As the first black president, Bill Clinton knows *every* black person likes fried chicken.

Why else, during a visit to Louisville, Kentucky, would he make an unannounced stop at Franco’s Home Cooking, and get behind the counter to serve food.

But it wasn’t just any food, and it wasn’t just any crowd.

As Saturday Morning Solutions, a weekly black radio show, reported, “Bill Clinton came to the hood in Louisville and LITERALLY served fried chicken to Black people.”

Will Clark of WHAS tweeted another photo of Clinton serving food without a hairnet, gloves or an apron.

The Health Department would call that “first black president privilege.”

Last month, Hillary Clinton was accused of engaging in black stereotypes when she insisted to a trio of black radio hosts that she always carries hot sauce in her purse.

Hot Air reported April 19:

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club,” a morning radio show on Urban/Hip Hop radio station Power 105.1 in New York, Hillary Clinton (D-NY)said she always carries hot sauce with her wherever she goes.

The radio hosts immediately responded with giggles and snorts of recognition. You see, the suggestion that she carries hot sauce in her purse was immediately recognized as the lowest form of pandering to the radio program’s African-American audience. …

One of the show’s co-host’s, Charlamagne Tha God said to her, “now listen, I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people,’”

Clinton’s response:  “Okay, is it working?”

The pandering is strong with this one.

  • DontLookAtMeLikeThat

    I’ll have these “ni**ers voting democrat for 200 years.” ~LBJ

  • Stanley Goodspeed

    Things are always what things are. Even if you don’t like how things are and frequently if not always lie about how things are. Blacks loves thems sum chikin, and why u at it out sum colured greens and watuhmelun. In a different street corner of the hood we might instead see Clinton slinging some dope, hitting the crack pipe. Perhaps while he is at it he should send his hooptie to the local auto shop. How do you think his limo would look jacked up with tires 4 times larger than what it was designed for and don’t forget to make dem wheels spinners? Dems have always been the Blacks masters both during and after slavery was officially ended in this country. It doesn’t seem to matter what Dems say or do with regards to Blacks who will give whatever Democrat is running over 90% of their vote. Since the “first Black President” is throwing some fried chicken into the deal you should probably count on 98+% of the Black vote.

  • Stanley Goodspeed

    Almost halfway there and still going strong! LBJ sure knew what he was talking about.

  • albaby2

    I’m surprised Hillary didn’t proclaim her love for watermelon.

    • Trollpatroll

      Huma uses Watermelon flavored Douche just for Hillary.

    • Trollpatroll

      She keeps one in her purse, along with the hot-sauce….

  • albaby2

    Can’t find a credible link to the Sanger “weeds” statement. Anyone have one?

    • Trollpatroll

      Are you another reporter lifting news stories off the Web?

      • albaby2

        Nope, just trying to find a credible source for the statement. There apparently isn’t one and it is just more internet BS that people swallow as fact.

  • Wilbur

    I much prefer “black” to “A-Free-Can A-Merry-Can”.

  • lie2megovt

    Clinton family and the foundation, Bill-Hillary-Chelsea…accepted 145 million dollars from Canadian company which sold our uranium to Russia with Hillary/Obama administration blessing…who can’t see the CRIME?

  • DontLookAtMeLikeThat


    If you get an email that says Nude pics of Malania Trump
    don’t open, it may contain a virus

    If you get an email that says Nude pics of Hillary Clinton
    don’t open, it may contain nude pics of Hillary Clinton

  • Luther Dorn

    Everybody loves fried chicken. Duh!

  • GlocKittyXe

    no one ever said he had bad taste in food, it’s his taste in women I worry about.

  • HarleyBobb

    I hope Bill didn’t put any of his special sauce on the Chicken!


      Drudge report just reported that a woman found semen in her KFC chicken sandwich.
      Was Bill there too? LOL

  • a_b704

    I am whiter than white, and I would much rather eat fried chicken, collards, and grits that anything resembling hummus and sprouts.

  • Traci404

    White folks eat chicken, so do Asians, so do mexicans
    This is a stupid story.

    The sell chicken at soul foid restaurants.
    They sell rice at chinese restaurants …

    Again this s STUPID

    • lambwood

      It’s not about the actual chicken, it’s what the chicken represents in the political discourse.

  • BeanTown Benny

    It would have been more precious if Bill served fried chicken in a local prison since his 1990’s crime bill put 25% of black men there.

  • DK

    Can we all just agree that fried chicken is freaking delicious, regardless of the color of your skin?

  • andrea

    What moron still thinks of him as our “first black president?”
    His White House attacked minorities of every description for 8 years running. He’s a goddamn racist, bigoted, lying hillbilly. And to think I wasted a vote on him once.

  • Flex

    “…people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people,’”
    Clinton’s response: “Okay, is it working?””

    Haha that is actually a pretty good one lol.

  • Warren Stallings

    why the commotion about it? Is it because he wasnt serving catfish and cornbread?

  • carrie

    Oh the low info Clinton haters are out! Never mind the fact that Hillary is on record with her love of hot sauce going all the way back to 1997!
    25 years of Lies attacks and phony manufactured scandals and what do you uninformed right wing bigots have to show for it?
    Bill Clinton elected and reelected as Ptesident in 2 landslide elections
    Bill Clinton leaving office with the highest approval rating of any President in history
    Hillary Clinton elected and reelected to the US senate by landslide margins
    Hillary Clinton the 2016 democrat nominee for President with more votes than any candidate of either party
    So a lot of time and effort wasted with no results. So maybe you 3 first name 1 front tooth cousin marrying types should give up! And put your bibles guns (and cousins) down long enough to practice saying the 8 words your going to be hearing a lot for the next 8 years-
    President of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  • Betty Poo

    F*cking bias reporting! Are you freaking kidding me??? Print what Hilary REALLY said about the hot sauce, and if you are a person of sound mind and sense, you won’t find a lick of pandering in her reasoning. Stop making up chit in order to prove racism exist! You don’t have to lie on ppl to find it. Stop manipulating ppl’s words like the white ppl–makes you less credible. AND since when don’t black ppl like fried chicken??? EVERYBODY loves fried chicken! What was Clinton supposed to do, serve up Chinese food in a chicken joint? I bet ya, black ppl own the chicken joint. How come they’re not put on blast for OWNING a fried chicken joint? Stupid a** article!

  • Ellie M F

    The Clintons are two peas in a pod. They cover each other’s crimes.
    Hillary a Career criminal and murdered and Bill Clinton a rapist and sex maniac from years ago and made a Career out of it.
    You can Google Hillary Clinton
    Google Bill Clinton he has been doing his women thing for ages.
    Vote Trump.!

  • Frank

    Look, honestly Hillary tells black people she’s going to continue the same policies as Obama. Keeping it simple: the policies that have kept them not only stagnant but even moving backward and they cheer as she says ‘I’ve got your back’. What can you say? Nothing! Let them vote for her and their continued stagnation. That will exactly be the result, all puffery sounding b.s. about ‘breaking down walls’ etc. The ongoing stagnation they are voting to themselves can always be blamed on racism anyway even as everyone else moves ahead.
    Anyway if Hillary a really large hand bag she’d have told them she’s sure to always pack a watermelon and they would have cheered the same.

    • Lone Stranger

      I bet she has a 40 oz and a mule planned to give all the blacks as reparations.

  • anzel2002

    The Witch made that sanger quote last September,

  • Scott Frillman

    Mr. Clinton, why do you like Black people so much?
    “Because they’re so finger licken’ good!”

  • Scott Frillman

    Mr. Clinton, what do you call mass incarceration?
    “The Golden Corral!”

  • Scott Frillman

    Bill Clinton: “I never order the spicy, seein’ as Hills always drowns it with that bottle of hot sauce she carries with her in her purse”.

  • Scott Frillman
  • SoCalBohpGal

    I wasn’t aware fried chicken was a stereotype. Everyone but vegans eat it in California. The hotsauce thing is a little weird, although I keep salt packets in my car.
    She DOES change accents, some words she uses, and it’s clear she’s a pathological liar. I think she may be more brazen about it because she’s either just that screwed up, or her strokes have screwed her up.
    The so-called “Social Justice” crap I expect, is the segment of society these types of actions pander to.
    The more they put people into boxes, create labels, stereotypes, etc., the more they create divisiveness. Then things like going outside to get sun (after working inside cubicals) seems “weird”. Then they’ll come up with a novel idea… ” Going outside & getting some sunlight “!
    I heard a rheumatologist tell other medical professionals that getting sun was ” dangerous “. I suspect he was either trying to drum up business or he was seriously messed up in the head. His background would suggest that he was into eugenics, and a promoter of socialism, or is that the crap they really teach in med school these days, or both. Younger doctors, who should be familiar with newer technology sadly aren’t as well trained. Our schools & healthcare are slipping.
    Does that mean serving chicken to black people have any meaning at all? Perhaps in younger circles.
    The same might be said of southerners in general. Do they not fry chicken in the neighborhood this author is in?
    Seems we’ve regressed about 50-60 years. The last time this went on with the race riots, the Muslim Brotherhood was behind it, along with social ” cheerleaders”… They’d amplify the words between a few racists (black & white mostly, although they stirred up Hispanics and tried to stir up Asians too), tried to establish a “bad guy” for both sides, then would tell people they were there to help fix your problems with them.
    Then they’d recruit people, like Caccious Clay (Muhammad Ali) to be spokespeople to recruit more people to cause more civil unrest, to cause problems that didn’t exist, then raise the BS to this “social injustice” crap to the point their sympathizers agree to them taking over! Today they seem to be after Hollywood & they are after the “Black Lives Matter” movement. When CAIR got involved, these people lost their way.
    The Muslim Brotherhood has many branches, CAIR & many student groups being some of them. CAIR & the Brotherhood have created this “micro aggression” bullsh1t, as well as the anti-Trump rioters, and infiltrated our government since the 1960s. They failed their push to take over then. They’ve done a lot, and this migration, just like the last in 1979, were totally fabricated. Sure, they have a war, an illegal war the Hillary plays both sides of it.
    She’s owned by so many people, she’s sold out America. We’re going to have to kick these people off the lands of America.