Free the transcripts!

According to MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, a “print reporter” has copies of the transcripts of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to financial firms, but to date, has not released them.

John Heilemann said on a weekend edition of “Morning Joe” that reporters are attempting to glean Clinton’s statements to financial firms by interviewing people who were in the room “and having them characterize” the message.

“What’s happening is you’re getting these people who have heard the speeches saying, ‘oh, she sounded like a managing director of Goldman Sachs. She sounded like part of our club.'”

“I know a print reporter who has actual transcripts,” Brzezinski interjected.

“Well they should release them. That would be a good story,” he replied.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Mika, like her father, is so FOS her eyeballs must be brown!

    • RufusVonDufus

      Why not this one? The last two were!

  • Reaganite✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Can’t wait for Hillary to release those transcripts which
    will no doubt show that in all those paid speeches a core message she delivered
    to Wall Street, to big Pharma, and to all the other elites is that Black Lives
    Matter, that racial injustice must end, and that she is firmly on the side of
    those oppressed due to institutionalized racism. I have no doubt those messages
    are a central part of all those speeches, and for that reason she will make
    history, by showing that what she says to powerful whites behind closed doors
    is the same message she delivered yesterday to blacks in Harlem, because
    Hillary is no hypocrite. She also probably said that what Bill did to all those women was
    wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong….

  • jsb

    I smell an extortion or blackmail coming.

    • Reaganite✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      No that’s Hillary’s flop sweat.

  • Michale

    Someone’s gonna be Foster’ed….

  • zedanski

    I hope we dont learn the reporter’s name posthumously, after a burglary of his office, home and his “suicide”,

  • Inez Babington

    It would be a good story if it was a republican. Otherwise, the ‘print press’ will circle the wagons.

  • Dr. John

    Bernie’s a moron who deserves to lose. Why? Because he has several killer issues (Benghazi, Emails, Clinton Global Foundation) that would flatten HRC in a NY minute but he refuses to use them. That tells me he’s a stooge, a strawman set up to make it look like HRC is a “real” winner of the DNC nomination and not the scheming charlatan she really is.

    • Barry Bin Inhalin


  • Drop_the_GOP

    Here is the story that is not the story at all…….The people who paid her to speak were just buying influence.

  • Capt_Morgan

    How can anyone consider hillary clinton worthy of the white house?!

    • They elected a one-term black hack from chitcago . . . gruber voters will vote for any piece of _hit.

  • Terry Cochran

    Lets’s see, I want the press to talk about innocuous speeches or four years of security breaches. I think that I will make an issue, out of a non issue by not publishing innocuous speeches. The establishment voters will fall for it, just as they always do.

  • CCCA1

    The Democrat run media doesn’t know what to do. Should they release Clinton’s speech transcripts to help Sanders or, not release them to protect Clinton? Nowhere in the Democrat run media is there any concern for the truth because if there were, these speech transcripts would have been released long ago.

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    Hillary gives great speech to Wall Street, waving her tongue at Lloyd and Jamie to let them know how enslaved to their every pleasure she is, how hungry she is to gag on bankster schlong for a few dollars more, which rhymes with Wall Street . . .

  • Nuff_said2

    History will not treat the American press kindly. It has completely defaulted in it’s responsibility as the 4th Estate and has be come simply a megaphone for liberal interests.

    • Templar8

      When it come to the mass media today, a quote from Nietzsche will suffice, I believe:
      “I am not upset that you lied to me, I am upset that from now on I cannot believe you.”
      That’s what the press has thrown away. The assumption that what it says is the truth,.

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    Hillary, Bill and Chelsea are all enslaved to criminally insane banksters and have been taught well how to give maximal pleasure to bankster crime lords. GAG ON IT, HILLARY AND WATCH THE TEETH!

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    The second the transcripts are out there, team Piano Legs (Carville, Podesta-American Progress, alphabet print and Libby news outlets) will ignore the story and go after the ‘leaker’. Filing under what difference does it make, Mrs. Bill Clinton will then make a speech about how much she cares for illegal immigrant chillun’s, she’d a croc tear and it will all be over.

  • Jerry S

    “Well they should release them. That would be a good story,” he replied.
    Yes. But it might also stand in way of her coronation. Can’t have that in the “Democratic” party. Can we?!

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    I have the transcripts. Here is an excerpt. “OH, my dearest banker Gods! You are the only reason America exists and the nation owes YOU everything, including every last dime in the treasury and all of our virgins! I awake every day, curse my criminally insane husband and dream of the moment another banker will use me like the worthless trollop I am and cast me aside, used and soiled but grateful.”

    Yes, Hillary is disgusting, vile and deserves to be called the Cackling Whore of Wall Street in every headline.

  • EnoughIsEnough

    The only reason that a reporter would abdicate their journalistic obligations and NOT release them is to protect Hillary. The media’s lack of objectivity is appalling, and reinforces their irrelevance.

  • NoComZone

    Typical Commie press move. Shield Clinton, shield dummicrats.
    Even Russian news, Tass and Pravda laughs at us now.

  • jksu2

    Why would a MSM reporter want to release anything that would harm the Clinton’s? Remember the “gatekeepers” of the media back in the 90’s deemed that the American People didn’t need to know the fact that slick Willie was getting a BJ in the Oval office. Matt Drudge remedied that rather quickly

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    It is also very likely the transcripts are so pornographic that they could not publish them in a newspaper.

    Hillary screaming that she is a worthless whore who isn’t worthy to service banksters’ and satisfy their carnal urges would be kind of hard to show an editor.

    Worse, she could show up at these things with the whole family and offer Bill and Chelsea to service the banksters as part of a ‘humiliate the first family’ package for Wall Street executives.

  • NoComZone

    How is Hillary even running? What candidate would possibly escape the “press’s” outrage if 150 FBI agents were investigating them. Nobody but a protected Demmicrap.

  • TheTruth

    What are you hiding this time Hillary? We know about all this stuff now >>>

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    More excerpts: “Yes, I Hillary am a lesbian, in most every way, living in quaking hunger for poontangie every waking hour but I am honored to take bankster money to praise them and suck reverently on their male members because they own America and, I know in my heart, they own me!”

  • thisisthelastword

    thats why they call it the lame stream lyin’ liberal media

  • Aleric

    No news there, Liberals covering for their own.

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • jaxcane


  • reddog

    Frankly, if it comes out of Bubbles mouth it’s already suspect. I’ll believe it when I see it. Undoubtedly, there are copies out there. Wall Street has plenty of reasons to not want them released. Copes of bribes and payoffs are always hard to explain. The media just doesn’t care about the truth anymore.

    • jaxcane


  • AntiBanshee

    Hillary’s supporters don’t care.

    • Templar8

      How does Mrs. Clinton value a base of Low Information, clueless, numb supporters? Priceless! And she puts a price on EVERYTHING.

  • rdsouza

    Thinking re: that famous drag a dollar through the Dems trailer park concept (the reporter has not yet released his goldmine so one must presume he is looking for Hillary style payoff!): If we pass the hat and we all contribute a nickle for this guy/gal, will he release the transcripts?

  • Ronomundo

    Hillary is not transparent enough to be president. Of course, she is forecasting she would be the 3rd term of Obama. But Obama was the least transparent president, by far, of all of our presidents.

    Obama is a profuse liar and Hillary antes up his deviance even more.

  • Templar8

    Just think if the media had something similar to this on a Repub. It would have been out so fast and to so many other “journalists” the internet would be burning up. H*ll, they even make stuff up. Just ask Dan Rather and Brian Williams.

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    See if you can get the circular her agent shows around for the FIRST FAMILY PETTING ZOO PACKAGE.

    It’s beyond sick and demeaning. It’s twisted in ways only the Cackling Whore of Wall Street can be.

  • coexistYnot

    Bernie is the real deal. Hillary is a deceitful shape shifter.

  • DIE_BankofAmerica_PHUKKING_DIE

    A reporter should ask her what the Golden Showers First Lady Talk and Tug Banker Package includes.

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • Spock

    She’ll never be exposed for the criminal she is – never be prosecuted for breaking federal law – never be prosecuted for insider trading – never be exposed for running the greatest criminal money laundering racket in American history. The DC class of establishment corrupt-crats is more deadly than any homicidal muslim savage in history.

  • robert franklin stroud

    Fact: you would have to be a moron to want to give the power of the Presidency to someone as corrupt and incompetent as Hillary.

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified

      then dont vote for her

  • TomasPaine

    Get Drudge on it.
    Isn’t that how the Lewinsky story finally got out?

  • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • TheTruthCommission

    Well I don’t think it will make much of a difference, but regardless they should be printed. Saying otherwise is just horrendous.

    We should demand transparency of all our leaders.

    Without transparency there is no democracy. No ifs, ands or buts. And none of this “the others have to do it first” business. That’s a terrible argument.

  • lambwood

    Who care, nothing more than wedding plans and yoga poses.

  • Dax Harsalter
  • Richo Rosai

    The reporter is gonna have blood on their hands when Shill gets the nomination and loses and some batshit Republican Dubya 2.0 starts carpet bombing a random country.

  • LeLeMans

    Gee, I wonder who’s on Journolist 2.0…….

  • Marty Holden

    Or maybe they really have nothing and are talking about no ones. Nice rumor mongering guys

  • Strelnikov

    And he never will release them.

  • lynn

    No, not a corrupt reporter. I saw the article. In it HRC says to Goldman Sachs, “I’m on your side.” Tells them how she will defend their “priorities”. A viewer says she appeared “corrupt”. Why does Mika Brzezinski, daughter of globalist Brzezinski, know about the leaked transcript. Which puppet do the right want to control this time around. Not Bernie Sanders, that’s for sure. Why is the article with all the quotes that was there 2/23 gone today the 24th? More of the same.

  • Daniel Sarge

    If she is the sole owner of the transcripts, what makes all of you geniuses think she won’t alter them?