A woman standing behind Tim Kaine during a rally in Exeter, New Hampshire grabbed the microphone as the vice presidential candidate wrapped up his speech.

As Kaine ended and turned to shake hands with the supporters behind him, the woman passed him and grabbed the microphone.

“Senat–” she said into the microphone before it was turned off.

She then approached him and there was no security between her and the candidate for 10 seconds.

As Kaine left the stage to greet supporters in the crowd, she was blocked, but yelled from the stage.

Secret Service agents surrounded her, but campaign workers didn’t attempt to move her off the stage.

Finally, more than 40 seconds after it began, a police officer grabbed her hand and removed the protester.

WMUR reports after the woman was rejected, 349 supporters remained.


    Well being in league with, and promoting Hillary many might be inclined to call this Kaine just making his mark ( or perhaps the mark of Kaine)..

  • jkjcks

    And her protest was about…?

  • jkjcks

    The Top Reasons You Should Vote for Donald Trump

    He will put Americans and America’s interests first.

    He will apply equal protection under the law to all citizens of the USA.

    He will support the Second Amendment.

    He will support the First Amendment.

    He will end Obama’s “Executive Amnesty” in all of its forms.

    He will support the end of Sanctuary Cities.

    He will support enforcement of current law.

    He will appoint originalists to the Supreme Court.

    He will support the rebuilding of our military.

    He will support State’s rights.

    He will support the Police.

  • 10 second delay?!?!? Not supporting Killary or Kaine, but Secret Service dropped the ball on that one! Some one with a blade and 10 seconds can do a lot of damage.

    • AmandaTrebiano

      No kidding! 10 seconds is a LIFETIME if you came prepared to kill someone. The SS must REALLY be off their game–of course under Obama the entire country has gone to hell. Fish rot from the head.

  • Kendo Lee

    The Establishment Media Marionettes claim every person that shows up to a Hedge-Fund Hillary Clinton rally is a 100% guaranteed voter. In this case 350 including TPP-Timmy Kaine. They also claim the thousands of Donald Trump supporters showing up are not going to vote. They are just there for the show. Trump drew 4,000 to a recent event. If only 10% vote for him he is going to win.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    Trump TURNS AWAY more than SHOW UP for Kaine and Hillary! Oh yeah–he’s gonna be POTUS 45.

  • elmariachigringo

    Think back to June 2016. The British were about to head to the polls to decide weather to “Remain” or to “Leave” the European Union. Polling was close at first. Then, late deciders began to break for “Leave”. Just before the vote, though, a prominent immigrant rights activist was killed by a crazy person. The polls swung back the other way. The last polls showed “Remain” ahead by three or four points. They were even calling the dead MP, named Jo Cox, “the saviour of Britain”. On election day, the exit polling showed that “Remain” was winning by six percentage points. Nigel Farage, leader of the “Leave” campaign, all but conceded the election before all the votes were even cast.

    As we all know now, the British indeed voted to leave the EU by about four points. The pundits all scratched their heads. “Was our poll sampling wrong?” “Did we go to the wrong places?” “What happened?” No, the sampling was spot on correct. It was all done very scientifically. They came to the conclusion that a great deal of people voted in privacy to leave the EU, then walked out and told the exit pollster they voted “Remain”. The British media treated the Brexit vote just like global warming. There is only one acceptable opinion, “Remain”, and anyone who votes “Leave” is just a racist troglodyte, don’t you see. People know in their hearts what is right, and they do it privately, but they don’t want people to yell at them either, so they lie and tell them what they want to hear.

    Fast forward to Donald Trump. Just like in Britain, the U.S. media has already made up their minds and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton. That is the only acceptable opinion. When you hear a poll saying that Clinton is up by 5 points, you can rest assured that Trump is actually up by 2 or 3. If it says Trump is up by 3, he is probably really up by 10. The more the media try to put lipstick on the pig that is Hillary, the more ridiculous it looks. I only hope they’re able to prop her up a little while longer, until it’s too late to take her name off the ballot and replace her with someone better, really anyone else.

  • reddog

    Boy, the Dem’s are breaking records with those kind of crowds. Half of them were probably press and security detail though. If I were Kaine I’d get some new muscle to protect me I think.

  • Serenity Now

    I only counted 348. Many were just cardboard cutouts.

  • BadWhisky

    They wine about it when they are the victims and encourage it when it happens to Trump…

  • Bhushan Sayyed

    What!?!? A loon at a Dem rally? Say it isn’t so!!!!

  • pattymoo

    The most disturbing fact is they cut the sound ! This is becoming serious when they sensor on every site maybe Bing is better

  • BlueBunny

    Love that Kaine didn’t panic like trashy trump did.

  • get help

    The press suck…they should have released what she said. So one sided..bought & paid for..

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