CompTIA SY0-501 exam is a requirement for IT candidates and professionals to earn an esteemed and internationally-recognized certification like CompTIA Security+. This vendor-neutral certification is acknowledged across the world among security professionals and organizations. It’s directed at IT security professionals who have a comprehensive grasp on security concerns and implementation, a day-to-day experience on technical information security and at least two years of experience in IT administration, concentrating on security. A security professional who can pass this exam has the readiness to solve wider varieties of problems and threats using the latest trends and techniques.

Earning CompTIA Security +

CompTIA Security+ certification is a proof of an individual’s foundation-level competence in the realm of IT security. Once you pass this well-regarded certification, you can successfully determine that you are a candidate equipped with the right baseline cybersecurity skills and knowledge in performing different tasks that aim to secure applications, devices, and networks such as installing and configuring systems. This certification exam gives more highlight on hands-on practical skills as included in the exam are mostly performance-based questions.

Other than that, a successful Security Professionals test-taker is an individual who has mastered the ability to utilize appropriate mitigation techniques, employ threat analysis, take part in risk mitigation activities as well as perform with an awareness of the principles and primary policies, laws and regulations that govern an environment. In simpler terms, a certified CompTIA Security+ professional is a candidate who can effectively perform the necessary tasks with the primary goal of upholding the values of integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Exam details

The exam consists of 90 questions, all either in multiple choice or performance-based type. You must answer all the questions within 90 minutes and try not to leave any question unanswered in order to reach a passing score of 750. The exam costs $330. Find the more detailed information about SY0-501 certification exam following the link.

Exam Objectives

Though this does not really show the exhaustive list of the content included in the exam, this part will show a little overview of the domains encompassing the exam. 21% of the exam will go for threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, 22% for technologies and tools, 15% for architecture and design, 16% for identity and access management, 14% for risk management, and 12% for cryptography and PKI.

For a more laid out presentation of the details presented above, a candidate only needs to perform well on the topics falling under the said domains as well as others which have not been indicated yet are still part of the security spectrum. For instance, in the domain of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, you must have the ability to differentiate and explain the types of attacks, types of malware, threat actor types. Aside from that, you must be able to explain vulnerability testing and penetration testing concepts. Again, these do not encompass all of the topics included in the exam. There may be some topics covered in the exam that are not included here and Get Demo free.

Preparation tips for the certification exam

There’s no better way to prepare for the exam than to utilize different study materials that will grant you a comprehensive understanding on CompTIA SY0-501 as well as the confidence to pass the exam. You can access a variety of external and online materials, training courses, and practice exams.

Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are extremely important in providing you with the relevant and up-to-date questions of the certification exam. There’s definitely a higher chance for the practice questions present in the dumps to appear in the actual exam since these are constantly updated and managed. Some of the top serving dumps that candidates like you can utilize include ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, ExamCollection and PrepAway.

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These are just a few of what you can use since there are a lot of exams dumps offered online. However, you must not be overwhelmed by the landslide of choices available in the net. The only thing to remember when finding the right exam dumps is to see whether they are updated and comprehensive since these materials are very much significant in giving you the best test outcomes.

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Certification Study Guide

This thorough study guide allows candidates to gain insights on the essential topics covered in Securtiy+ exam. CompTIA’s study guide is only among the top quality materials offered to constantly help learners in their certification exam preparation. Candidates can learn about the important network security and risk management principles and be able to apply all these in the actual exam day.

You can learn about the core principles on how to install and configure cybersecurity controls as well as how to effectively respond to incidents and risks in security. Guaranteed to candidates after accessing the study material is the ability to identify the technologies of cryptographic standards and its corresponding uses; explain wireless and remote access security; know about the security policy elements and the fundamental principles of organizational security, among others.

Other Important Study Materials

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Cert Guide

David Prowse’s fourth edition book offers a comprehensive guide on the following topics included in the exam. It basically includes everything starting from computer systems security, OS hardening and virtualization, network perimeter security, security network media and devices, vulnerability and risk assessment to PKI and encryption protocols and a lot more security concepts. Get the official study guide for SY0-501 certification exam here:

CompTIA Security+ Practice Test

This practice test is offered by a number of websites available on the internet: ExamCollection, ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, etc. On average, the test includes about 350 questions. The price for SY0-501 exam dump is about $39.99, though it’s free at ExamSnap. As for PrepAway website, here a premium bundle is offered with a discount. Apart from SY0-501 practice questions and answers, it includes training course and a study guide. Thus, you can prepare for Security+ exam and learn the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary in securing applications, devices, and networks at the affordable price.


CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam is highly recommended to IT professionals (systems administrators, security specialists, network administrators), as the first exam they should take in boosting their career. This credential validates your competence in a particular cybersecurity role and your ability in performing security problem-solving skills. To make a long story short, passing this exam means you are a cybersecurity professional who is not just skillful in identifying security threats and issues but is also adept in responding effectively, to various security incidents.

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