PART I of III — Hillary Clinton says she stands with women, but Juanita Broaddrick knows first-hand she doesn’t stand with all women.

Broaddrick says Bill Clinton raped her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978 and shortly after the incident, Hillary deliberately intimidated her into silence.

Today, Broaddrick says she would “welcome” a one-on-one conversation with Hillary to ask her why she did what she did, if she supposedly stands for women.

The American Mirror recently visited Broaddrick at her Arkansas home. While initially declining to appear on camera — thus, the audio-only interview — after our conversation, she agreed to appear in some b-roll shots.

She was asked, “If Hillary was in your neighborhood going door-to-door campaigning, and she came up to your door…”

“I’d let her in,” Broaddrick interjected. “Oh, I’d have a talk that I never had the nerve to before,” she said when she was asked about what she would do.

“I’d say you are an evil person. And do you remember what you did to me back then. And how on earth could you cover up for him all these years.

“I’d love to have a one-on-one — not with anybody else around — but just a one-on-one. If I knew she was coming I’d make a list.”

When asked if she would fear for her safety, she said no, “Not one-on-one. But what she can do to me through her power, that frightens me. One-on-one, no. I’d love to have that encounter,” she says.

Broaddrick says her first encounter with Hillary was in 1978, shortly after the alleged rape.

“I was so involved in the campaign at that time,” she tells The American Mirror.

Despite the assault in Little Rock, Broaddrick said she had a list of people who were going to donate to Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign and she wanted to attend a meeting in northwest Arkansas to hand over the lists and “get away from there.”

“But before I could, they came through the kitchen area, and I saw (Hillary) and somebody in the kitchen pointing to me.”

After coming over to Broaddrick, she says Hillary “stood there and looked at me and said, ‘I just want you to know how happy we are for all the things that you do for Bill in this campaign.’ And I just sort of nodded and was going to turn away.

“And she grabbed a hold of my arm and my hand at the same time and she pulls me into her and this smile fades to this very harsh expression, and she said, ‘Do you understand — everything you do.’

“And I could have fainted, I mean I get cold chills now just remembering it. And I took my hand from hers and I left.”

When asked what Hilary meant, Broaddrick says, “I think she meant that she knew what had happened — I honestly believe he went back to her that day and said, ‘Well, I mess up this time.’

“You know, having affairs and things, that’s bad enough, but I think he went back to her and said, ‘I really messed up this time.’ And that was her way of saying, ‘We know — I know — and you better stay quiet.’ I mean, I couldn’t take it as anything else.

She says she did stay quiet for some 20 years.

Broaddrick describes Hillary as “very cold. Even when she came over to greet me there was a coldness. She had a smile on her face, but it was very…” she said before momentarily breaking down in tears.

“You know, even after all this time,” she said, regaining her composure.

“It was so cold, but then the second expression was frightening. Here she is and she’s standing below me, looking up at me and saying these very frightening things.”

Broaddrick says she couldn’t believe Hillary “came into that function and came straight to me.

“There was nobody she went to before, except it looked like to ask where I was and if I was there, I guess. My heart started really pumping. My heart started beating really fast when she started walking toward me and I was trying to figure out a way to get out, but I couldn’t. She was between me and the door.

“And so I just tried to relax as she came over to me but after she changed her tone and grabbed my hand, I just wanted to get out of there. It scared the heck out of me.

“All she did was let me know she knew and I better stay quiet. That’s the essence of what I got out of that.”

And she says it affected her life because “I kept quiet, up until 1998,” when she met with attorneys for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

  • Face it. The typical middle aged, abandoned Democrat women with issues gets off on fantasies of Bill Clinton violently raping them.

    There is no other explanation for their undying support of a rapist.

  • Quilviov

    Fraudrick has been singing this tune for almost three decades and the American people aren’t buying it.

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    Trash can Bill. Always ready for women!! Zero judgement
    & folks want this pervert back in WH ???

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    I have a feeling Hillary is going down faster than Bill’s pants.

  • James Mattoon Scott

    The Snake narrated by Donald Trump.

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    Hillary one ugly women, I would cheat on that cow!

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    “BROADDRICK SPEAKS: I’d ‘love’ to have one-on-one encounter with Hillary”

    It’s been scheduled. Right after “When hell freezes over”.

  • Fred

    HilLIARy is RICO plain and simple.
    Juanita is a brave soul!

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    Bill Clinton is a serial groping rapist and Hillary is an enabler……I guess she preferred it that way!

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    pic says it all

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    Must See!!

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  • Blah Blah

    If Hillary Isn’t Indicted, the Rule of Law and the Republic Are Dead
    By Charles Hugh Smith

    The United States has reached a crossing the Rubicon moment: either Hillary Clinton is indicted for knowingly violating statutes regarding State Department security, or the rule of law and the Republic are dead. This is a binary moment: we either let Hillary evade the laws that were established to protect the security of the nation and confess there is no rule of law now for the Oligarchy, or the agencies tasked with defending the nation indict her.

    There is no middle ground. If Hillary isn’t indicted, the rule of law, i.e. no one is above the law, is dead.

    Read more:

  • Steve Jones

    Hillary Laughs About Bill’s Infidelity

  • Mary Stevens

    What irks me is that if Bill had not been the President, he would have been arrested and put in jail.

    • Ben Fistener

      He could never hope to have received a TS/SCI-codeword security clearance in ANY other position, either….just his 6+ months behind the Iron Curtain in 1969 as a guest of the President of the Czech. communist party would have precluded him ever holding a clearance.

  • quinn_erickson

    Ole Bill the lip biter…once he latches on, he’s like a Pitt bull. Nobody’s going anywhere till old Bill finishes the job…then Hillary mops up any complainers.
    Hillary, you’ve lost all credibility.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Lip

    Run, Mrs. Stainmaker, run! (from your husband’s victims you trashed)


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    Trump will put Juanita Broaddrick on stage, front and center, at the appropriate time.

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    On the strngth of the sexual cover ups and harassment alone Hillary is not President material.

  • The ebook “A Murder Conspiracy Against Donald J. Trump” just got
    released directly from the distributor for $2.59. Here is the author’s page: “Loose talk, threats, insults, they have consequences.”–Hillary Clinton in reference to Donald Trump (September 5, 2015)

    Author discovers a covert conspiracy on the Deep Web to assassinate Donald
    J. Trump. Names the names.

  • imgenuine

    Hillary is so very Dirty!!! If elected president I will disavow her and not accept her as President!!! Juanita Don’t be afraid! She is a murderer she knows what really happened to Vince Foster. She was orchestrating the Waco Massacre. Sre is the Satans daughter of lies!!!

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    How can a woman that brags to stand with women keeps married to a royal scoundrel who deems women –well, except Hillary, (some say Clinton doesn’t see her attractive)– objects to use for his lusty pleasure?

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    Even the CIA says Hillary LIED about Benghazi

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    Sure – big woman can make all kinds of claims. Chickenshit grandma with no proof of her assertions. Put some ice on your hurt ego.

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    So Hillary committed battery on Broaddrick by grabbing and yanking her arm? I wonder what the statute of limitations is…..

  • Robert Dobson

    Ms. Clinton’s partnership with husband Bill carried over into their joint governorship of Arkansas, and their joint Presidency of the U.S. Joint is certainly a key word when it comes to Bill and the little lady. They also enjoyed the personal and professional association with the likes of Dan Lasater, BEFORE he went to prison for trafficking in cocaine; Clinton & Co. partnered in their feeble attempt to defuse the “Bimbo-eruption” by engaging in the FIRST WAR ON WOMEN. But let’s don’t get hung up on details. There is also the amusing issue regarding the firing of the WH travel office in order to divert funds from that function to their cronies from Arkansas; then of course there is FileGATE and LewinskyGate. You remember the Lewinsky scandal? That was when Republicans grabbed Bill Clinton’s hands and shoved them down the blouses or up the skirts of a vast assortment of young ladies. A Republican conspiracy no doubt. Then of course there’s BenghaziGate: 7 months of red flags which all pointed to an impending terrorist attack, and Hilly did nothing. Now there’s EmailGate, in which she set up a separate server on which to divert emails from any scrutiny via the Freedom of Information Act. There aren’t enough Porters in our nation’s hotels to handle the baggage this lady brings with her to this campaign. She is trouble. So here are the Democrats: An old white guy (Bernie) and an old woman (Hillary). What a pathetic pair to be seeking the highest office in the land.

    • Wally76

      True, that’s a pathetic pair. But the candidates on the GOP side are no great shakes, either.

    • kevind0824

      Spot on. Think of the irony in all of this. The Dems had all white candidates whereas the republicans had a vast array of diversity. Hillary has been shrouded in conspiracies her entire adult life. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Unfortunately it won’t matter to millions of voters. Hillary has a vagina and so that’s all that matters to many.

  • Callme Ishmael

    Bill’s official record of sexual assault goes all the way back to 1969 when Eileen Wellstone reported to officials that Rhodes Scholar Clinton raped her near Oxford. [ 1971 Bill and Hillary begin dating while at Yale ] Accusation of sexual assault by Clinton was reported to Yale campus police when he was a law student in 1972. [1974 After failing the District of Columbia bar exam and passing the Arkansas exam, Hillary follows Bill to Arkansas ] Accusation of sexual assault by Clinton was reported by a student when he was a teacher at the University of Arkansas in 1974. [ Bill and Hillary marry ] Juanita Broaddrick accused him of raping her in 1978. Accusation of sexual assault by Governor Clinton by a legal secretary in 1979. Accusation of sexual assault by Governor Clinton by newly crowned Miss Arkansas in 1982. Paula Corbin claims Governor Clinton sexually harassed her in 1991 and files suit against Clinton in 1994. A flight attendant accused candidate Clinton of sexual assault in 1992. Kathleen Willey, a White House volunteer, reported that Clinton grabbed her, fondled her breast and pressed her hand against his genitals during an Oval Office meeting in November, 1993. Gennifer Flowers, who Hillary called trailer trash and who Bill later confessed to having an affair with, alleged in a 2000 lawsuit that Hillary created and ran a “war room” during the 1992 campaign to “smear, defame, and harm” adversaries such as herself and other women who Bill had slept with.

  • foxblue

    And the Clinton’s roll on

  • NMInfidel

    I honestly empathize with her, but I’m more anxious for the FBI to have their little “one on one” with Hillary.

    • Kra Kar

      Are you are missing your antipsychotics again?

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    Evil is gaining in America—-Pray,Pray,Pray!

  • Wisdom Hunter

    Human Colostomy bag?

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    Someone should beat the living hell out of both the Clintons. I am sick of these vermin.

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    When you’re the self anointed queen, whatever happens to the ‘little people’ really doesn’t matter.

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    Here are even MORE Clinton facts to turn your stomach

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    Hillary is a sociopath motivated by power and extraordinary greed. Bill is the same, with the addition of out-of-control lust.

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    Cankles is a known LESBIAN that has used her serial raping husband as a beard and political leverage stepping stone all her life.

    For HilldaBeast, defending her meal ticket in Bill was job number one during those years.
    After his presidency, he was useless to her.

    Cankles will be outed this year and in jail next.

    The Clinton Crime Foundation MUST be eradicated from planet Earth.

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    This is fantastic, especially the Clinton Chronicles………..