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Donald Trump Jr. is giving Elizabeth Warren an opportunity to prove her loyalty to the Native American community with a friendly wager about the Massachusetts senator’s self-professed Indian heritage.

Trump Jr. is dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who recently revealed the results of a DNA test she took with her co-hosts on “The Five”: 8.4 percent “sub-Saharan African,” and 6.1 percent “East Asian and Native American,” with at least 5.3 percent fully Native American.

Warren claimed Native American minority status during her time at Harvard and has repeatedly refused to provide anything but family lore and her high cheekbones to support her claim. The scandal earned Warren the nickname “Pocahontas” despite her efforts to repair her image with the Native American community.

Twitchy revived issue with the headline “Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle could be more Native American than Elizabeth Warren” on Wednesday, and Trump Jr. seized on the opportunity to challenge Warren to put the issue to bed.

“I’ll make this interesting. I’ll bet @SenWarren $10,000 to a Native American charity that @kimguilfoyle is more Native American than she is. LMK (let me know),” he posted to Twitter Wednesday, along with a link to Twitchy.

Arthur Schwartz, public relations attorney and buddy of Anthony Scaramucci, upped the ante one minute later.

“Make that $20,000,” Schwartz tweeted. “I’ll throw in $10,000.”

Warren has yet to respond to the offer.

It’s unlikely she will.

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-American running for the Republican Senate nomination to oppose Warren, has already tried and failed to convince his opponent to set the record straight.

“I sent her a DNA test kit for her birthday, and I was very sad that she returned it,” Ayyadurai told Fox Business last year.

Ayyaduarai is running against Warren on the campaign slogan “Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian,” according to The Washington Times.

Scott Brown, Warren’s predecessor, also called on the former Harvard Law professor to prove her heritage with a DNA test when her name was floated as a potential Democratic candidate for vice president in 2016.

“She’s not Native American, she’s not 1/32nd, she has no Native American background, except for what her family told her,” Brown said at the time.

Liz Mair, a political consultant for Native Americans, told the Times that while Warren has attempted to tamp down the controversy by reaching out to Native Americans, she has a long way to go to win them over.

“The Obama administration, which Warren strongly supported on policy, blocked efforts to let Native Americans control energy exploitation on their own lands. And this wasn’t just about coal mining (although some tribes have been blocked from doing that.) Under former President Barack Obama, the Bureau of Indian Affairs even blocked tribes from developing renewable energy projects,” Mair wrote.

Just one example of the government interference supported by Warren resulted in more than $95 million in lost revenue to one tribe. Other Obama-era policies supported by Warren forbid tribes from distilling their own alcohol, and many tribal members opposed the administration’s decision to designate Bears Ears as a national monument, Mair wrote.

Warren’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has also aggressively pursued cases against tribal lenders that seriously impacted limited Native American access to credit.

“The Democratic Party has, in the era of Trump especially, tried to position itself as the sole defender of racial and other minorities in America. But their record on Native American issues is one of subordinating the needs on the reservation to ideological considerations,” she wrote.

If Warren intends to turn “Pocahontas” from a punchline into a “Yankee Doodle”-type rallying cry, she’s going to need to differentiate herself from her party, or else risk looking like her real concern is to keep white, Eastern liberals feeling good about themselves while putting tribal needs on the back burner.

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