Bill Clinton says the political environment that has given rise to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders can be traced back to the economic woes of the Barack Obama years.

“The country is doing better than everybody else in the world, but 80% of the country has not had a pay raise since the crash,” Clinton told reporters in East Hartford, Connecticut.

“Therefore there is great fear that we can’t return to broad-based prosperity and that has lit a lot of the fires that have helped Mr. Trump on the right and Sen. Sanders on the left,” Clinton said before his minder jumped in to say he had to go.

“It is totally predictable,” he said.

  • st8kout1 .

    It’s not just the economy we are upset about…

  • Randal Radabaugh

    yeah the guy that got rid of the national debt with a stroke of a pen and snort of a spoon.
    Details on the breaking story.
    When Bill Clinton investigated the UFO and Alien issue..he discovered something.
    Now,you may think me crazy…but….Bill C. found out about the M.O.O.N Project.
    Well, what happened was,,he found or spoke to these alien beings living inside the moon,
    looking at a Flat Earth.

    Well, Bill C. cut a deal with them….he will give them all the cocaine they want,,and all they got to do is give him technology to seduce women ( the Harry Potter wand) and a few samples of the alien women/females.
    Or the ones with no birth defects that were unusually long….” you can give them to Obozo …he likes those long Birth Defects” hahaha says bill….

    well,,the Aliens got so addicted to cocaine,,and had no more tech or samples ,,and Bill Was furious….he had American Forces target the Moon with ICBM’s until they gave him more women…..

    – Morally Bankrupt social misfits who are so far from reality, they might believe my true story.

    Lizrd’s fiction…humor.