” while the Democrats are looking to the “grassroots.”

But it seems those so-called “grassroots” aren’t growing — or are enthusiastically shifting towards Donald Trump.

  • jilliejoel

    Dems have an enthusiasm gap because they are crossing over to vote republican.


  • unkyjack

    Everytime Donald J. Trump starts another hotel project, he hires over 1,000 unemployed workers. Do you know how many Americans are currently UNEMPLOYED and WANT jobs? Las I heard was a bit OVER 95,000,000.
    Now 5% of 362,000.000 is WHAT?

    • Mike Shortland

      sir ur confused he hired 1000 workers 600 were hired ilegally while the other 400 were paid more off them looking the other way to paying most none is 150 polish guys looking for trump on the street for paying them less then min wage in nyc