It pays to have Clinton privilege.

Bernie Sanders backers were seen standing near the same polling location Bill Clinton visited in Massachusetts Tuesday.

The unwashed masses were ordered to campaign farther away from the voting center while the former president glad handed for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

A video posted by the New Bedford Guide shows Bernie Sanders being told, “This is a polling station, you have to go down to the corner. No signs in front of the center.”

But the video also shows Bill Clinton and New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell within earshot of the door. Mitchell is even seen talking into a bullhorn on behalf of Hillary Clinton and electioneering before the crowd.

Massachusetts state law forbids electioneering with 150 feet of a polling location.

The Bernie Sanders supporters appear to have been correctly told to move away from the voting center.

But Bill? He has Clinton Privilege.

  • talljohn777

    The Clintons are obviously above the law…

  • A_V

    Bill…the mayor…f&($ing political whores…

  • ascpgh

    No greater discrimination than a democrat in campaign mode.

  • Billie should be charged with Hatch Act violations which forbid politicking in a voting area.

  • cigardude

    The Demorat party is headed by the Clinton Organized Crime Association and will and can do anything it wants because people are afraid of the wrath that will come on them should they speak, do, act against them. They can do anything illegal and NOT be held accountable. Then she gives one of those cackles while dressed in her Captain Kangaroo coat and he points his finger at you and lectures you.

  • searcherseeker

    If you want to get Bill Clinton 150+ feet from a polling station, take that blonde in the red dress from The Matrix and parade her away from it.

  • laweegee

    At least Bubba didn’t have a night stick like the NPB did in Philly in ’08.

  • Arkansas Pervert

    What the Fu*k is this!! I don’t see any girls under 16 here?

  • ounceoflogic

    The establishments of BOTH parties have decided that 2016 is the year they are going to stop pretending to care what people think.

  • KeithS

    It CAN be ‘fixed’! Put them ALL in jail, where they belong, and send home the ones from ‘Turd World Countries’ who DON”T belong here!

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Wet backs matter!!

  • KeithS

    Give every ‘wetback’, a concrete block to strap to their back during the ‘Grand River Swim’!

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Old hags will do any thing for a hundred dollar bill.

  • timmy2000

    Lwws… those are for the little people…

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Here little Girl. Daddy got candy!

  • Arkansas Pervert

    I am Hillary, hear me roar!!! Arkansas swamp whore 2016!!

  • Keith Panco

    Bill is a convicted felon. He clearly violated the law here. Maybe he should be locked up for violating the terms of his release.

  • muffychops

    do you think ole willie has aids?

  • jaxcane


  • jaxcane


  • Seerightthere!

    LOL Eat….. each other! LOL

  • platerunner

    Feel the BURN yet?

  • lol

    So Bernie supporters:
    Have you finally figured it out yet?
    The democrat party is a Wall Street owned fraud that could care less about people.

  • RonnieJohnny

    Rich white elitist privilege. That’s the Clinton’s.

  • Indiana Joe

    Minimal crime for Bill Clinton.

    • Arkansas Pervert

      You might put some ice on that.

  • Arkansas Pervert

    Fat white A*s’es matter!!!

  • lol

    Hey Bernie supporters, you guys are going to get stuck with this!

  • Arkansas Pervert

    I have a KUNT!!!

  • Robert Mull

    bill hates the military why should bernie be any different…

  • Herbert Moyer

    They’ll arrest Bill when they arrest Hillary, lol…

  • Colombian

    The philandering-in-Chief thinks that he is above the law, and he is in this case, just like his ignorant wife who also thinks like him and her secret server, that’s what the Democrat party is all about, so if you think they are working for you, then just look at how much Hilary and Bill have gotten paid by the elite.

  • DD

    There is a perfect time to be ‘loud and litigious,’ and this is one of those times! Sue the city, sue the Mayor (he boldly planned this Clinton event and zealously participated in breaking the laws of his own state!), but no, the meek stand by and complain in secret to all the wrong people, and this is why we are at the dangerous precipice that determines whether there is a future for this nation. The destructive, mandated anti-America Progressive Pcism people, stomp it out while you can!

  • Tim Cohen

    Since when did Bubba follow law?

  • Max42

    The Clintons are above the law and they know it. The examples are endless.

  • lol

    Must see video for all active military and veterans:
    Whistleblower Scott Bennett: Army Special Operations Officer 11th Psyop Battalion

    Exposing the I.S.I.S Lie: How President Obama & Hillary Clinton Created I.S.I.S.

  • Pepperspray137

    Beat it, smelly hippies!

    • smith_citizen

      …come on Bill thinks at least one is cute….

  • smith_citizen

    well as the “first Black President” he should be able to do what the New Black Panthers did in Philadelphia, right? As spouse of WINO-Wife in Name Only Hillary, no laws apply to him in his new status as House Spouse In Chief Candidate or FLOTUS-First Lecher of the United States candidate…, but what difference, at this point, does any of this make with unindicted Queen Hillary or Don the Con; WTF!

  • zagnut64

    Move over, rapist coming thru.

    • Arkansas Pervert

      I like the young stuff!!

  • ChopperChopChop

    Was the polling station inside a school? Because Bill probably shouldn’t be allowed within 150 feet of one of those either.

    • Arkansas Pervert

      If her mouth won’t fit, you must acquit!!

  • AntiBanshee

    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  • ChopperChopChop

    It makes you wonder why they even bothered to move the Bernie supporters. The DNC decided at least two years ago that Hillary will be their nominee. The only reason that they’re even going through the motions of a primary is to give the (D) voters the illusion that their opinion still matters.

  • thebeerczar

    Jeffery Epstein’s best friend, and his spouse of convenience, has demonstrated multiple times that they are above our silly little laws. The real problem is that this statement is true. Epstein spent 18 months in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor, while Bill’s documented trips on the Lolita Express, to a private island to have sex with who under age girls, who were forced into prostitution, aka, “Pedophile Island” went virtually unnoticed. Though Epstein was only charges with one account, he did see prison time. Not Bill, he is free stand in a parking lot with a bull horn, and free to break any law he pleases.

  • R Dub

    Hilary‚Äôs Arab spring: Obama was captured on video before his 2012 re-election stating that his being re-elected was too important to leave anything to chance. Meaning: The terrorist in the middle east had been destroyed by King Obama and all was good; The Big lie hidden by the media. Hilary has Gaddafi murdered; at which point her Arab spring blows up in Benghazi and the big lie had to be covered up. Hence, Obama and Hilary could NOT let this uprising get to the electorate and had the military STAND DOWN! Ambassador Chris Stevens was beaten, sodomized, assassinated then dragged through the streets of Benghazi. Three of our brave soldiers died fighting, and waiting for back-up after repeated calls to Hilary and Obama that would never be answered. We had forces close enough to do something; they were told to stand down. At which point over the bodies of these brave men Hilary stated we will hunt down the terrorist in Benghazi who stormed the embassy. Which later turned into a video on the Internet that caused the uprising to cover her and Obama’s butts. Then Hilary lied to the parents, and to the American people (caught on video) of the fallen. This is treason at the highest level. Also; the two emails which were held back during the last Hilary email dump is way more than the 2 as reported. Those were correspondences between Hilary, chief of staff Valerie Jarrett (born in Iran), Obama and the military (Stand Down).

  • Arkansas Pervert

    51% percent of America elected a half breed Oreo, with no birth certificate twice. these same stupid people will be sure that Hillary will be your next KUNT in charge!

  • BuckLaughlin57

    But Bill? He has Clinton Privilege.

    You mean presidential privilege Where are the Clinton signs?.

  • W. Benson

    Bill Clinton was abetted in his politicking by his federal Secret Service agents from the Department of Homeland Security who suppressed any possibility of a popular reaction against Clinton’s illegal act. They, as federal agents, were disobeying Massachusetts state laws enacted to protect voter rights to access voting sites and freedom from harassment. If they were truly defending the US Constitution, the agents would have said in unison “Enough Is Enough.”

  • unkyjack

    More reason to become MORE indedpendent. Vote TRUMP.

  • WampusKat

    Hmmm… I don’t think they want to go there…

    Vermont Polling Station: “An Optimistic Bernie Sanders Votes for Bernie Sanders”

    “After Mr. Sanders cast his ballot, he stayed to take selfies with several voters.”

  • Shorehon

    What’s going on is SO BLATANTLY corrupt! Here’s a video from the Sane Progressive – who has videoed the sanest commentaries I’ve seen during this whole process!

  • Kitte Lishuss

    What shenanigans?