Border agents recently narrowly avoided being burned by an illegal alien previously arrested for unlawfully being in the country.

KGBT reporter Sydney Hernandez tweeted this week that a man was found “hiding in the brush with a Molotov Cocktail … which can be deadly.”

The man, identified as Joel Salinas Garcia, “was arrested on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon and taken to the Starr County Jail.”

His mug shot shows how much he loves America: He has “MEXICO” tattooed on his belly.

Have a looksie:

Nancy Pelosi says everyone has a spark of divinity and that’s why they should be let into America. Can’t you see his?

Look closer — it’s right near the bird clutching the snake.

Meanwhile, illegal migrants are continuing to invade El Paso, Texas from below the city.

Video posted by KATV shows two individuals — “what appears to be migrants” — popping out of a manhole. One appears as traffic is preparing to move. The other can be seen sticking his head up as cars whiz by, waiting to make his escape.


A motorist stopped in the middle of the intersection to look into the hole.

Pedestrians observed as the two disappear into the night, leaving the large hole open in the street.

A similar incident occurred last month in the same city.

The video shows several people popping out in the dark of night and running away from the scene.

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