To the Democratic National Committee elites, keeping average Americans away from their convention is a good idea, while protecting the southern border from intruding terrorists, rapists and murderers is a bad one.

The DNC has erected a four-mile fence around its convention site at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. (Isn’t it ironic they’re doing so much to protect a site named after a bank?)

The fence, which appears to be about 8 feet tall, is intended to keep out any individuals with whom Democratic Party leaders, delegates and other liberal elites would rather not mingle.

Fox 29’s Steve Keeley shared a picture of a portion of the fence he said was erected near the intersection of Pattison and Broad.

Here’s another shot from a CNN Headline News report:

Twitter user @brokencarpenter visited the DNC border wall and noted there was “acres and acres and acres of fence.”

  • Kyle
  • Angels4Autism

    Exactly the same as the GOP convention had!!! And you guys love your guns, why did you all need those fences. So, LOL, all you want, you did the same thing!!!

  • dan3333333333

    I’ve seen a couple of illegals on stage at the DNC! Apparently they build their fences around their convention about as well as they build them on the border!!!

  • Peter Bradley

    I read that the fence was built to help thwart potential terrorist attacks, but judging by the idiotic lunacy and aggression that is demonstrated in 95% of the posts below, maybe it was to keep out overzealous gun-toting Trump followers.

  • Joellen Wortham

    It’s just amazing how they keep cutting their own throats Trump’s bad he wants walls lmao you just can’t fix stupid anyway anyhow bahahahaha

  • Andrew471

    Good job!!!…tell Trump to hire them when he gets elected!!!

    • Andrew471

      This people are pathetic. They attack Republicans for wanting to protect our families, while their two-fold plan has been to (1) Disarm Americans. (2) Bring more people from the Middle East. Here they once again, show their true colors. They built a fence, not to protect themselves against foreigners…but from their own party. Way to go wackos!

  • Gary Ritzman

    Take down that wall !!!

  • Sandra

    They apparently are cowards. I wonder why they are so afraid? Who are they afraid to let in?Interesting!

  • BILL G.

    Keeping out illegals from Hillary and
    the gang I see.

  • Ray Flores

    Apophis not getting here soon enough

  • John Best

    Typical dem hypocrisy!

  • Brett Krasnov

    I guess the fact that the Federal government and Secret Service are responsible for the secure perimeter around the DNC site would get in the way of your wonderful story…Or are you in favor of not protecting the convention attendees?

  • Joann Lear

    Is it to keep the criminals contained in one place and the smart folks out,or is it to keep the very very angry Sanders supporters out away from Hillary over the cheating stealing Sanders votes during on of the elections. I am hoping for the first,after all there were thugs thieves and illegals undocumented that were on the stage last night pushing for Hillary. They know she gets away with breaking the law now they think they can…
    hello! Mr.Trump is watching takig notes and goi.g to win this election. And the first thing he will do is have Hillary arrested and the illegals sent back where they came from. The thugs will continue being thugs because that’s their mentality. Hooray Sanders folks be loud be proud, be strong but let the DNC know how mad you are. If that doesn’t work come join the Trump team there is plenty of room.

  • David Ziegler

    Looks like that fence is being built by slaves. Just askin’.

  • sandy030359

    This sounds about right. They put up walls to protect themselves, but yet want to leave the borders open to illegal immigrants. It’s honestly scary these people are in office. Just proves dems have no brains!

  • Robert Bruce

    wow, i didn’t know that technology existed yet…

  • frustraated

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie “Hillary’s America,” go see it, and bring ALL YOUR BLACK FRIENDS! BLACKS WILL ABANDON THE DEM PARTY IN DROVES ONCE THEY LEARN HOW THEY HAVE BEEN USED WND LIED TO! And watch Bengazi too (I could only watch it using vidangel to edit the worst of it, but it still made my vet husband and myself in tears. THAT WOMAN wants to be President?! Trump has so many messes to clean up, I don’t know how he can even start, but he’ll do it if given the chance!

  • dean

    Yeah, isn’t that amazing, democrates need a fence to protect themselves against other democrates, LMFAO, just goes to show how people are not going to take being lied to No more.

  • dean

    You know that is right, democrates are such hypocrites, they know that they are hated and not wanted, by the fence around them,the democrates should be put behind a fence and bars.

  • HavocNHell

    I am still trying to figure out where 4 miles of fencing is going to go around The Well Fargo Center? If the Fence is 4 miles encompassing The Well. Then there is something really wrong with the calculations.

    Now before any of you jump on me. Allow me to explain.

    4 Miles of Fence North on Broad Street would put it in the middle of Broad Street at Lombard.
    4 Miles South Would put it in the middle of I-95 South Bound, Through Esssington and into Prospect Park.
    4 Miles West would put in the middle of Terminal B and C at Philadelphia Airport. Or a slight deviation would put it in the middle of Runway 09R/27L.

    4 MILES EAST…Well that would put in in South Jersey, across the Delaware River. Regardless of what you believe, The “4 Mile” wall would intellect major roadways in Philadelphia.

    Plus, the entire complex sits on 1.87 sq miles on 1,200 acres. So…Going Just the adjacent streets would not give it a mile on any side. Let alone 4 miles on either side.

    Then if you were me, you would be a Season Ticket Holder for the Flyers and Sixers and are up in South Philadelphia.

  • HavocNHell

    <—-Reads people believing a 4 Mile fence is encompassing The Well.

  • cyclodoc

    We need to remember Hillary only condemned walls not fences.

  • cyclodoc

    Hillary does not trust Americans near her convention. She doesn’t trust Americans to exercise their guns rights peacefully either.