Are Democrats already casting doubt on the 2020 election?

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment managers to make the case before the U.S. Senate, she and the others repeatedly claimed Trump was attempting to “cheat” in the upcoming election, effectively undermining the results months before a single vote is cast.

Pelosi kicked things off by garbling her words, including “Ukraine” and “Giuliani.”

“The American voter, voters in America should decide who our president, not Vadimir Plutin— Putin,” she said.

Pelosi added one of the managers “churched” for a judge, before quickly correcting herself to say “clerked.”

Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler played up the theme that Trump withheld aid from Ukraine so he could “cheat in” and “rig” in the 2020 election.

Schiff told reporters “the whole object of the president’s scheme was to cheat in the election which is the ordinary mechanism for dealing with a corrupt presidency.”

“Some people said, well, let the election take care of it. He’s trying to cheat in that election,” Nadler asserted, adding that Trump wanted to “rig” it in his favor.

Nadler also said the “integrity of the election is at stake,” a sentiment repeated by Pelosi.

The House Speaker concluded by flubbing a line about separation of powers.

“This is a president who said the Second Amendment— excuse me, Article II says that I can do whatever I want. It does not,” she said.

As Trump continues to poll well against all Democrat candidates for president, this appears to be the new strategy: cast doubt on the upcoming election results, and attempt to deem Trump as an illegitimate president again.

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