It’s just one big cabal in Washington, DC.

A newly released email by Wikileaks shows CNN’s Jake Tapper congratulated Clinton confidante John Podesta on his appointment to Barack Obama’s administration.


“Hey john,” the December 2013 email was titled.

“Congratulations on the pending appointment… I don’t suppose you’d want to come on my show on CNN to talk about what you home to accomplish?” Tapper wrote.

“Happy holidays,” he ended.

The Washington Post reported at the time:

John D. Podesta, who was chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and is one of the Democratic Party’s most experienced strategists, is joining the White House to help President Obama salvage what has become a difficult second term.

Podesta, who has been an outside adviser to Obama since leading his presidential transition after the 2008 election, will formally join his inner circle as White House counselor for a year, according to sources familiar with the move.

It’s just one big happy family in the elite corridors of Washington, DC, isn’t it?

  • Vox Veritas

    Don’t pretend you didn’t know that the media fix is in for Mrs. Stainmaker.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Welcome to the United Soviet States of America…!

    BJ Tapper, Democratic stooge.

  • WBCarson

    Leftists wont even say “Christmas.”

  • Joe

    You think this is suspicious? The Republicans used to be the party of rationality. Trump, a life long pro-choice, pro-single payer and anti-gun Progressive Democrat, has destroyed that.