The Clinton campaign is still groping for two sentences to put together to explain why Hillary’s email server was wiped clean.

Campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri appeared on CNN moments ago to try again to come up with an answer. Instead, it was largely rambling and incoherent.

“When did she decide to delete all — you know, half of the emails she effectively engaged in during her four years as secretary of state,” Wolf Blitzer asked Palmieri.

“She had her, um, she had — what happened was she — state department came to all the former secretaries of state last fall to ask for — to ask for whatever records they may have because they realized that, um, uh, they didn’t becau- because, uh, not just Hillary Clinton but other secretaries of state may have used personal email they may not have captured everything.

“So she had, she asked, uh, her lawyers to look at this so she had some legal minds on the case to see which emails were state department and which were personal and, uh, turned over the state department ones, uh, anything that was business related and, and then chose not to retain the ones that she, the ones that were personal,” Palmieri said.

“On that point,” Blitzer responded, “why wouldn’t she want to keep her own email records — maybe there were some fun, cute emails — why would she need to wipe all that clean?”

“She deglided, um, because she didn’t, I mean, these are, these are personal emails and I think that everyone understands even Hillary Clinton gets a zone of privacy and she decided that she, uh, she retains a couple months-worth of emails so you can, you know, so she can, uh, uh, find personal emails she needs to but after that, she doesn’t need them anymore. So, she made this decision, I think is, obviously, you know, she was former secretary of state, so we want to be sure people understand, uh, how she handled classified information when shew as secretary of state, she was very careful with it, she didn’t deal with it online, she dealt with it on hard copy, in meetings, not on the computer,” Palmieri said.

  • James Becker

    Why has she not used her famous: “What does it Matter !!!!!!!!!! ??????????????” line yet? I thought it was her Go-To shot when she is in trouble.

  • Ms. Necessary Evil

    It would be a lot of fun hooking Ms. Palmieri up to a lie detector machine. I am willing to bet the tester would run out of ink marking the results.

    • James Becker

      Ms. Evil, unlike Hillary’s spokesperson, you are very very very attractive! 😉

  • Spudly

    Even Blitzer is dumbfounded.

    • richard_head

      Wolfy was founded dumb. Born stupid and gone downhill.

      • Spudly

        I think he’s trying very hard not to laugh…or cry.

    • James Becker

      lol….I noticed that too. Like….why is this woman on the air?

  • richard_head

    She did not build that server so it must be lying lizzie wampum beads who done that. Occupy State Department and free hilly.

  • crabcon

    Uh Captain….uhm …uh….the ship is sinking….

    • Blah blah

      Someone get a cloth!

  • Fred Doe

    Sometimes the old ways are best. Put her in the stock and let the public do what they will to her.

  • richard_head

    How many young ladies in society want to grow up and be a shifty eyed bobble headed flailing arms no account lawyer whose only accomplishment as SOS was to have been the first and only to assault a marble floor with her head while drunk trying again to be elected president?

  • Misty

    Uh-uh-uh-uh-oh-oh no!!!!! I think old lady Clinton would look good in a bright orange jumpsuit. Put her on the chain gang!!!

  • richard_head

    If Palmieri could patent that spin cycle she could be the dyson of washing machines.

  • Spudly

    The State Department came to all of the former “Secretaries of State”. Now I get it. So everyone is doing it, so this is OK.

  • James Becker

    It Billary is elected, we’ll see a whole cabinet full of these types of Hags.

  • richard_head

    Just give John Kerry the no bell peas prize and then incarcerate the whole lot.
    Old white folks are destroying the BLM democrat party.

    • Buddy

      Obama is not old white folk..and he is doing a great job of destroying the democrat party too
      Obama is also part of the reason the left is going to lose next November too

  • Rob

    They should be able to find a lot of emails from computers of people who corresponded with Hillary on State business that weren’t turned over to investigators. With the investigation picking it up, some may be spilling on her now. This is going to end with a plea bargain and then a pardon because she has too much dirt on Obama to go to prison.

    • Buddy

      or just ask Putin…he has ALL of Hillary’s e-mails

  • Jason Vickers

    Guilty. uh hu uh uh………….I’m lying. She wiped the entire server clean and that has been proven. Her two aids disposed of the blackberries and we will be able to recover everything. She’s already guilty and her attitude has changed to someone who is paranoid. Bill is silent because he knows it’s over. I love it.

  • Spudly

    She destroyed the cookie recipes and yoga workouts.

    • Blah blah

      And the nude selfies of Huma.

      • SaveOurNation

        Huma’s carpet that is….

  • Taqyia2Me

    Things Andy Rooney never noticed: “Did ya ever notice Lefty/Dem/MSM gots the taqqiyah thing down every bit as well as any islamist?”

  • RJ O’Guillory

    …not only was her response bizarre….(BS)….but the weird CNN Logo thing slowly, hypnotically moving around in the background was even more bizarre. Are they trying to hypnotize us?
    RJ O’Guillory

  • Lisatee

    If you decide to combine your work and personal emails, then you have decided to make your personal emails available for any work purpose. That’s just the way it works. If Hillary doesn’t get that – how could she possibly be president or any other office?

  • BruddahNui

    The Clintons will throw their underlings under the bus in a nano second if it advances their own power. Palmieri and those like her would be well advised to see the bus headed there way. The Hill is not escaping this one. CYA

  • dimitri

    if Clinton didn’t wipe from front to back, her server probably got an infection… a virus…eeek

  • dimitri

    she got dibs on huma before bill…toche’

  • hinckleybuzzard

    When a liberal is talking as fast as a speed freak on a high, you know she’s lying.

  • Wipe it clean with ScamWow!!

    • flyboy

      I’m two hours late to the party, but that chit is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    • Old tired & poor.

      It would appear you have won the internet…

  • Fisher

    …and the media wonders why a Trump can capture attention. This kind of lying but not lying *wink wink* crap is why Americans have rightly decided they should hate career politicians.

  • amongoose

    Now that’s someone searching vainly for a thought.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Is there a lower form of life than the professional spokesliar?

  • joe langley

    Lock up the whole Clinton criminal gang.

  • nvrat

    Rambling and Incoherent Humm, Sort of like Hillary does with her answers on accomplisments.

  • unkyjack

    And yet, the media SUPPORTS her.

  • ocean

    How did highly CLASSIFIED emails get on
    the Hillary Clinton UNCLASSIFIED email server?
    Its illegal to have CLASSIFIED emails on an
    unsecure network.
    This is a major Security Breach.

  • ocean

    Russian SIGINT spies must love Hillary Clinton.

  • Andy Capp

    Look at what the Clinton’s have already got away with..time for prison!!

  • Andrew Simpson Miller

    This Clinton email saga is getting more interesting by the day.

    • Gas_Passer

      Sure is!

  • Informed Voter111

    Accepting a few million bucks on behalf of her “family’s foundation” for “Bill’s speaking fee” from a foreign concern who coincidentally had business before the state department????

    I guess that would be “Personal” right?

    Better erase that one, quickly!

  • When was Caitlyn Jenner asked to respond to questions about Hillary Clinton?

  • When was Caitlyn Jenner hired by Hillary Clinton? #IsThatAHorse

  • plkatk

    The key question is why was Hillary’s separate email system set up in the first place. The obvious answer is to be able to hide the Clintons’ criminal activities in manipulating the foreign policy decisions of the US and the actions of the State Dept in order to enrich themselves and to further Hillary’s lust for more political power. The subsequent purging and erasure of the incriminating evidence on the computer server and all of the other electronics then makes complete sense in a felonious kind of way. But that destruction of evidence should earn them another 10 years behind bars in addition to the time to be served for the violations of the Espionage Act.

  • Will Thomas

    My god that bitch is fugly.

  • paulejb

    “Deglided?” What the hell is deglided?

  • paulejb

    Obviously, it still matters what the meaning of “is” is.

  • EnchiladaEddie

    She sure doesn’t have Miss Teen South Carolina’s looks, but she definitely possesses her verbal skills.

  • Gas_Passer

    I believe this is the gospel truth. Let’s show it again!

  • shitcagosucks


  • 143040

    Did anyone read this woman her rights before she went on the air? Being complicit raises the specter of a conspiracy.