Seeing a rat scurrying around in a restaurant may be enough for any diner to lose her appetite, but apparently the experience is now good enough for a discount, too.

A patron of Fat’s Asian Bistro in Folsom, California allegedly saw a rat while eating at the restaurant last Thursday, claiming it “ran around her feet” during her meal.

Hot 98.3 reports the woman “who believed she would be speaking to a manager at Fat’s Asian Bistro after reporting the incident, was instead handed a receipt with a $30.95 ‘SEEN RAT’ discount.”

That amounted to a roughly 30% decrease in her $116.80 bill.

“The manager put it verbatim what the guest saw or stated, that’s not normal practice,” Restaurant Group Manager Kevin Fat tells News 10.

“In our 14 years in Folsom, we have not experienced something like this before.”

It’s not clear why the manager didn’t inquire, but instead simply offered the discount.

“That’s something that that manager at the time thought was appropriate, [it’s a] learning lesson,” Fat says.

According to the owner, restaurant staff immediately notified pest control, who found no evidence of the rat.

“For example there were no droppings, there were no live or dead bodies, no nesting, no gnawed food packages,” Kelly McCoy, a health inspector from the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department, says.

“I think with the weather, it’s possible that one came in, maybe the back door, and maybe wandered around the dining room and was chased back out.”

Fat claims a rat has never been seen on the restaurant property, so it’s not clear why the manager would respond so casually to the incident.