A Denver couple who supported Donald Trump with a yard sign during the 2016 election recently received a real life lesson in hate speech and intolerance.

Doc Miller and Judith Phillips woke up Wednesday to hate speech scrawled in spray paint on their historic home – messages that included “Make Racists Afraid Again,” and “Death to Trump.”

“I feel incredibly offended by and desecrated by what somebody would do,” Phillips told The Denver Channel.

The vandals also shot out the couple’s windows with pellet guns.

“I was scared, especially seeing the bullet holes,” Phillips said. “I’m in shock that this is our country, and this is the kind of stuff that is happening here because we happen to be Trump supporters.”

Miller was also unimpressed.

“We exercised our free speech by putting out support for the candidate we supported. And now our free speech has been rewarded by bullet holes and offensive hate speech on our home,” he said.

The Denver couple certainly aren’t the first to feel the wrath of “tolerant” and “inclusive” leftists; they’re not even the first in the area.

Todd Stockton found his Toyota Tacoma destroyed outside of his home in the Denver suburb or Parker on the morning of Trump’s inauguration. Thugs spray-painted “F-Trump” and “Jerk,” smashed dents in the body and shattered the windows, slashed the tires, and demolished the interior with a sharp blade, The Denver Channel reports.

“They destroyed my truck,” Stockton said. “This truck was in great condition. It’s only got 80,000 miles on it.”

In the weeks running up to the election Stockton parked the truck around town with a mannequin in the back holding a Trump sign, but the $8,000 in damages wasn’t exactly the reaction he was hoping for.

“We were just hoping to draw attention to Trump,” he said. “Some people loved it, others didn’t, but there was no confrontation.”

Stockton told The Denver Channel he’s already making progress in tracking down those who destroyed his truck, and he started with the ID someone left in their wallet at the scene.

“The man’s last name is ‘Hayter’ and as you can see they wrote ‘hater’ on the front of my truck,” Stockton said.

Ironically, both of the Trump supporters targeted in the Denver area offered the same message to the politically motivated criminals.

“We need to come together, and tolerate each other,” Phillips said.

“Come see me. Come talk to me,” Stockton said to “Hayter.” “Let’s have a conversation; let’s not hate each other. Let’s have a deep conversation about what you believe.”

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