If the Ohio crowds for one of Hillary Clinton’s top surrogates are any indication, it’s time to panic.

Bernie Sanders drew only 150 fans at a rally in Akron on Saturday, according to WKSU.

The event had the appearance of an academic lecture, with supporters listening intently in rows of chairs in Centennial Hall at the University of Akron.

But even some of the 150 attendees weren’t supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a self-described “Anarchist for Jill (Stein).”

The turnout was a little better in Kent. Attendance figures were not immediately released, but it appeared to be a few hundred at Kent State University.

A third event in Canton, Ohio was canceled. The campaign did not give a reason for the cancellation, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Given the poor attendance in Akron, it was likely due to low RSVPs.

  • thegodemperor

    hahahaha, I love this. Bernie, ya fucked up in supporting the corporatist shill.

  • James Gilbert

    The Independent Senator Bernie Sanders original Plan for a Presidential run was based on Incorruptible Principles…..inflexible principles. The Believers trusted him to the end on this. Bernie underestimated the desperation of Americans and should have won the DNC as Dem Candidate. It was beyond his expectations and everyone else in hindsight. The Appealing principle was vote for what you believe, not for who has the odds of winning. Bernie played his cards wrong: He , after being cheated by the DNC, should have ran as an Independent….1).would have kept all his voters which already outnumbered Hillary 2) Hillary voters would have defected to Bernie, 3) The moderate Trump supporters would have defected to Bernie, 4) the undecided voters would have defected to Bernie. Bernie would have been the “New Teddy Roosevelt” , first Independent elected President since then.

  • Mark Mawson
  • Wayne

    Like we’ve been saying, it’s not the man, it’s the ideas – and hers are not very good, even when Bernie repeats them.

  • Tracy Pugh

    That’s definately not 80% of Bernie supporters as they said would vote for Hillary. Lol

  • Dominic J. Norris

    We are all with #JillStein Now!