Don Lemon just had a Jeb! moment.

Lemon hosted a CNN held a town hall on Thursday night with Rep. Julian Castro to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign and the policies he supports.

But one of the most intriguing moments of the night came when Lemon told the crowd to clap after Castro had given a long-winded answer.

Castro was asked by an audience member if he supports legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for adults.

“I actually support the legalization of marijuana,” he said.

Castro went on to declare that if he becomes the next president, he would move to expunge criminal records for anyone imprisoned because of marijuana.

Castro told the audience member that he would support “a well regulated, legalized system of marijuana.”

He went on to explain his position on giving a pass to those with marijuana convictions.

“On top of that we need to go back and expunge the records of people who were imprisoned because of using marijuana,” Castro said.

“And this is important. This part is important, in part, because there are a lot of people, and folks in this audience probably know some of them who have served jail time, right, and disproportionately it’s impacted communities of color and poor neighborhoods of people who have been imprisoned because of marijuana use,” he added.

Castro continued, “So it’s not enough just to say we want to legalize it. We actually want to go back and expunge these records. And we need to make sure that we take and we want to take the best practices of states like Colorado and other places that have legalized so that in the future states that do it afterward can get the best of that knowledge and not hit as many bumps in the road as some places have hit before.”

When Castro finished his long response, Lemon reminded the crowd to applaud for the Democratic lawmaker.

“Yeah, yeah, you can give him a round of applause if you want,” Lemon said before moving on to a question from another audience member.

Lemon encouraging the audience to applaud is eerily similar to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment.

While campaigning in New Hampshire during the 2016 presidential election, Bush pathetically asked the audience to clap for him after his applause line fell flat.

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