The Hillary Clinton campaign said it was bad weather that kept Bill from addressing a small crowd in Kansas City on Tuesday.

Only about 300 people turned out to see the former president — in a metropolitan area that boasts some 2.34 million people.

KMBC reports the crowd had already assembled and was awaiting Clinton by chanting for Hillary and the Kansas City Royals.

The news station reports 365 people turned out, but a camera pan of the room shows it more empty than full.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said it was Clinton’s pilot who made the decision because of apparent thunderstorms in the area.

“They were trying desperately to convince the pilots to come, but the pilots, I think, exercised great judgement and said, ‘no, absolutely not,'” Cleaver said.

“I’m sorry Bill didn’t make it,” one woman said, “but we didn’t want to risk his health or anything.”

A seemingly devastated Cleaver addressed the audience, who apparently didn’t know the former president wouldn’t be arriving.

“Those of you here in Hillaryland, let me just say to you the president will not be able to land,” he said in a video published by the Kansas City Star. The paper showed a light rain falling outside the venue.

“The weather has been too difficult for the plane to come into Kansas City,” he said.

“Unless we make the next crowd five times this size,” Kansas City Mayor Sly James told the small audience, “unless we commit to getting out the vote, unless we commit to doing the things that are necessary for us to prevail, when it’s time to prevail,” they won’t win.

Cleaver acknowledged the Democrats have a big problem trying to inspire voters.

“There’s an enthusiasm gap, no question about it,” he said. “All you have to do is look at the Republican turnout versus the Democratic turnout.”

“But I do think that between the time of the convention and November, we’re gonna have to figure out a way to inspire Democrats to get out to vote,” he told the paper.

He said there is “no great amount of enthusiasm with the two Democratic candidates,” and he blamed that on the media’s focus on Donald Trump.

  • RINO

    OMG! NEWS FLASH….there are no thunderstorms in KC in March. Duh. The former Liar in Chief can’t tell the truth if he had to.

  • skeptic17

    Inspire them by giving away more freebies, perhaps.

  • jxp

    Bill should tour with Monica, that will attract the crowds.

  • Barack E. Newman

    Don’t worry.

    Hilary said her █████ had nothing to do with ████ emails.

    There were no top █████ emails that were █████.

    Nothing to see █████. . . .move █████.


    ██████ Clinton

  • 57nomad

    There’s more people than that waiting in line for the restrooms at a Trump rally. Go away, Bill and take that grotesque old hag with you.

  • FlushTheToilet

    “Hillaryland”? Is he talking about the homeless block? Hillaryland…That’s probably what she envisions the country to turn into. Instead, all you’ll get is the sound of a couple of crickets.

  • Barack E. Newman

  • Blah Blah


    This documentary was created by democratic operative Larry Nichols who is mentioned in Bill Clintons memoirs.
    It’s about drugs, rape, murder, corruption and pedophilia under the Clinton regime!

  • The Concerned Conservative

    Bullshít. Bubba cancelled for two reasons. 1 – the crowd was forecasted to be miniscule, AND 2 – he was busy forcing himself on another coed.

  • profswitzer

    So it’s too dangerous to fly…unless we get 5 times as many people. THEN it would be totally safe to fly.

  • Paolo Moleman

    Clintons are best friends with the Bushes. Cruz and Rubio are Bush lackeys.

  • Sane vermonter

    Bernie gets well over 10,000 people to show up all around the country. They need to specify which candidate isn’t inspiring the voters.

  • gotoguy

    There were probably twisters within a thousand miles of there!

  • SarcasticDave94

    Typical fair weather Liberal.

  • Gail

    Blame the media. How about stop lying!
    Trump and his supporters seem to get where they need to be even in f*****g blizzards.
    Clintons are worthless. So more than 300 people managed to get there and Billy boy couldnt. Just another truck load of s***!

  • 1IreneFlick3

    Who is the woman in this casket ceremony blaming a ‘vile internet video’ for the Benghazi murders?

  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    The only reason more than 2 people were there is because they were all “hookers” that Bill hired to be with him.


  • Alexander Addams

    Democrats can’t get big groups? I think you mean the Clinton’s can’t get groups, nor have they. All their gatherings are pathetic. Try going to one… One single Sanders rally. If you can even squeeze in. Don’t worry if you can’t, he usually comes outside after and talks with as many as he can.

  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    Trump won the Miami debate tonight. Like he won all the other debates.

    President Trump sounds better every day.