Accusing Bill Clinton of being a rapist is now coming with a physical price.

Video shows a protester holding a “rape” sign at Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas rally on Wednesday night was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters near the media pen.

The video shows several people in union t-shirt sparring with the man, who is trying to get away from them.

He could be seen holding onto the security fence as he was ripped off and thrown to the ground.


Bill Clinton “rape” protesters were pushed and shoved during two Florida rallies on Tuesday.

Clinton was speaking in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon when a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt began shouting “rapist” as Clinton was talking.

As Clinton stopped talking, the camera panned to show the protester being shoved by a Hillary supporter. He could be seen struggling to maintain his footing.

A similar incident took place hours later in Safety Harbor when a man and woman held up handmade signs reading “BILL = RAPIST.”

Clinton urged the crowd to sheer for him.

“Give this guy a hand. They have had a terrible week and he’s just gotta do this,” he said.

The protester was grabbed on the arm by a security agent and another person around the shoulder, and forcefully led out.

The woman was led out, as well.

On Monday, a man wearing a Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt was positioned behind Hillary during a rally in Detroit, Michigan. Video showed him tumbling down the stairs as campaign personnel attempted to force him out of the venue.

These incidents are happening virtually on a daily basis now and they have to be affecting the campaign’s psyche.

  • Lady

    So I take it you have never changed parties? Come on, admit it. You are a party voter no matter what…

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Long overdue, it is about time king Wm Jefferson and queen Hillary pay the piper.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    She was a supermodel.

  • Curly Bill

    Hey. Debbie. Ronald Reagan was, at one time, a registered democrat.

    • loyal2USA

      then he started loving the American people and became a conservative.

      seems like all great leaders evolve and correct course.

      Hey everyone, didn’t Bill Clinton just say that all Americans who love their country and want prosperity, peace, unity, and safety are rednecks?

      Count me in that basket of deplorable.

      Alex is the debate folder for why we should all vote for Donald.

      • Curly Bill

        Alex is really Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The trolling is part of her severance agreement with the DNC.

  • Commentary Cat

    I think it’s the best thing I have ever seen – screaming into the face of this &astard exactly what he is. How the hell he got away with this crime for so long is almost impossible to believe.

  • 1NonPermissive

    So was Reagan at one time, but he and Trump grew up, unlike Alex the cradle to graver.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Bill Clinton is a rapist.

  • Treelea

    As obama ridicules Christians for accepting Trump apology. Check out the video of Obama on a plane campaiging in 2008 wagging his erection in front of reporters.

  • Curly Bill

    That’s OK. I’m sick of all those Bushes you inflicted on the world. Especially the weenie one, Jeb!

  • Christopher Gadsden

    And no mention in any of these articles about the $850k payout to Paula Jones.

  • Giovanni
  • Justin Langhorne

    You want a fight? You better believe you got one!

  • Haywoodjbl

    70 people in attendance

  • jjca

    Yes because saying pussy is so much worse than rape

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Jail the Clintons…NOW!

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Bill Clinton is a rapist..

  • Then he has your vote…right? Or do you prefer the unindicted criminal?

  • NotNewsChannel

    Sounds like a robot. This could be anyone.

    • Haywoodjbl

      such BS

  • thedudefromnc

    I wonder if you will see a video of Clinton supporters assaulting this man on national TV. If it were Trump supporters, it would be the top story on every channel.

  • dustyjoe

    Poor poor bubba, take a few billion out of your foundation petty cash and go vacation on that pedo-island he loves.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Bill Clinton is a rapist…

  • Andrei Vyshinsky

    Nothing they’ve got will stop me voting for Trump. A video of him pistol whipping nuns couldn’t stop me.

    • loyal2USA

      you are with the overwhelming majority, Andrei.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Bearing false witness is par for the course with Clintons.

  • Curly Bill

    That’s because Arnold wanted to be President but that stupid Constitution thing got in the way.

    Also, he a moron.

  • First & Foremost:

    Alex Jones needs a new campaign and here’s an Idea. On Drudge there is a video of Obama flaunting a boner to a group of female reports on Air Force One. One woman is telling the other to sit down so she can continue video taping Obama’s package while all the others are laughing. Where’s the outrage?

  • Curly Bill

    That one got your pants wet, didn’t it Debbie?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Did anybody notice the size or composition of the audience? A couple of dozen obese white women.

  • Carlos Garcia

    Crooked Hillary Rapist Enabler is insane and will start WW 3.

  • starrrgirl

    the guy who was shoved needs to go on TV saying that there is violence at clinton rallies.

    • Carlos Garcia

      Good idea but he can’t go to Fox News as its in the tank for Crooked Hillary.
      Megan Kelly American traitor.

  • carlzilla

    If the shoe fits …

  • stablepar

    There must have been at least 50 people at this rally

  • Bill E. BOBB

    No reason to assume, like Bill Clinton does that these are Trump supporters, decent Americans of any political ideology stand up against slimy lecherous old men like Bill Clinton

  • Pete

    Free speech? Free right to assembly? Not in Hitlery’s “constitution.”

    • Tsar of Earth ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      Cute. What other things have you achieved today?

  • carlzilla

    Approved by soros troll inc.

  • dfw63

    If this was true, Bill Clinton would have already endorsed Trump.

  • Cordstreet

    The truth sure gets Democrats panties in a wad.

  • Tsar of Earth ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    Hillary: “They are Everywhere”

    Is this a good time to mention to her that we are crowdfunding banner planes at every campaign stop?

  • John Campbell ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    We can surely see where the sickness of the globalist/leftist runs too.

    • Subhuman Mongrel

      They are despicable cretins. How could they be upset at some locker room talk when they are sub-human.

  • Subhuman Mongrel
  • Lord Humongous

    Never let up. Keep the pressure on the criminals. The Clintons are vile, evil people. Of this, there is NO DOUBT. Their sordid track record speaks for itself.