As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was talking about her recent trip to Central America to develop new strategies to usher in more migrants to America, she slipped and began to say “corruption” is a component for change in the region.

While speaking with St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Page Editor Tod Robberson, Pelosi was asked about the visit and what she learned.

Pelosi praised Nayib Bukele, the 37-year-old president of El Salvador, saying, “he was a ray of hope because he was one of the leaders who would say, ‘Corruption is part of the problem.

“‘Corruption is why we don’t have full security and safety for people here. Corruption is the reason we don’t have prosperity for many more people, we must address the corruption issue,'” she claimed Bukele said.

“And that is, again, security, prosperity, corrup—,” she said in error, before correcting, “uh, governance are how we, uh, channel our, shall we say, our relationship and if you don’t have governance, if you don’t have any corruption, you’re almost wasting your time trying to do anything else,” she said, again misspeaking, “because you’re not going to achieve your goal.”

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