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Nancy Pelosi’s left-wing radicals don’t know what they want — and apparently don’t understand how the government works.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar took to Twitter yesterday to demand that TSA agents receive back pay from the 35-day partial government shutdown.

Omar posted a story from the Washington Post that claims some federals are still unpaid from the shutdown.

But just two hours later, Omar tweeted her outrage about the wall, and demanded “Not 1 Dollar” for the Department of Homeland Security — the very department that houses the TSA.

“When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that Individual 1 does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through Congress,” Omar tweeted. “Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS.”

Omar participated in a press conference, along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calling on ICE to be defunded.

Does she support any national security?

Perhaps not, given her support for 9 men accused of trying to join ISIS.

Fox News reported:

Embattled congressional freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., once asked a judge to show leniency toward a group of Minnesota men accused of trying to join the Islamic State terror group.

“The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion,” she wrote at the time. “We must alter our attitude and approach; if we truly want to effect change, we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation.”

The nine Minnesota men were facing decades in prison after being accused in 2015 of making plans, including buying fake passports, in an effort to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, which was at its peak level of activity and held territory in Syria and Iraq.

“Incarcerating 20-year-old men for 30 or 40 years is essentially a life sentence. Society will have no expectations of the to-be 50- or 60-year-old released prisoners; it will view them with distrust and revulsion,” Omar, who was then a state representative, wrote in the 2016 letter.

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