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The Democratic National Committee will conduct some serious business at its upcoming meeting in Atlanta, including a resolution to condemn the fictionalized TV show “Designated Survivor.”

The “Resolution to admonish the ABC TV show ‘Designated Survivor’ and to defend FBI Director James Comey” was submitted by William Owen of Tennessee for consideration by the DNC’s Resolutions Committee Feb. 23.

A copy of the trivial timewaster, which draws tongue-in-cheek parallels between the show and FBI Director James Comey’s involvement in the 2016 election, was posted to Twitter by The Wall Street Journal’s Reid Epstein on Wednesday.

The resolution points out “the ABC TV show ‘Designated Survivor’ portrays a fictional FBI Director as being blackmailed into confessing to a crime he did not commit” and opines that “the portrayal of this situation is unbelievable and could result in the undermining of Faith in the FBI.”

“Director Comey demonstrated in the recent 2016 election that he does not need to be blackmailed to engage in illegal partisan actions,” the resolution reads. “Director Comey’s infamous, partisan and illegal letters resulted in the election of the man some refer to as ‘not my president;’

“Therefore, be it resolved, that all US citizens are encouraged to have the same respect for the FBI as Director Comey demonstrated with his illegal actions.”

The resolution presumably comes from Clinton superdelegate William Owen, a former state senator turned lobbyist and consultant.

And he’s obviously among many Democrats who continue to blame Comey for Hillary Clinton’s humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Comey announced in October that the FBI would re-examine Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state. That investigation concluded a week before the election and did not change the agency’s decision in July not to prosecute Clinton.

DNC officials had nothing of substance to say about Owen’s shot at Comey when contacted by The Hill.

“Any individual DNC member has the right to submit a resolution for consideration by the full DNC,” a spokesman said in a prepared statement. “The Resolutions as distributed in the DNC Secretary’s Mailing are proposed for consideration at next week’s resolution meeting and will be voted on there.”

In the meantime, Comey is fending off new attacks from liberals about his knowledge of alleged contact between Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and a Russian official.

A recent editorial in The Washington Post outlined the lingering resentment liberals have for Comey, and alleges he should pay the political price for investigating Clinton’s lackadaisical attitude toward classified information and national security during the 2016 campaign.

“To be clear, Comey’s disgraceful intervention was not the sole cause of Clinton’s loss. But every way of looking at the numbers show that it was the most decisive factor,” Post digital opinions editor James Downie wrote. “Without Comey intervening, the Oval Office would be likely be (sic) occupied by a different person right now.

“And with every new revelation, the interference appears less and less justified,” he continued. “The sooner he faces the consequences for his colossal mistake the better.”