Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed in Las Vegas on Saturday and it got so out of hand, cops descended on the ballroom and threatened arrests.

Convention attendee and YouTube user Anie H. posted several photos of the action, as announcements were made over the loud speaker to leave the Paris Hotel or risk being arrested.

She said Las Vegas Metropolitan police entered from the back of the room and went to the front, and “they are literally going to force us to leave the room.”

As she spoke, people could be seen shouting and waving their fists and signs.

“So much for unity,” she said, as a man could be heard yelling, “Sit down!”

Meanwhile, another video showed a man lying on the floor near the front of the room.

“Stay back,” a person shouted.

“We need a medic in the front, we need a medic in the front,” a woman could be heard saying.

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In another cell phone clip, Anie H. said, “They’re threatening us with arrest if we do not leave the convention site right now.”

“Bernie or bust!” a man shouted over the loud speaker.

“Everybody please leave out of here peacefully,” another man said, “and I promise you, we will pursue any and all remedies available under the law. Please leave!”

Attendees could be seen filing out, while others milled about.

“Shame on you Nevada Republican — oops — Democratic party,” Anie H. narrated.

Ashley Ector tweeted a photo of the police lining the front of the room. She referred to them as “brown shirts.”

The Las Vegas Sun reports there was “palpable tension” in the room.

“I think this was of course the fault of the party,” Sanders supporter Angie Morelli tells the paper. “We would’ve been able to do more democratic things, but the way they decided to do it messed us up.”

Sanders supporters were demanding a recount and were alleging a number of their delegates were not recognized at the convention.

  • GozieBoy

    Remember the days when you could misspell “potato” and be forever ridiculed and ruined in politics for life? Now, trump can say the meanest and vilest outright lies, and call up newspapers under an alias disguise to endlessly brag about himself in the 3rd person, and no one seems to care and might even vote for him? You kidding me?

    • FL_BigFoot

      Hilliary v Trump? I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson.

    • person

      go f yourself….thanks

    • Lori Hollywood

      What does this have to do with the story, which is about a Democratic state convention? Trump says mean things? Aww, is he hurting your feelings? These Democrats were VIOLENT towards each other. Don’t you think violence against someone is a tad worse that bragging about yourself? Are you kidding me?

    • Artupstairs

      I’ll bet Hilly called Bill and his women lots of “mean and vile things”. Oh, and Oblunder called those of us who don’t agree with him “the enemy” – I’d say that’s “mean and vile”. How could we POSSIBLY do worse than what we have now?

    • TruDat

      Vote for the communist then. LOL

    • GozieBoy

      Oh dear, just look at all the poorly educated little grubers here!

      • TruDat

        Professor Gruber was referring to the stupidity of those who fell for the ObamaCare scam. Only Democrats voted for ObamaCare.

  • FL_BigFoot

    Yet we are being told that Bernie supporters will voter for Hilliary. Somehow, I doubt it.

  • XMagma1

    It figures. The libs pretend they are above the frey. They say this is how the Republicans act but it always seems to be their party or groups aligned with their party. Just another in a long line of examples of liberal hypocracy.

    • Lori Hollywood

      They are always the ones inciting violence.

    • Artupstairs

      “Fray”. But yes.

      • XMagma1

        Thanks for the spelling correction!

        • Artupstairs

          I’m sorry, I was raised by a grammar nut!

          • TruDat

            Grammar is important. Don’t let Liberals corrupt our language.

  • TruDat

    Liberal scum being, . . . well, Liberal scum.

  • TruDat

    Interestingly, I followed a link to this article. I watch a lot of new on television and I saw nothing regarding this incident on any network.

    • Gray Panther

      Never forget that the news hounds don’t want to cover this sort of thing too much; they don’t want to make the Democrats look bad. This has been their MO the entire time of their pathetic existence. At least Walter Cronkite had enough class to keep his bias to himself; no more of that though.

      • TruDat

        Yes, I know, it’s much more interesting to the media to cover what Romney did back in high school or what Trump said 25 years ago.

        • Gray Panther

          What’s interesting to them is how can they make the Pubbies look bad. I wonder if they even try to teach the concept of objectivity in journalism school.

    • HARP2

      You won’t see anything about Venezuela’s economic collapse either.

  • Gray Panther

    After breathing the toxic air blown in by almost eight years of Obama & his cabal of cretinous miscreants, people are becoming raving lunatics.

    • Trollpatroll

      “Raving Lunatics” sounds like your average liberal Democrat to me…

  • Regular Guy

    I’m certainly no fan of Clinton, but it’s becoming more obvious that the common denominator at all of these conferences that turn violent is the presence of Sanders supporters. They really are some serious thugs and bottom feeders. They started off pulling this garbage at Trump rallies and have now moved on to Clinton. I can’t recall a single RNC event that turned into such a fiasco.

  • Nothing is more entertaining (or well deserved) than a Night of the Long Knives. IT always becomes necessary when the people running the con think they’re losing control to people who fell for it a little to hard.

  • Charlie

    Sorry Dems, but this is exactly why Trump will win in a landslide: it doesn’t matter whether Republican or Democrat, ALL establishment political parties are fundamentally CORRUPT and Trump is the ONLY anti-establishment candidate. While I don’t agree with Bernie’s politics, I DO AGREE he is being treated unfairly by the Democrat establishment politicians. Let Trump tear the whole thing down!

  • pattio666

    The person seeking medical attention was not in a fight…

  • Wayworn Wanderer

    Brown Shirts, indeed! Pigs doing what pigs do, swinging their dicks around so we’ll know who the biggest pig is.

  • Strelnikov

    I love the smell of the Left panicking and turning on each other in the desert. It smells like… victory.

    • TheSuitIsNOTBlack

      Unless Bernie gets the nomination. Then no victory for you.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    There was a morbidly obese woman at the rally who clearly eats “her children’s share” of the SNAP benefits she receives.

  • DudeAbiding

    “Peace loving” liberals showing their true colors.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I have only three words for this story: PASS THE POPCORN! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • ThewlynOh ✓certifiable

    looks like the Berniebots are finally figuring out that ol’ Bernie is getting screwed over by the DNC and the Clinton political machine…

    • Joe Castellana

      yes. as the brown folks would say, the Bernie acolytes are being ‘dissed’ big time by the czars in the demoncrap politburo.

  • bigfootlover

    Most Bernie supporters are a vicious, entitled, lying bunch. More than ever, so happy Hillary will be the democratic nominee. Just to shut up this annoying “Feel the Bern” (bowel) movement.

  • cdansreau

    Not the first time something like this has happened. in 1944 the democrats nominated truman as VP then pulled the fire alarm to close the nominations. Henry Wallace, a good VP for FDRs three terms was frozen out for the fourth. for another instance look at the 1946 battle of athens, tennessee against a corrupt democrat mayor. Sanders folks, time to vote for the light side instead of the dark side.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    This is just a prelude to Philly. It’s going to be exciting.

  • nowew owkelw

    Where was the violence?
    A video of a person lying on the ground is not a fight.
    It looks like someone needed medical attention. Contrary to conservative belief; there are more times in a person’s life where they need medical attention that is unrelated to violence than not.

    Threats of arrest for trespassing is not violence.
    Trespassing is not a VIOLENT crime.

    You could at least try spinning what happened rather than printing outright lies.


  • SuperWit1

    There was absolutely no violence! NO CHAIRS WERE THROWN! The fake hype of the Nevada hearing is so ridiculous. I watched the entire thing unfold. They only told upset Bernie supporters to leave because it was over. Not because of fights breaking out! People are yelling and discussed because they set the motions illegally. That’s all that happened! The paramedic was called because a woman had a seizure. This fake hype and desperate attempt to make it look worse than it was is pathetic. Hillary supporters were awful and antagonizing. Bullying a 12-year-old Bernie supporter and poking her mother in the face! Get your facts straight and stop watching the lies on the news!

  • The person who collapsed was not attacked, they fainted.