Madison, Wisconsin — one of the most liberal cities in America — is apparently feeling the Bern.

NBC 15’s Hannah Flood posted a video of Chelsea Clinton’s appearance in Madison on Thursday and tweeted 50 people were in attendance in the tiny office.

“More than 50 people are at the Hillary Clinton office in Madison to see her daughter, Chelsea Clinton,” Flood tweeted Thursday.

Dorm room parties at the nearby University of Wisconsin likely have more attendees.

The campaign has likely opted for even smaller venues after Chelsea has struggled to fill seats at previous events.

While campaigning in Cleveland, Ohio in February, video showed numerous empty seats.

The video, posted by Jessica Dill of Fox 8, shows Cleveland City Councilman Jeff Johnson beginning the event.

  • putupjob

    i have to admit it now, it’s clear.
    chelsea is a real crowd magnet and with 50 people in the room in madison, that it justifies her getting up there and pronouncing all the executive branch priorities of health care for illegals and accelerating citizenship.
    with a mob turn out like that, she obviously has huge momentum.
    maybe this is the launching pad for her presidential campaign.

  • Brian washere

    You just have to be a fawning Clintonista to find any value in hearing her speak.

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    When the camera panned the crowd I saw a white person in there. Look quick, right in front of the camera as it pans left. How’d she get in there? (Nevermind. That was a black woman with bleached hair.)

    • aggietx


  • Walter Sobchak

    wow, more than 50 people?!?!?! (and all paid to attend I would imagine). She must feel really special. The fact is, no one wants to hear you spew your crap.

  • Sig

    Chelsea, straight outta hellsea. Lib bish.


    If Hubbell is really her daddy she likely cares less about Juanita. The story “Father Of Benghazi Victim Challenges Hillary To Lie Detector Test” gave me an idea:

    What about finding the best three lie detectors – show them and their accuracy to Bill, Hillary, and Broaddrick and ask if they have a day to be queried. Otherwise we’ll never know if bill raped Juanita – AND if Hillary threatened her

    By the way: I hate Rapists – don’t you? – Perhaps not so much hate from Hillary – search:

    “The Hillary Tapes: Clinton tells of defense of child rapist in newly unearthed recordings”




    bill-clinton-the-biter and exclusive-paula-jones-hillary-clinton-two-faced-liar-cares-nothing-about-women-at-all/

    Most of the senators who voted not to impeach wild Bill did not read the rape evidence:

    search: “Full Transcript of NBC Dateline report on Juanita Broaddrick”

    NBC put it on TV after the Senate did not impeach him.

    search: bill-clinton-avoids-reporters-question-about-reemergence-of-juanita-broaddrick-video


    “The rape allegation against Bill Clinton, explained”

    and most recently search


    • Obamaroid_Ointment


  • Bill Jefferson

    She looks like the southern end of a northbound horse. And just as insightful.

    • That

      More commonly known as Ed Zachary Disease. Her face looks Ed Zachary like the southern end of a northbound horse!

  • robert franklin stroud

    You would have to be a moron to want to give the power of the Presidency to someone as corrupt and incompetent as Hillary.

    I guess they found 50 morons in Madison.

    • H. Mueller

      Finding 50 morons in Madison is as easy as finding a teaspoon of sand at the beach.

  • Mosting Hteam

    None of the empty seats mean a thing. She was promised the Dem nod after Obama got his turn and she is getting it. Whether she can pull off the shenanigans necessary to win the general is a different story but I am certain they are using every string and tactic possible to get er done…
    TRUMP 2016/2020
    The ANTI-THESIS to the globalist agenda for our country! Wake up!

  • That

    And it isn’t even Halloween.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Look, Potato Head: we DON’T ‘care’ what YOU have to ;say, about ANYTHING, and dearly wish and pray you and your Borgia parents would fall into an old mine – DEEP! GO AWWWWAY!!!!

  • tess

    this would be humorous if it weren’t so sad ! 1st the watery-eye, feeble old fool hillybilly goes out and forgets what he’s suppose to say, then they send out that dog-ugly daughter who has the personality of her despicable mom, and all total they can’t draw a crowd of 100 people. yet, the lying old shrew is WINNING ?????? how does this happen? as scary as it is, the scariest part is that enough people in america are stupid enough to fall for it ! it’s time for the FBI to hand this over to a special prosecutor(taking it out of the hands of o’duompo’s INjustice department) and get on with sentencing all three clintons for treason !!!!!

  • danteardenz

    All of the Republican, Neoconservative globalists who are supporting her mother ,Hillliary should go and give the young lady some support !

  • SoylentGreenTea

    Why this accomplishment free privileged brat has even 50 people listening to her I will never know.

    • ohio granny

      Paid to be there?

    • FinbarOS

      Maybe they thought it was a seminar on getting a free ride in life.

  • TAG

    what wretched people.

  • John C

    Wow, more than 50 people. My 1 year old drew a bigger crowd for her birthday party.

    • FinbarOS

      And they weren’t being paid.

  • Federalist

    Chelsea, Just slap a “WIDE LOAD/HAZARDOUS MATERIALS sign on your mammas backside and trailer her back to Chappaqua…FOREVER…PLEASE! The clinton legacy is destroyed…get used to it.

  • Danny

    I think liberals are realizing their girl Hillary will be charged.

    • FinbarOS

      Based on the “honesty/trustworthy” polls, I’d say they are just realizing that it doesn’t matter whether or not she is charged.

  • Emilio Zapata

    those fucking bastards did 7 million dollars damage to the capitol in 2010. screw them

  • JohnCCalhoun

    Chelsea: a cross of Webb and Felony.

  • AlkiSlide


    • Woody

      AlkiSlide – Make yourself into a stereotype much?

    • Woody

      When the low-information Left resort to the tired “Redneck Religious Knuckle Draggers” approach, it says a lot more about them than it does about Republicans. . . .

      • AlkiSlide

        hahaha – Woody, this entire forum is loaded with far right crap. That’s your low-information garbage. see ya.

        • FinbarOS

          OK. You’ve had your fun. Now finish your juice and get to school.

          • AlkiSlide

            says the child

    • Pepperspray137

      Strange how the woman in the picture above looks remarkably like the current head of Homeland Security.

      • AlkiSlide

        That’s how m0r0nic the GOP is

    • The_Toxic_Avenger

      Why would the Republican party put a picture of a liberal woman on their seal??

      • AlkiSlide

        Because they are fukcing stupida$s m0r0ns

        • The_Toxic_Avenger

          And how long have you been a member? Your reply would indicate that you are a lifetime member.

          • AlkiSlide

            too bad you are butthurt.

          • The_Toxic_Avenger

            I wouldn’t be butthurt if you wouldn’t lick so hard.

          • AlkiSlide

            Good comeback Muffy. Tell my mom that one.

          • The_Toxic_Avenger

            Tell your mom not to lick my butt so hard???
            Kind of early in the day for you to be drinking, ain’t it?

          • AlkiSlide

            Are you that stupid you can’t read and comprehend?

          • The_Toxic_Avenger

            Are you that stupid you can’t type a clear sentence?
            Is English not your first language?

          • AlkiSlide

            Are you that stupid that you can’t read my sentence? Apparently so. Repeat what I wrote.

          • The_Toxic_Avenger

            Are you that stupid you can’t type a clear sentence?
            Is English not your first language?
            Repeat what I wrote.

          • AlkiSlide

            Read the sentence to me, ya big fat m0r0n.

  • texguy46

    Who cares what this silver spooned brat has to say? She is a big dud.

  • MysteryMan

    Hehehe … Chelsea Hubbell … she’s hideous.

  • tmorro

    The very sad part of all this is that at my age, I will spend the rest of my life trying to avoid the presence of this already-in-the-process-of-becoming-fully-vile creature in the media.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    We don’t give a horse’s patootie what Chelsea says or thinks. She is irrelevant.

  • ConservativeinOhio

    No offense intended to Chelsea who is probably a lovely person.. but who cares what her point of view is on any of this?

    • FinbarOS

      Roughly 50 people.

      • ConservativeinOhio

        I guess so. I don’t know why they keep throwing her out there. She has no political capital for anyone.

  • yerfackingmammy

    She used to be cute. Now she’s creepy looking.

    • Pill

      Okay…I’ll bite…when was she ever cute?

  • another_engineer

    Clinton isn’t liberal enough for madison ( i live in Wisconsin)… Sanders is more those tax guzzling lefties taste

  • Doug (the other Doug)

    …while Bernie fills arenas. And yet, someone has this already all zipped up. GOP establishment planning much the same shenanigans. You can’t even pretend that the votes count anymore.

  • Exceptional

    Wait, ObamaCare is expensive??

    • FinbarOS

      Obama said it would be less expensive so what did you expect?

  • tpizback

    She looks more and more like Webster every day. It might also help to explain why Bill kept wandering off the reservation.

  • Pepperspray137

    Nobody cares about the “establishment” anymore. Millennials already know everything, and they know anyone who was alive before them is racist sexist and wrong. Except BernBern of course, his nation ruining, 150 year old ideas are new and refreshing to them. Guess some parents should have shoved a history book in front of their kids, instead of facebook.

  • OldOllie

    She’s just mad because her Obamcare policy won’t pay for a dermatologist.

    • 19842011

      She needs a sandblaster to smooth out her bazillion pimples!

  • moderatethis

    If she did an event with Fornicatin Ted they may have 100.

    • honestAbesurd

      National Enquirer == a must read for Trump grubers.

      • moderatethis

        Said Jon Edwards once……..

      • moderatethis

        John Edwards likes it.

  • BC1358

    50 masochists you meant to say. I’d open a vein and bleed out before attending any event with a Clinton.

  • Golden Rule

    Clinton may very well lose to Sanders in the Wisconsin Democrat socialist primary. Probably few crossover votes in Wisconsin as both Democrat and Republican primary races are tight.

  • caligula

    bill trashed barack and was banned from campaigning, so they’re trotting out dog-face. nice.

    looks like she went crazy tweezing all of her eyebrows off. LOL.

    FYI, the “no eyebrow” look is creepy, dog-face.

  • John C

    Give pony rides. Or have a clown make balloon animals next time.

  • Bill Sims

    You know that was the 50 they paid to go

  • Lisatee

    Why do we care what she says? And also -WOW she the more she ages the more she looks like Webb Hubbel.

  • Terrible month for leftism.

  • jmoke

    Chelsea Clinton has the same bad breath as hillary. Wisko is a socialist state. Socialism is Un-American!

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    I would no more listen to Chelsea Clinton’s advice on politics than I would take her advice on beauty tips.

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    Seriously people, this woman has to sneak up on a glass of water

  • Chaka Likes Fire

    For aeons, the world understood of the meaning of “UGLY” until it was redefined because of Chelsea.
    And thus begins the new epoch…of UGLY.

  • honestAbesurd

    Maybe because it is beer 30 where i am, but, Chelsea looks a lot like Donald Trump. BBBBBBELCH

  • JeehadiJane

    Caviar liberals try to keep the gene pool pure and in the family.


    I haven’t been to Madison’s campus in 20 years. Are the girls still as ugly? I’ve never seen anything like it.

  • carl davis

    isn’t 50 the approximate number of peeps in a JAIL POD?!!!

    maybe chelsea’s doing some advance work for her crimina & corrupt momma!

    and somewhere i read the other day that chelsea’s SUING WES HUBBLE’S ESTATE for compensation for giving her that absolutely HORRENDOUS FACE!

  • carl davis

    HEY, isn’t 50 the approximate number of peeps in a JAIL POD?!!!

    maybe chelsea’s doing some advance work for her criminal & corrupt momma!

    and somewhere i read the other day that chelsea’s SUING WES HUBBLE’S ESTATE for compensation for giving her that absolutely HORRENDOUS FACE!