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A black Republican Cincinnati councilman is calling out a colleague’s “liberal hipster racism” after the man attacked on Twitter over his attendance at a Trump visit to Blue Ash, Ohio.

Cincinnati City council members Jeff Pastor and Amy Murry attended Trump’s talk about tax cuts and the economy on Monday, rather than the city’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting, and fellow councilman Chris Seelbach took aim at Pastor on Twitter.

“Budget & Finance Chairman David Mann just noted that both Councilmember Amy Murray and Jeff Pastor are absent from our committee today, wondering where they could be… #TrumpInTown,” he wrote.

And he kept at it.

“We don’t have enough Councilmembers in our Budget & Finance Meeting to vote on anything,” Seelbach tweeted. “No quorum. Perhaps attending a Trump rally was more important than showing up today?”

“Hey @HamCoGOP Last week, you made a big deal about @AftabPureval having coffee during biz hours. Today, Republicans @ElectAmyMurray & @votePASTOR skipped regularly scheduled Budget & Finance committee to attend Trump rally — resulting in not enough members to vote on anything,” he wrote.

At about 4:30 p.m., once Trump’s visit concluded, Pastor fired back in a series of tweets that called out his colleague’s hypocritical politics and quickly put him in his place.

“@ChrisSeelbach please do not come for me unless I send for you. 1( Sec. Mnuchin was present at the OFFICAL Presidential visit today, read up on the HATCH ACT, 2) 9 members of council, 3 excused, that’s a quorum. What happened today? 3) You missed Council to attend RALLIES.”

“@ChrisSeelbach you’re a bully but you’ve bullied your last person this term, my brother. 4) I didn’t have quorum at my meeting today, 5) you’ve missed 17 meetings, 6) you remind me of my abusive step dad, I feel threated and offended. #BlackRepublicanLivesMatter”

And the grand finale.

“@Chris Seelbach you’re consistently absent on issues affecting Black folks, poor White folks and other marginalized groups in our area but have the audacity to bully me on Twitter. Have several seats sir and put some respect on my name. #HaveSeveralSeatsSir”

“Finally, @ChrisSeelback a word of advice from a minority on Council (Republican) and a minority in America (Black), you do not fool me sir. I see right through what we call in my circle, Hipster Liberal Racism. Your micro aggression is noticed and will be called out. #Hypocrite”

Some local liberal barked back on Twitter, but many others applauded Pastor for setting the record straight.

“Well said and long overdue. #truth,” Twitter user lead wrote.

“I can’t vote for your but can I tell you how much I love you!!!” Get’em Jeff,” 4PersonalResponsiblity added. “Love the real talk.”

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