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Congressman Tim Ryan attempted to laugh off Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that he and a colleague are “inconsequential,” but in doing so, he acknowledged what many people say: that the House Minority Leader is out of touch with regular people.

During a Saturday appearance on Fox & Friends, Ryan was asked to respond to Pelosi’s criticism of him earlier this week, when she belittled his relevance to the Democrats.

“Yeah, I heard that,” Ryan said with an awkward chuckle.

“I think it is not the kind of leadership you need to be calling members of our own caucus ‘inconsequential.’

“Seth Moulton, for example, is a veteran, he served the country, he’s recruiting 20 to 25 other veterans to run for Congress right now. So, you’re basically calling them inconsequential,” Ryan said, “because that’s what he’s working on.”

He continued, “I don’t think that’s the kind of leadership we need, and we shouldn’t have leaders that are just trying to preserve themselves in the leadership position, but bring us together.

“The country wants us to stop being divided. We need to put forth an agenda that can will help people get ahead,” he said.

“Those are the kind of comments that come off as super judgemental, elitist, and that has been the problem with the Democratic Party, trying to connect with working class people.

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“They think we come off as super judgemental. You’re in this club or in that club, you’re consequential, you’re not consequential, and I think it’s not helpful to us trying to reconnect with working class voters,” Ryan said.

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone asked Pelosi, “Let’s look ahead to the speaker contest that would follow the election. What do you make of the Tim Ryans or Seth Moultons who’ve called for a new generation of leadership…”

“Inconsequential,” she responded. “They don’t have a following in our caucus. None.”

She added, “I think there are lots of people who have worked very hard, and are more in line for what will happen one of these times. But they’re not to be considered [among] who those people would be. I mean, there are people who work very hard to win the elections, who have been in legislative battles. People who paid their dues. Not to put anybody down.”

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