Some people are so consumed with hatred for Donald Trump they’ll do anything and say anything to tear him down.

Even if it results in reporting fake news.

Vanity Fair contributing editor and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald took to Twitter on Thursday night to smear Trump supporters, claiming they “booed John Glenn when Trump mentioned his name at today’s rally” in Des Moines, Iowa.


“A real American hero who risked his life 4 us,” he continued. “They booed.”

Eichenwald’s smear was so popular among Trump haters, it received 1,153 retweets — that is, before he deleted it.

Maybe he removed it because in reality, Trump supporters were booing an agitator (paid by the Democratic Party?) who was disrupting Trump’s remarks on John Glenn.

It was such a disturbance, CNN actually split-screened the protester with Trump. Watch:

Eichenwald’s zeal to push fake news to fit his personal political agenda is certainly worthy of an apology, no?

Or does Vanity Fair belong on that list of fake news sources?