#BlackLivesMatter leader DeRay Mckesson may claim to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but he has close connections with the privileged and elite.

Mckesson lives in a home owned by philanthropists James and Robin Wood in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s the same address he used when declaring his residency on his campaign committee registration form for his failed mayoral run in the city’s Democratic primary earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 5.20.36 PM
The Woods have owned the home since 1996 and are wealthy donors to the Baltimore chapter of George Soros’ Open Society Institute.


Robin is so active that she was made a board member of the far-left non-profit back in 2008, according to the OSI’s website.

The OSI site describes the Williams:

They moved to Baltimore in 1995, when Jimmy had the opportunity to return to his hometown to become director of the orthopedic faculty practice at Sinai Hospital. For the past five years, he has been chief of orthopedics at Harbor Hospital and Robin threw herself into nonprofit work in Baltimore, first with the Community Law Center. She has served on the boards of Associated Black Charities, Safe and Sound, the Baltimore School for the Arts and the Baltimore Community Foundation boards. In 2008, Robin joined the OSI-Baltimore board of directors. She is also now attending the University Of Maryland School of Law.

Soros groups have had several connections to #BlackLivesMatter organizers and activists.

According to Politico, the Soros backed group The Democracy Alliance donated to several race-based movement organizations that ally with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Internal documents from Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, a group organizing the protests in Ferguson after the death of Michael Brown, showed activists being paid.

Infowars reported:

…MORE was one of the groups that received a share of the $33 million invested into the #BlackLivesMatter movement by billionaire George Soros.

On Monday, the Balimore Sun reported the 31-year-old agitator Mckesson is making a handsome salary courtesy of Baltimore school district taxpayers.

In his new role, Mckesson is earning a salary of $165,000 as the district’s third chief of human capital in two years, and manage of a budget of $4 million and 56 employees.

After being appointed last month, Mckesson said he was ready to get to work.

“At its core, this role is about finding great people, matching them to the right role, and helping them to develop and experience careers in the service of our kids,” he said. “I am excited to return to city schools … and to continue doing the work to ensure that every child in Baltimore City receives a world-class education.”

  • SaveOurNation

    When soros passes we need to fund about 50 buses filled with American patriots.
    They will drive to the grave-site of the filthy scum to “pay their respects”…

    I will be donating all the dark ale and raw asparagus for all in attendance during the trip there. The buses will have no on-board facilities…..

    • Tim Aker

      If “paying respects” means pissing on his grave I’m all in.

      • Carl Schmitt

        You really going to buy a plane ticket all the way to Israel?

        • empiresentry

          I seriously doubt he will be allowed to enter.
          He turned jewish people over the nazis and to their deaths.

    • Carl Schmitt

      Except he will be buried in his own country, Israel.

  • rick
    • That malignant, evil ferret-faced parasite needs something far more effective than just a simple deportation. He can do what he is doing and has been doing for many years from anywhere in the world — even from within a prison cell.

      • rick

        Ever heard of a “Russian prison” ……..not like American prison at all.


        • Angelina Broman

          <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bw809p:….,..

        • n0n0

          Death works too.

      • Sean Shafer

        nice pic….primus sucks/////one of my favorites

      • Paulapilot

        gaaack!!!! can’t be unseen.

      • Anita Sarkeesian

        Exposing the FRAUD of feminism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbWvITQzTs0

      • Issac Abrams

        White maggots will do anything to silence BLM..but the more you villainize the movement the stronger, bigger we get. Thanks,keep it up

        • Black parasites will do anything to get their free-stuff and perpetuate the Big Lie(s), and BLM certainly is villainous so to villainize BLM is to simply tell the truth, fool. The more you act the fools and the more you ambush, murder, maim, mutilate and destroy people simply for the color of their skin as well as raping, pillaging and plundering entire communities across America — the clearer and clearer the actual TRUTH of Black Lives Matter becomes to everyone in the entire world.

          Truth always inevitably defeats the self-serving Lies of community organized miscreants and degenerates and always has throughout history — and Black Lives Matter will be no different when your true history is finally written.

          Thanks, and you keep it up……… and God Bless America.

          • Steve Bergin

            E;ven Putin put BLM on his Terrorist Watch list!

        • Here you go. Read it and weep, sucka foo………..


          • robin

            They want to replace us with robots!!

          • Chris Houston ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            They already are. Robots can pick strawberries, work at fast food jobs, self checkout, no more bank tellers, no more cash just scan paycheck.

        • Barbara Anderson

          Did you or any of your idiots realize that BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management?? NOT black lives matter!!

          • Kat121

            Its one and the same LOL – think. Govt. run, underlying agenda, hmmmm

        • tiny molinari

          White people?. Deray WORKS FOR RICH WHITE PEOPLE. How fucking stupid can you be ….that when literal facts are pointed out… you claim it’s white people just trashing him to discredit him. He had a white dude as his partner to start the whole thing. It’s was a fraudulent group since it’s inception.

          HEAR THIS..I’M NOT WHITE. I just don’t want to see my darker brothers suffer a planned fate. You think Sonos and Obama aren’t using this ass to push their platform?
          You are gonna hate yourself when our government locks us all up and takes all our guns over this shit.
          When the BLM is exposed… your Gonna feel pretty shitty for wasting so much time and hate towards the wrong people….
          Of course.. I learned to be racist from my black Friends growing up in NJ…
          So its no surprise your buying the bullshit to excuse your actions.

          But I can tell you this.. I’ve lived all over the country… and have never seen racism in any culture…like I have in black people. As much as I love my brothers… black people as a whole…are 1000 times more racist than any white person I’ve ever met. Shit..I know kkk members that aren’t as racist.

          • Korey Moore

            snapdragon, you sound uneducated and whitewashed if you think black people are racist, we can not be racist but can PRACTICE racism, which i think you meant to say. Further more it shows that you really don’t know what racism is….

          • tiny molinari

            Black people are 100 times more racist than any other.
            Idk where your from… and im not white, nor am I saying this because im.racist towards black people… its that I can’t believe, knowing 100s of black people who are openly racist, that anyone can jump on a bandwagon and act as If the white pepole are monsters…
            Seriously. I can take you to 1 city in NJ and show you your wrong about who is racist.
            I know many a white person that treatshe black better than the black person treats them…all over nj…
            I can take you anywhere in Idaho…utah…nevada… California….Arizona…and show you white people who will treat you 10 times better than you wou get from your own… white societies that will take you in and treat you better!…
            and also show you black people using the race card to avoid backlash for their SAVAGE behavior…..


            and claiming black pepole can’t be racist?…
            You are the uneducated one….
            Or refusing to accept facts??
            We live in a society where groups like BLM… riot for criminals…
            But can’t name the 4 children killed by black gang violence in chicago the 1st week in July!!!!!

            Almost 5000 black homicides a yr….1% killed by mostly BLACK POLICE officers….

            97.5% of black homicides are committed by other black people. .

            When will that not be ok.
            You can’t freak out because someone not black does it….until you dont.
            Your redefining hypocrisy as an entire race…

            You realize that black on white violent crime occurs at a rate of 50 to 1???..
            Do you realize that a police officer is 18 times more likely to be shot by black person than to shoot one?..

            Do you realize there are factually more white people in prison than black people?
            Even though black people commit over 75% of violent crime …and really all crimelse it’s a landslide %..
            In NYC alone… 75% OF all crime comes from 20 % of the population. That 20% =black.

            Look…I’m not the least bit racist. I’m just sick of the falsities being touted as the gospel from organizations run by white dollars with black people as front men…selling out their own… for profit.
            Race pimping
            Deray Mckesson is am angry gay man…
            Who is using his positions to further a personal agenda…. and he is a hateful black man.. attackind gay black women because he can’t deal with a different opinion.
            Which proves myou theory.
            He hates straight black men.
            So it’s not an issue to sell them out to the Clinton/obama/ Soros team….
            He wants them to suffer for the years of being on the outside because he is a gay black man..

            I have a ton of references…written by Mckesson himself… that prove what ilife saying… in fact I didn’t realize why he would lie to…and not care about killing off so many black people….until I started reading his own crap…and it is crap.

            God bless you…and us all… I’m praying for the truth to win..

          • glamdeluxe

            Cory believes only whites CAN be racist. You are wasting your time. Those people just hate and there is no stopping it as long as someone keeps giving the hate financial backing and a voice. Votes or violence will change things.

          • tiny molinari

            Agreed. And frankly Im getting to the point where Im ready to accept the violence. I have never been “racist” …more of an asshole hater… but… the ignorance is becoming so accepted, acceptable, and so encouraged, that I am really ok with it coming to race war. And if its leaders on the BLM side are the same thugs promoting riots and “drive bys”….crack dealing on the corners….. it will be a quick one. My 7yr old daughter has better shot placement.
            The stupidity is too much….

          • ShermanTMcCoy

            Just keep your head down, tiny. Many whites are waking up to thugs like BLM, and the war has begun. People of good will have to stick together. Best of luck to you and your family!

            As far as the two-digit IQ Corey goes, in three, two, one. . . . .


          • BigLove1912

            Black people can’t be racist? Your the uneducated one here. Racism is when you believe that a particular race has characteristics or abilities that are inferior to another race Yes, many blacks are racist. I know it and you know it. I’ve met many of them personally.

          • Korey Moore

            That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard, tenth dumbest, racism is a power construct, you should read more instead of the 5 Black people you know as a reference. Clearly you missed the word practice in my original response to you.

          • BigLove1912

            Racism has nothing to do with power you idiot. Here is a link to the definition you ignorant fool. Now go educate yourself. https://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome-psyapi2&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8&q=racism&oq=racism&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i59j0l4.1639j0j8

          • Korey Moore

            I can understand why you think that way, I use Dr. WELSING’s definition, the same definition used in writings that predate her, so as to say I do not use a Eurocentric definition of racism because it does not encompass the whole theory of racism. Racism is about power and control rooted in Platonic philosophy, the pretension of superiority treated as reality and carried out through the seven areas of life. It’s also about chiefly the survival of white genes from the destruction of black dominant genetic material. So how are black people racist?

          • Dan

            You’re being racist right now and hiding behind your retarded ideology.

            That’s just complete drivel and doesn’t mean anything, you’ve obviously been indoctrinated by crazy academics who hate their own culture. It’s just a form of tribalism anybody can be racist. That google definition is the one most reasonable people use — for once their top result wasn’t that bad.

            Pull your head out your ass and stop looking for an excuse to be a raging racist towards white people. Pathetic.

          • Korey Moore

            You are just tarded, blind and un learned

          • Korey Moore

            First you should research why your people act they way the do, Ice Man Inheritance is a good place to start, it’s written by a white man if that makes you feel better, the History of Europe, so you can see how white people destroyed their own culture and others, focusing on the cess pool that bred Hitler and follow that up with government papers issued by any european or American intelligence agency then get back to me. Until then shut the fuck up about things you don’t know about.

          • Glock

            No black racism? Black wants to kill white? Why do blacks feel powerless, when they have the same access to power as any white person. Basically, blacks ‘feel’ powerless and so behave like savages because of their perceived ‘oppression’. If blacks really want to feel equal to the people they feel oppressed by, get off welfare, get an education. There is no law that says you can’t attend school, or get a job.

          • Korey Moore

            Wow Blacks have equal access to power?!? Glock you should put that to your head and pull the trigger!!!! I love how uneducated white people try to tell me about racism or any other person who is not white, ignorance! Please sir tell me out of your infinite knowledge and expertise about the state of black people since you are so well read. You must get your information from the news and and the inquirer! Idiot!!!

          • Glock

            So blacks don’t have access to school? Or do blacks show up and fuck up the entire class by acting like hyenas? Tell me, why are blacks failing school since you’re so wise and informed?

          • Korey Moore

            Google?!! For real, research people this isn’t trivia!

          • Ro – dR

            you’re seriously saying black people can not feel that one race is superior to the other? That’s delusional I hope you’re CTR, and not a low information voter.

          • alanmonrovia

            “We can not be racist but can practice racism…” Anything you say!

          • Glock

            Black Logic Matters….present any proof, or document or anything to a black man who doesn’t want to believe it and with a simple flick of a hand, and it’s now rubbish.

        • Jim Quinn

          sure ya will…. be kind of tough the way you keep killing yourself…..7 dead, 48 wounded, and not a cop involved…..that was the weekend… for the month of July 24 shot dead, 22 were black, 1 was hispanic and 1 race unknown, so tell me again how black lives matter…..

        • jim

          What is it like to be mentally retarded? When you were a kid, did you ever get tired of grown ups looking at you with a pitiful stare? I think I speak for all of humanity by saying we all take solace in the fact that in 100 years, you will be taking a long dirt nap. The universe will forget your existence. You may as well never even been born at all.

          • Gigi LaGringuita

            I think you mean to say “intellectually disabled” if you are talking about those with cognitive delays and poor adaptive functioning and inadequate skills of daily living. Are those the people you refer to? Anyway, those so debilitated by cognitive delays that you would call them “mentally retardated” don’t notice stares of pity. They are blissfully unaware of hateful bigotry and judgment this world is consumed by. Hey but #themoreyouknow

        • Donnie Ray Ricks

          Isaac, racist much? We do not have to villainize anything. The seven bodies of police officers you’re responsible for murdering does that

        • Lynn Ertell

          Translation: Zionist and globalist MONEY can rent a mob any time it wants. These “black” provocateurs are bought and paid for, to serve a ruling class agenda of racial division, Federalization (globalization) of local and state police forces and “gun control” (confiscation of firearms and effective repeal of the 2nd Amendment). In occupied Palestine, these same Zionists get to carry any firearm they want. While here in the US, the strive mightily to DISARM the American people.

        • Jimmy Reagan

          13%, cunt..can’t do shit with 13% of anything, ask Gary Johnson….wait, not EVEN 13% because most black people don’t support BLM anymore. Mat ask well call them VCR, they’re history..

        • Ron

          You can only get so big, when you are only 12% of the population, so be careful of what you ask for, big shot! Whitey ain’t shaking in his boots over a few of your kind.

        • cuz imryte

          So, since you are following someone who is owned and controlled by said “white maggot”, what does that make you? Something much much smaller. I pray BLM supporters eventually pull their heads out of their a $ $’s and realize that they are no different than their ancestors. Being bought and owned by the rich White man who supports and influences the Democratic party that has done nothing but keep the black people down by keeping them high on “free” stuff. Nothing is free Issac. Always comes at a price and black people are paying the biggest price by continually voting for those who wish to keep you down, in power. Wake up and become free.

    • genann59

      No wonder that bastard is willing to do whatever he can to keep Trump out of office. Trump could and will do if elected a lot to turn back the evil this servant of Satan has done to our nation, which he has openly stated must be destroyed before he can die, as America is the main hold out to his (and Satan’s) One World Government. When he does die, the smell of sulphur and brimstone will be so overwhelming it will probably kill anyone near him.

      • nordicman

        He’s a Jew. Their intention is to destroy the white race. That’s also why he and other Jews are flooding Europe with as many muslims and nonwhites too. Barbara Spectre (Jew) in a video said Jews would be ‘resented for their leading role’ in making Europe multicultural.

        • sidewindin

          He was/ is a traitor of the Jewish people.

        • empiresentry

          He may have come from a Jewish family…..but he rejected them and turned over Jews to the Brownshirt nazis in exchange for silver coins

        • Saint Louis Electronics

          zion. hitler was actually a good guy fighting for the german people against international money changers

          • Blaquey

            Good luck talking to a brick wall. I’m black and have seen what Hitler was trying to say. We’ve been lied to about Hitler.

        • Get your facts straight. He was born into a Jewish family. His parents nor him were practicing jews. They corroborated against other Jews directing the Germans to the homes of rich jews to be looted. He was 14 at the time and was paid part of the value of the loot which started him on his was to become a millionaire.

          • Chris Houston ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            Then explain “atheist jews” it isn’t a a religion, its a people. You are a Jew if your mother is a jew, dems da rules.

      • keepyourpower

        Did you know Soros gave Trump the start up money for his building in Chicago? Did you know Trump spent the Christmas of 2009 with Soros? Think twice! No matter which narcissist wins…we are going to be living in hell.

        • justagramma

          Sources please. Just saying it doesn’t make it so.

          • b4uricu
          • b4uricu
          • b4uricu
          • b4uricu
          • justagramma

            Vet your sources. This is crap.

          • b4uricu

            I intentionally used sources on each side, to offer you proof. The Chicago Tribube and Conservative Review, as well as many others, are the sources of these stories. If you choose to ignore them, that is your perogative. I simply wanted to give you the opportunity to read the “sources” you requested. Maybe you believe the pictures of Bill and Hillary at Trumps last wedding are all photoshopped? Or the pictures of Bill and Donald Playing golf? Maybe Donald and Soros didn’t spend Christmas Eve together at an “elite” party. Hmmm maybe Trump was right when he said “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” I guess he knows his constituents very well.

          • justagramma

            Business people associate socially with many people. A Christmas eve party is not a big deal. No one could be further than Soros from celebrating Christ’s day of birth. So he was just there for business too. Playing golf is a business influencing move. How many people did he invite to his wedding that were actually friends? All successful business people try to smooth the path for their projects. Politicians use their power to get nice benefits. For business men and women, politicians and people with money are like the union bosses. They all want to line their pockets by going to the highest bidder. Trump is willing to expose that. I was a Rubio voter. I still grieve that he did not win, but Hillary does not a dance on the edge of corruption; she IS 100% corrupt.

          • b4uricu

            I agree with all of that. And my distrust of Trump certainly doesn’t equal my support for Hillary. I believe Trump is in bed with the elite and he is nothing more than a tool, being used to cement Hillary’s ascension to the throne. But if he is allowed to win, he will do exactly what he’s told on the issues that matter.

          • justagramma

            He is choosing very good wise people to advise him. He has achieved a lot in his lifetime, including raising good children…not a piece of cake. He had to have had some judgement skills to choose good employees. Lets hope he continues to choose good solid honest advisors, cabinet members, and judges. So far he has been wise enough to surround himself with some very good ones. Obama chose pure anti-American socialists. He didn’t care about quality of experience…and this is what we got. A should be felon running or office. Believe me, if they had anything on Trump, he’s be behind bars.

          • b4uricu

            I honestly hope I’m wrong and you’re right.

          • justagramma

            Me too.

          • keepyourpower

            It is quite easy to find….just search for it.

          • Barbara

            Did the research and it is NOT true. Maybe you should check your own facts prior to posting.

          • Barbara
          • keepyourpower

            You probably looked at a leftist site. You know..the controlled ones? Wake UP! You are brainwashed by the left!

          • Jimmy Reagan

            CNN told me everything is going to be just find because they heard it from Francesca Ramsey herself in a BuzzFeed video…..

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Sauces: I prefer Worchester, no aspartame please

            justagramma, for you, a southern Africa awakening gift, ‘eish’, on the rocks, the 30 per-centers will never rock.

          • dan3333333333

            Right now they’re drawing up a link and pathetic fake story to carry on their life

          • sad4us

            This isn’t just hearsay. I wish I could tell you the other places that this was reported. Open your eyes. Soros’ favorite pastime is crashing economies (EVERYONE knows that) and it makes it even more fun for him if he can figure out new and different ways of doing so.

        • Dean Former lee
          • keepyourpower

            What does that have to do with the price of rice in China? Soros puts his money where it will do HIM the most good, at the time. There are no boundaries for Soros. Back when Trump needed the front money, Soros gave it to him, knowing he would get something out of it, later. Soros is the devil’s best friend. But for Trump to continue the friendship, by spending the Christmas holidays with him…is another fact that is confusing. But then, the elite always stick together.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Tribal Games, the usual inane, paying and playing all sides, voters taken for another smoke and mirrors roller coaster ride

          Correct, keepyourpower, divide and drool, the made for tell-lie-vision circus doth too many still fool, no wonder the clowns are always laughing, it be the willfully ignorant paying customers they are shafting.

        • dan3333333333

          Did you know that we know you’re a liar

          • keepyourpower

            The facts are out there. Why don’t you ask Donald or George, yourself?

        • Diana Beechum Trudell

          where is the proof?

        • Glock

          Trump was funded by more people than just Soros, it’s call business. What’s going on today wasn’t an issue back then. Do you honestly think Trump would support Soros funding terrorism.

    • nordicman

      Soros is your typical subvercie greedy rat-faced Jew. They’re all like him since the beginning of their miserable existence as a species. They’re a plague on humanity. Jews were kicked out repeatedly 109 times, even repeatedly at timesfrom the same nation and you can see why.

    • paulmsmith

      Misleading at best !!! Soros gives donations to liberal groups… no surprise, But like most major donors, they don’t always get to dictate every expenditure made by the groups. They donate based on a general mission. Groups set their own agendas for how they will spent these funds. I give money to the United Way every year. Do I get to decide every expenditure made by United Way? If you have a hidden agenda, you can use rumor, innuendo and subterfuge very skillfully to distort and deceive. The Dailymail blog is extremely good at this.

      • won’tsubmit

        Ah ah ah!

      • Ben Dover

        So how do you know if any group will adhere to its mission statement? You don’t.
        You have no say or knowledge of how they use your donations. Period the end.
        So do not donate or contribute to them. Done.
        The same goes for scam churches, scam charity foundations, etc…
        Contributions to the scam Clinton foundation were nothing more than bribes.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Major donuts: If the whole fits, wear it.

        And your point, another eish, the stage is full of them this eve.

      • Your comment is misleading at best Paul. Do I get to dictate policy decisions to the UK charity that gets £500 a year of my money? No of course not. Were I in a postion to bung £5million a year their way I would be able to exercise far more influence if I wanted to.
        And when you refer to using propaganda to distort and deceive, why confine your criticism to opponents of Soros. One only need read the prospectus of organisations like OSI, International Rescue or the many other ‘charities’ he has been involved with to understand that while they are presented as vehicles for his philanthropic work they are in fact designed to promote a globalist, anti – democratic agenda.
        Are you suggesting in the interests of fairness we oppose his heavy artillery with pea shooters?

    • L Garou

      (aka) Little Gyorgy Schwartz..

    • Padraigin Eagle

      The Tribe Has Spoken: Right person, wrong country.

    • lightbulb24

      He has homes worldwide. Wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t have one in Russia.

    • Issac Abrams

      So, Rupert Murdoch owns FoxNews and the republican party

    • Saint Louis Electronics

      can ther navy or marines hunt soros down and execute him or assassinate that demon

    • JuHoansi
  • kaykaymoore47

    George Soros & his many left, socialist, communist, Marxist ideals are funding Black Lives Matter ($33 Million) and many, many millions more to subvert, cause chaos, murder & more…all in the name of fulfilling what he
    believes a totalitarian country.

    • Carl Schmitt

      “left, socialist, communist, Marxist” – you forgot Jewish. All of those things you list are Jewish.

  • olddog

    [email protected] .brougt to America by the Clintonistas in 1992..The country has been a TOTAL MESS every since. The SOB is a “Control Freak” LIEberal (D)em-wit open borders POS…

    • Carl Schmitt

      Did you know the democratic party gets over 70% of its money from less than 2% of the population? Guess who that 2% is? Hint: they murdered Jesus (and no, it’s not the Romans).

  • lee

    Hate keeps this animal alive.

    • Carl Schmitt

      Actually he drinks copious amounts of blood taken from gentile children.

  • “Whatever legitimacy the “Black Lives Matters” (BLM) movement may have had is lost in its funding from one George Soros. Mr. Soros is the major financial source responsible for funding the leftist movement in America. (See link for list of left wing organization funded by George Soros).

    Groups like ACORN and Occupy Wall Street are a disruptive influence in our culture and seek to divide and transform our society into a Marxist design. Linked to this disruptive scheme is Black Lives Matters through Soros support and funding.

    George Soros’ funding of the BLM movement is part of an integration into a tapestry of organizations used to disrupt and weaken our society to engineer a socialistic transformation. Since the 1920s and 1930s, as presented in Harold Cruse’s book “The Crisis of The Negro Intellectual,” there has been a focused strategy by the Communist party to use the black community and the poor as a battering ram against “the system” for the purpose of fundamentally transforming America into a leftist utopia. Their successful efforts in infiltrating the civil rights movement and other legitimate struggles for justice has been well documented by many historians and scholars recording the history of the civil rights movement in America.”




  • Lonnie Allen

    Another enemy of the American citizens.

  • Michael Galleher

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but you haven’t found what you think you have. Baltimore property laws are unique in the nation and a holdover from the fuedal practices of the Lords Baltimore. The owner of the ground rent for a property often does not own the property itself. Ground rents pass completely separate from the deed to the land and are often bought as an annuity-like investment by wealthy individuals

    • Eleanora Jones


      • Michael Galleher

        Why? Because facts are inconvenient to your preferred narrative? Dont take my word for ot, Google Baltimore ground rents and then come back and report what you found. I’m an Md-barred lawyer, I am very familiar with them

        • OK, so if David Duke were living in a house paying ground rent to Donald Trump, you’d write it off as mere coincidence?

          • Michael Galleher

            If i understood ground rents , which only Baltimore real estate lawyers and medieval history experrs do fully, then yeah. Owning the ground rent rights to the land gives you no say over the property, how it’s used or anything else. It just entitles you to an annual payment from the land. Think of it as a private property tax

          • Fair enough.

          • Carl Schmitt

            Dude, he didn’t even answer your question about David Duke, why are you backing down? Don’t give these people an inch man!

          • I thought he did, he said “then yeah. [I’d write it off as mere coincidence]”

          • Carl Schmitt

            “Coincidence, goyim! It’s just a coincidence!” Get in the oven.

        • Eden318

          I’m from Baltimore, and yes, sir, you are correct.

    • Computer

      Oh good, it’s just another “coincidence.” I’ll just go back to that hole in the ground where I usually keep my head buried.

    • Eden318

      I’m from Baltimore, and you are correct.

      • Carl Schmitt

        So you’re saying its a coincidence, then? You probably think the moon landings were faked too….

    • Carl Schmitt

      “Move along, goyim, nothing to see here.” Yeah, right. The old “These aren’t the Jewish communists you’re looking” Jedi mind trick won’t work buddy.

  • AngryPatriot

    Wait until you figure out who owns the company that will be part of Novembers Presidential voting tally.

    • keepyourpower

      It is owned by a man in Spain. Our votes are tallied in Spain. He donated to Obama’s campaign. So tell me..was the voting rigged? And no..it is not Soros.

  • MicahStone

    “BLM leader lives in home owned by Soros’ Open Society board member”

    –That’s part of the lunatic-left’s “ADOPT A BLACK SUPREMACIST TERRORIST” program. Very popular with the uber-1%-ers

    • nordicman

      behind the nonwhite invasion of the West to militant blacks and militant Mexicans to man-hating feminism to gun control, there is a Jew behind it.

      • Steve Rivera

        you are misinformed it was actually western europeans and nordics like yourself who invited the jew with them on their exploits…. do you know the history of your own people? did you forget about the 10th century and the takeover of the England, when the norse brought with them jews and even gave them special privileges in england? or maybe julius cesar who allowed them to live in rome and also gave them special privileges? or maybe napoleon who did the same? you need to read more buddy the only admirable european country are the GERMANS and thats because they were always in constant war with the agitators and even inspired rebellion in europe against rome (yes i know norse are germanic but the germans of germany are an incredible race of people) … until yes julius cesar takes over parts of the RHINE… in mexico we got jews too, as they were brought along during the conquista…. i think the real enemy here is and always has been western european aristocrats and NOBILTY and the JEWISH bankers and merchants (Capatalist corporatist)… i done a fair share of reading from credible website but one of the ones i used most is the JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA because the jews resided in every empire and country… yes even CHINA (BEIJING JEWS)

      • Steve Rivera

        sorry for breaking your racist bubble… from what i read though the races i admire most because of their will to survive and fight to the death are the germanics and the yopes of southern mexico which even now is the central of rebellion… we can go deeper into the subject but i dont think you want to hear me praise my own people…

    • Mad Cat

      It’s biological warfare. Soros and the rest of the limousine liberal financiers are using black people as biological warfare. It’s insane, but true.

      • JuHoansi

        What kind of tin foil are you using?

        • Paul Chach Mcarthy

          Sadly he’s right, and to deny it just sticking your head back in the sand ad hoping it all passes you by, which, it wont.

    • justagramma

      As Soros slave, bought and paid for.

  • Obama uses a dead mans ssn

    Imagine Hillary Clinton battling snipers in Bosnia naked.

  • mamajt

    Really…..Is ANYONE surprised by this?

  • kasualobserver

    sooooo… he’s out there leading the charge and hate about how whites are racist and white privilege, etc. while he’s living as a ‘kept’ man in a white persons house? yeah, he can sympathize with those down and out blacks he’s ‘speaking’ for. and probably on soro’s payroll to boot. yeah, black lives matter as long as they are supported by an old white guy

  • Computer

    Nothing to see here citizen.

  • Bernice McBride

    Don’t see how McKesson has time to do anything for the school since he stays so busy agitating with blm.

  • lokiswife

    Interesting how often the stinky trail leads back to Soros and his friends….

  • Bernice McBride

    Who decided that a Soros owned company gets to count our votes? Anyone know how this happened? I hear they are counted in another country. We have absolutely no way of knowing who actually won any election if this is true.

    • nordicman

      who decided to push for gun control or open our borders to the 3rd world or have government health care, etc? It was forced upon us. Do you really think they’ll let us take our nation back simply through the ballot box?

    • keepyourpower

      Not owned by Soros..but is owned by a donor of Obama’s. The votes are tallied in SPAIN. Surely, no one with a brain would think our votes are counted truthfully!

  • Jamie

    when it comes to black lives matter this is why I get upset at the fact that gangs are over running neighborhoods. Yet not one march happens. They never come into the neighborhoods where the people truly need their help. Some of the supporters of this movement clearly are looking for attention. One woman never protested a day in her life. Yet every picture you saw on her facebook was of selfies and duck face. Fast forward she protest in a nice dress, hair done and heels,. She makes sure cameras are around as she walks up to the police and they take this picture of her and circles the entire world. Are you serious? You try to ask some of these people what black lives matter stand for they can’t tell you. They sit there and call white people racist and say how white people are wrong for asking questions or being afraid of them. Yet a white person funds your group and you never thought to ask why. I am black and see what kind of sham this is. However these young people who want something for nothing and go on emotions instead common sense are eating this up. This is sad generation. When I mentioned that this is being funded by a billionaire who is white, someone had the nerve to say did i see him fund it. Are you serious? Did i see him fund it. This kind of mentality among incorporated with the lack of educating ones self will be the reason each one of our freedoms and liberties will be given away one by one.

    • Tim Aker

      Those Black Live Don’t Matter. Just the ones taken by a white person or a police officer. Those are the lives that the Black Loser Movement care about.

      • nordicman

        and why don’t these cucked out white libtards marching with those blacks EVER march against illegal immigration or against black on white crime. Why do (wealthy) whites always side with the very people–blacks, mexicans, muslims–who hate their guts and will and ARE killing white people?

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Freedom and liberties: Where? Gone with the wind, as clear as the fact that they were an illusion in the first place,

      ‘Twas never blacklivesmatter, and it’s always been blackliesmatter, puppets on a string in the thrall of the Tribal hidden hands that squeeze and all the shots call, black against white, how else can they get the citizens backs against the wall.

  • Infidel51

    Dang conspiracy theory’s. Keep turning into conspiracy facts. Grrrrrrr

  • Clover11111

    He was commuting from Minneapolis where he worked for the school district there to Ferguson and it’s known soros was paying for sorosistas. A few raised a stink in late 2014 for NOT getting their promised pay..

  • genann59

    You kinda have to wonder if he is living there rent free or at the actual rent value of the home, and if so, if he is reporting that free housing as income on his taxes? If not, is he cheating on his income taxes? It looks like if it is not illegal it is skirting the letter of the law right on the edge. You would pretty much have to presume that he is living in that house due to his involvement with the Soros funded BLM, and as such, it should be considered to be compensation, and thusly, reported as such on his income taxes. Of course, with the current IRS, which is biased against conservatives, and has ignored other money laundering, such as the Clinton Foundation for years, you cannot expect anything to be done while the far left controls the executive branch. Another reason for them to fear Donald Trump.

    • blame_canada929

      Hes been living “rent free” in the public mind ever since Michael Brown got his comeuppance.

  • blame_canada929

    I cant help but wonder what Deray McKesson considers a “world class ” education? The man carries hinself like he would struggle with the entrance exams to kindergarden.

  • paulmsmith

    And your point ???…this appears to be a weak attempt at a conspiracy to somehow make this about Soros. McKesson does not live free. If you are renting, your home is owned by someone and usually you don’t care who the owner is. It is a business exchange. You pay rent, he collects…. SO, what is your point here?? If he has been hired by the Baltimore School System to do a job, why isn’t as qualified to do his job as you are to do yours? This appears to use key words and key names to weave an insidious plot with the intent of fabricating slander and discredit people they don’t like. Smart people aren’t buying it.

    • Extrainnings

      What? Are You trolling, or retarded? The lead face for BLM a group rumored to be directly funded by a Jewish Anti-american Billionaire, Lives in a home that’s owned by a failed mayoral candidate who’s a board member of OSI another soros group. I swear i’m starting to believe in chemtrails there’s no way people can be born dumb enough to ignore such obvious and overwhelming evidence while still holding the position “there’s nothing there”. God help us, fools like this guy will be what they build their army of muppets with.

      • Carl Schmitt

        I really think there is no hope for these people. They need to go to re-education camps, and if they prove unamenable to that then we need to do the gene pool a favor and just get rid of them. Not even joking.

        • Saint Louis Electronics

          most likely adl agents from tel aviv

    • Carl Schmitt

      You people really do have sub-standard IQs, don’t you? Wow. A rich, foreign communist Jew is behind BLM and you think that doesn’t matter?

      • paulmsmith

        IQ be damned. BLM rose up, stood up and continues to focus on an obvious police culture that so devalues black men, that they feel that is okay to murder young, unarmed, often handcuffed and subdued men just because they are afraid of them, hate them and know that they can do it and get away with it. If George Soros finds this evil practice abhorrent, as I do, maybe you don’t, I applaud his civic action, his disdain for this abominable practice and his understanding that black people are an extricable part of the American fabric and will survive in America against unbelievable odds. Yes, I thank God for men like Soros just as you probably applaud the Koch Brothers who bankroll white supremacy and a desire for a Plutocracy in this country.

        • Saint Louis Electronics

          fuck black people ..the world would be such a better place without the negro, jew or mooslum

  • Steven

    So Maryland is honoring its early 1800’s traditions again, with the help of a rich Nazi collaborator. Getting wealthy white folks back to their roots….

    • Carl Schmitt

      A rich JEWISH**** Nazi collaborator.

  • Mad Cat

    Soros gets sexual arousal from watching racial tension on TV. Spread the word.

    • Carl Schmitt

      All Jews do.

  • The French Resistance had ways of dealing with the McKesson detritus – slowly, one at a time.

    • Carl Schmitt

      Too bad the good guys lost World War 2. If the good guys had won, we wouldn’t be dealing with any of these problems.

      • Saint Louis Electronics

        thats why they had patton killed ..he found out what was really going on

    • Saint Louis Electronics

      no quarter asked, none given !

  • n0n0

    To all you blacks out there and supporters of the BLM.. How does it feel to be used? How does it feel to know your “leader” was bought off, a hired gun, by some tool named George Soros (who happens to also be a white man)? White man holding you down you claim? Then prove it yourselves, stop supporting a lie that you are all being led to believe, stop being used like sheeple. Stand down from violence and protests behind this farce, and seek the reform you want through proper channels, maybe you’ll get what you’re really after, instead of doing some greedy schmuck’s bidding to be tossed aside like a used condom later on.

  • scott6789

    “Not on NBC, not part of my reality.” – Liberals

  • Larry Notton

    And the DNC/BLM sleaze continues!

  • King of Mind

    These bigoted people in these comments are hallarious. All that hate and anger torwards the people you marginalize is killing your souls.

    • Carl Schmitt

      Black people are marginalized by their own low IQs, which is genetic. Stop blaming white people for the fact that blacks were endowed with less intelligence and impulse control than everyone else.

      • King of Mind

        The devil is a lie. Keep believing that old school racist phrenology rhetoric. As long as people like you exist things will never change. Reform your racist heart and soul. Change starts with you.

        • Saint Louis Electronics

          youre a low iq jungle ape. as filthy as a jew and a lazy race of people

          • King of Mind

            Don’t get mad at me because you hate who you are. A person who can spread so much hate must live in a cesspool of it. So keep believing those lies. Only Devils know how to spread them, & you know what you represent.

          • Saint Louis Electronics

            youre a fucking low iq gorilla or a rat faced jew ..wake up white people and fight back against these subhumans!

          • King of Mind

            Your entire life is irrelevant.

          • Saint Louis Electronics

            take a walk negro ..at least I am a white man, you fucking animal

          • King of Mind

            That don’t mean shit. You are a devil and you know this. Kill yourself.

          • King of Mind

            Look at your entire feed, it’s full of hate. You are what you are. A devil. People like you need to be shot in between the eyeballs and burned into ashes, then pissed on. Nobody would care if you parished, not even your mother because everybody knows that you are worthless scum, even yourself knows that. Yo do us all a favor and slit your wrist or jump off a bridge, you worthless stale cracker Down syndrome ass racist.

          • Saint Louis Electronics

            take a walk nigga

  • jimmyt

    burn that shit down

  • Zombee

    Ttrump has opportunity at the convention to expose this Dumocrat commie subversive and his BLM thug terrorists . We’ll see if he has the spine…the media will be watching.

  • lolwut?

    ((( OY VEY, THEY KNOW, SHUT IT DOWN!!! )))

    • Paul Chach Mcarthy


  • katherine cassell harvey

    We should have known soros was some how in this mix of trouble. And this guy and al sharpton are now at the white house with oboma today

  • Deray is gay, too. WIll be his downfall in leading the blacks because they hate gay people, especially their own.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Excellent work.

  • Jimmy Schwarz

    Comrade Soros is ruining the country.

    • Carl Schmitt

      What are you, an anti-Semite?

  • Michael Highers

    nigga get a job and stop benefitting from the white man you fucking sellout lol

    • Carl Schmitt

      “White man” – Soros is a Jew and Jews aren’t “white”.

      • Michael Highers

        Jewish is a religion, like Muslim. There are white Jews and Muslims. Regardless, it is well known that Jews run everything blacks hate in the west from banks to the media. So, every time a black person is “victimized” by whiteness, it is indeed perpetuated by Jews. SELLOUT is the correct noun here.

  • RayOne

    If true, this is ‘rich’, he party invitation list is growing, I bet.

  • Carl Schmitt

    Americans are slowing waking up to the threat that the Jewish oligarchy that rules this country poses to us as a people. We need a top-down program to liquidate subversive Jewish influence in our society, especially in the media and universities where Jewish supremacist ideologies like Marxism and Critical Theory flourish.

  • L Garou

    Yes, but does he do windows?

  • Pete Andrews

    George Soros and his entire family need assassinating I hate these devils

  • RayOne

    What country claims G.Soros as a citizen?

  • Waxx Arrific

    Dear Mr. Soros,

    It has come to my attention through a discussion with the Lord Jesus Christ, that you are in fact a Son Of Beelzebub.

    Fancy that.

    It has further come to my attention (and is no surprise) that you own many paid for underlings at the highest stations of business and government around the world.

    Please be advised that the Lord Jesus Christ asked me to tell you this:

    “You’ll get what’s coming to you soon, Mr. Soros.

    Sooner than you want.

    Sooner than you think.

    So will your god the devil.

    The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

    There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    You shall pay for the evil you represent in this world in the next.”

  • RevChannel

    33 million. Odd they choose that number , right?
    Wrong….33 = masons

  • Renesmae Sherman

    They are doing all this so the American people will not concentrate on how much of a Idiot Crooked Killary is but it will not work! You evil piece of crap!

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    116 days left- VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP and he will rescind all the crap-and Soros is out

  • empiresentry

    so….his job is to put his buddies into insider jobs.

  • Little John

    He is a George Soros puppet just like oboma and the clintons!

  • RJohnston

    Soro’s bitch.