Opposition to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is building in Wisconsin ahead of the state’s April 5 primary election, and several groups are gearing up to raise havoc at upcoming campaign stops.

trumpprotestviolenceThe groups, preaching against Trump’s alleged message of “hate,” are also inciting fear about the New York billionaire’s visits to America’s Dairyland to raise money for liberal causes – an ironic effort that calls on followers to condemn Trump’s comments in the name of free speech.

“We are a multiracial group of people organizing in connection with the Black Lives Matter, Immigrant Justice, Showing Up for Racial Justice, and Queer Justice movements,” according to a FundRazr crowdfunding ad posted as a personal campaign by Nancy Oak.

“We value free speech. And we cannot allow hate and violence to go unchecked. We are protesting because we do not want Trump’s hate in our state. We cannot remain silent,” the ad reads.

In other words, Wisconsin liberals want free speech, as long as it only applies to messages and perspectives that align with their political views.

Over the last few days, the “Support WI Disrupt Trump Protests” FundRazr page has generated $230 of its $5,000 goal, though the campaign is designed so organizers can keep all money pledged regardless of whether they meet their goal.

The FundRazr is part of a broader effort by Wisconsin liberals to attack Trump at two campaign events tomorrow – a stop at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee for a GOP town hall, and a second stop in Janesville, WISN reports.

The protests are organized through a Facebook page titled “Shut Down Trump in Janesville and Milwaukee,” though the details about the protests are on a private page. Organizers held training sessions in Madison and Milwaukee on Saturday to prepare “activists” to take on Trump when he comes to town tomorrow.

A second Facebook page hosted by Occupy Milwaukee – “Protest Trump at Milwaukee Town Hall” – promotes a similar protest aimed at shutting down all Republican candidates.

“The Milwaukee Coalition to Protest the GOP Debate is holding it’s (sic) rally against Trump, Cruz, Kasich and GOP hate speech!” the page reads. “Everyone is encouraged to bring noisemakers to ‘drown out the hate!’”

Protesters also plan to bring along an oversized post card to welcome Republicans.

“Hundreds of community members will be signing a post card from Milwaukee to the GOP,” Occupy Milwaukee posted. “It says ‘Hate is not welcome in Milwaukee.’ Come sign the card at Tuesday’s protest, 5pm outside the Riverside Theater, downtown Milwaukee!”

Both Facebook pages and the FundRazr money grab center on violence at Trump rallies in recent weeks, which the groups ironically blame on Republicans’ alleged “message of hate.” “These are not business-as-usual political rallies, this is hate speech that has encouraged violence against people of color. Trump’s campaign events have become sites of violent attack where supporters push, shove, beat, and grab youth and people of color in the audience with his encouragement,” according to the FundRazr description. “Black people, immigrants, and Muslims are being especially targeted by the violence Trump has incited. There’s no place for hate speech in political campaigns because this legitimizes violence and hate crimes.”

The sites, of course, neglect to mention that the violence perpetuated at Trump rallies is sparked largely by rabid liberal activists screaming obscenities at and physically harassing Trump supporters. The recent decision by the Trump campaign to cancel an event in Chicago came after serious threats of violence, including YouTube videos of Trump haters firing assault guns in the air.

Numerous folks who commented on the plans to protest Republicans in Wisconsin this week are clearly not impressed, and repeatedly highlighted the hypocrisy of the left’s “no-hate” campaign.

Adrian Fernando, for example, posted a meme that reads: “Trump supporters who have disrupted Democratic events: Zero. Rubio supporters who have disrupted Democratic events: Zero. Cruz supporters who have disrupted Democratic events: Zero. Kasich supporters who have disrupted Democratic events: Zero. Democratic supporters who have disrupted Republican events: Thousands.

“Stop preaching about tolerance unless you plan on practicing it.”

“Anybody in America who tries to sop a fellow citizen’s right to freedom of speech deserves to have their ass kicked,” Jim Giesige wrote. “YOU are the definition of HATE. Your platform is built from retarded rhetoric and wet dog shit … I and I hope your face gets shoved in it. Communist imbeciles, GTFO of my country.”

“It’s funny that you all talk about how much hate Trump brings to America but all you do is preach hate,” Robert Nelson added. “Trump 2015 – Make America Great Again.”

The Washington Post recently highlighted a very revealing video posted online by black Arizona police officer Brandon Tatum about what those who support Trump can expect when they head to Milwaukee or Janesville this week.

From the Post:

… (A)t the door, he said, protesters were “verbally violent” — shouting “black lives matter,” holding up their middle fingers and screaming “f— Donald Trump.”

“I could not believe what I saw,” said Tatum, who is African American.

Someone in the crowd was wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood, Tatum said, and people were “cussing and screaming” and tackling one another to the ground.

A mother was covering her child’s ears, said Tatum, a former spokesman for the police department who is now a patrol officer. (A Tuscon police dispatcher confirmed Tatum’s employment with the department.)

“People were directly yelling at me as if I’m a criminal, and all I’m trying to do is just hear what the man has to say,” Tatum said in the video.

He added: “I thought I was going to have to punch a couple of people in self-defense.”

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    If they are passionate about it, why do they resort to paid protesters? Deport George Soros and let Americans sort things out amongst themselves.

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      One way to Russia!

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    Where the hell have these people been living for the last 7 yrs? Do they live in dark caves? People should have to take a test before voting. Cuz this hate was created by our obama and his muslum brotherhood.

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      POS idiot alert !

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    LMAO!! Blaming Trump for racial division????? Are they kidding with this BS??????


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      Boy Obama needs to travel back to Cuba and re-service Fidel, it seems he was not impressed with the first BJ.

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      Domestic effing terrorists and should be treated accordingly !!

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    To: Sheriff David C. Clark Jr.: Sheriff of Milwaukee County. If you are listening, this is a great opportunity to out-do and out-smart the paid actors. They try out for the job and receive training to scream , yell and taunt Trump Supporters (children and families) with obscenities. They are trained to say that they Support Bernie, but in truth, they have been hired by Hillary. (I read an article by a guy who was paid $3500 to protest in Arizona. – Its on Trump’s facebook page.) the exceptional law enforcement work of Joe Arpaio in Arizona was seen on international news. You now know the playbook (blocking roads, blocking entrances to the theaters, noisemakers, harassment. . And you seem like a super smart law enforcement official. Best strategy in terms of public safety and maximum use of resources, might be to put the protesters in a fenced in area very, very far away from the venue. (Like cattle, for example.) This would diffuse the situation quite a bit. Well good luck, we will be watching you. Our best wishes are with you.

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    I am ashamed and embarrassed that this shit is going on in my state….These crazy , lazy bastards should be arrested and jailed……

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      Madison has always been a haven for idiots and communists.

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    The fact that Soros is still running ads on Craigslist for his punks-for-hire protestors, only proves he knows Hillary is in trouble.
    Ironically, it also shows that this is the only job these punks can get because of obamacare. Maybe the Secret Service needs to shoot Soros. Once the paychecks stop so will the protests.